Nation Gambled


Things have happened and things will always happen but there was one thing in particular that started all of the events that followed, events that grew and grew unti they led to the situation that has to led to today. It all begins 20 years ago.

The Government , trying to deal with the overpopulation the country faced along with food and other critical resource shortages had to resort to a very controversial practice, a practice that is still officially denied but still unofficially exists.

The practice, named Gamble by the highest Government officials and Luck Out by the unfortunates chosen, started in the prisons. Np one cared about the prisoners and besides they didn't deserve the luxuries that life provided. They were told if selected they would be up for parole, however their fate was so much bigger.

One of these prisoners, Kevin Jones, was selected and when he received the news, he was more than ecstatic.

"I've got a chance to get out of this damn place! Finally I'll be able to live a normal life again, live my dreams. You've all known I was never guilty of murder! I was framed!", he shouted.

Of course the prisoners were all used to hearing the "I'm innocent!" plea from those that surrounded them and sometimes from their own mouths. It didn't change anything for them and it never would. Kevin though was granted "parole" and the prisoners got back to their lives as they watched him leave the quarters that was home to so many. However there was never a record of a Kevin Jones leaving or ever being incarcerated. He simply disappeared....


The End

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