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The teachers seeing Nathaniel in such a bloodlust turned tail and ran for cover.

Seeing the teachers so suddenly turn around and sprint for cover, somehow made Nathaniel laugh, he didnt know why but for a few seconds he just chuckled and gathered his thoughts. Plomping himself on the ground for a few seconds recovering from the fight and wishing it had gone longer he sepperated his conciousness from his body and looked at the situation from a third person view. Seeing himself sitting here calmly recuperating while he should be really worried and running, and also his laughing at seeing the teachers run like that he knew his mind was fraying, stretching to the ends of sanity and reaching beyond.

Opening his eyes he saw a glint on the ground and realised it was one of the knives he knocked out of one of the boys hands. Standing up he walked over to the knife and picked it up smuggling it into his sleeve for later.

As the quiet of the playground suffused Nathaniel he remembered the almost endless mornings he had walked down the quadrangle alone in the silence, but this silence was different. This silence held fear, and not to mention all the teachers and students had huddled themselves into the classrooms and blockaded themselves to get away from the "killer".

Hearing sirens in the distance Nathaniel was brought to the here and now again, remembering his endless plans for just this occurence Nathaniel shot into motion.
Running for the nearest building he knew that there was a storageroom that connected two classrooms and had a seperate door that hardly anyone would have "barricaded" and was easy to get into even when locked.stopping in front of this door he tried the handle and found to his not so surprise that the door was unlocked, allowing him free entrance to both rooms without anyone even noticing. As Nathaniel smiled to himself at the stupidity of these people he stepped across the threshold.

Trying his luck on the next door blocking his road he found it finnaly locked and once he came across this obstacle steamrolled it like he had been doing all day. Rather than the overused kicking the door in Nathaniel went for a more fun wa. Looking at the wall he saw they were plasterboard, nice soft and easily broken. Balling his hand into a fist Nathaniel put all his weight on his right foot and quickly transfered it to his left foot letting power surge through his body and into his fist which flew right through the wall and came back out the other side. With a nice chunk out of the wall Nathaniel reached around and unlocked the door from the inside and quickly but carefully exctricated his arm from the wall.

Walking through the door Nathaniel Realised his over the top method had worked. All the kids who had bullied him and put him down over the years were now in awe of him, a fearfull awe but awe all the same. Nathaniel told the kids to stand infront of the doors, so that the police had no clear way to him, although he did not tell them this.
When no-one complied to his demands Nathaniel walked over to the most popular boy in the group who everyone seemed to love and hit him softly on the face, hard enough to hurt but not so hard as to do real damage. Grabbing the boys wrists in one hand Nathaniel flicked his free hand towards the ground and felt the knife sliding down his sleeve. As the knife was about to fall to the floor Nathaniel clenched his fist and caught the knife perfectley on the hilt and held it up to the boys throat re-inforcing his demand.

As the students began to move to the doors Nathaniel thought he heard a screeching outside the building and knew the police were in the school. Dropping the boy in his hands Nathaniel walked over to the windows, closing the last open blind that everyone had neglected before he got in the room for quickly peeked outside and saw a huge host of police vehicles. Thinking on this he realised they had gotten police in from all around not just the local officers, he even thought he could see highway patrol out there.

The End

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