Nathaniel walked over to the group of people blocking the doors he chose one seemingly at random, a large child almost larger than Nathaniel. Making sure that no-one decided they could fight back he grabbed the boy and turned him so he faced his comrades. In this show of "power" Nathaniel hoped to instill fear into the hearts of the hostages he had taken.

As the boy shook in his hands Nathaniel imagined the look of terror on his face, then realised it was reflected on the faces of the children and even the two teachers gathered before him. Pulling the knife up to the boys throat he felt the boys muscles bunch up and expected an attack. The boy surprised him when he burst into tears and begged Nathaniel not to kill him, Not knowing what to do here Nathaniel decided to cut his losses and slit the boys throat.

As the crowd gasped and most of the younger kids began to cry or scream or whatever they were doing Nathaniel thought to himself of what to do next. Hoping for a police entrance Nathaniel began to pace around the room far enough away from the crowd to not be attacked easily but close enough to react quickly to a breach or something else.
On his third round Nathaniel felt something strange underfoot, looking down he saw a pool of blood from the dead student not ten feet away.

As Nathaniel walked away from the pool of blood he heard an unnaturally elevated voice from outside saying the unnoriginal "come out with your hands up".
Nathaniel decided he was not going to "come out with his hands up", grabbing another student, this time not to kill him, Nathaniel walked to the door. The police were going to do that for him. Binding his hands together at the wrists with some masking tape in the teachers drawer and holding them above the boys head, Nathaniel hoped to make a distraction. Stuffing the boys mouth with a sock and sticking something in his pocket he told the boy he had put an explosive in his pocket and held the detonator. Turning to the crowd once again Nathaniel told them to be quiet and not run away or he would kill one person for every time those rules were broken.

Bending down to whisper in the boys ear Nathaniel told him that he would walk out there and not utter a word or he would get blown up. Picking the boy up by the collar Nathaniel told the crowd to move from the main door to the classroom, as the small sea of people parted Nathaniel shoved the boy out the door and watched as he walked slowly dragging his feet towards the closed door to the building. Nathaniel seeing this told him to hurry a little or there would be some slight fireworks in the building. Seeming to get this warning immeadiately the boy picked up his feet and worriedly walked on.

Nathaniel closed the door behind him as he walked back in telling the kids to once again fill the space in front of the door. As they shuffled back together Nathaniel walked over to the window and listened for what happened next. Apparently the police fell for the trick and told the boy they suspected was Nathaniel to get onto the ground with his hands either side of his body. After a few strained seconds they shouted with obvious terror to put his hands either side of his body or they would shoot. Another few seconds passed and a loud shot rang out echoing throughout the school.

As screams filled the air, both from the people in the room and a single voice from outside the rest of the school cheered at the supposed demise of their jailor. As the comotion went on one of the children snapped and ran out the door running for the safety of the police. As this happened a total silence went through the crowd. Nathaniel grabbed the closest child to him as everyone burst into pandemonium, running for the doors and squeezing through as quickly as possible trying to get away from the madman behind them.

Seeing this Nathaniel dropped the child and ran into the crowd leaping for the door and shut it, locking the door and threw the knife at the door that everyone seemed to have forgotten about breaking the lock and ensuring no-one could get out of it.
as one of the kids noticed Nathaniel was weaponless he made the mistake of trying to attack him. Nathaniel made short work of him breaking his neck in quick order once again re-asserting his authority over the crowd.

Knowing now he could not leave the door in case of another breakout Nathaniel decided he was going to take some peoples lives for the escapees who had undoubtedly told the police that Nathaniel was still inside. Choosing the smallest people in the group Nathaniel hit them square in the face one by one, producing screams from those watching as the bodies crumpled to the ground in a pile before the door, nine in full.

seeing an oppurtunity Nathaniel piled the bodies in front of the door hoping that if it didnt stop he crowd completely from leaving it would at least give him some warning.
Revelling in the blood covering his body he had to resist killing everyone in the room.

Nathaniel walked away from the door into the middle of the room one final time and sat on one of the small tables to meditate on how to exit the school unnoticed.

The End

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