As Nathaniel screamed at the boys he stopped twirling the stick, the stick (or staff as he thought of it) running along his arm and sticking out from his back, in a ready stance. Being a typical teenager he had his earphone in listening to music on his ipod, and was delighted to discover that at this very moment the perfect song came on for the moment Disturbed - Warrior.

 waiting in silence for the appropriate moment in the music (only a few seconds) he began to mouth along to the words and then after one or two words swung the stick like a long club, knocing one bully in the face and then using it as a staff once more grabbed it in the middle with both hands and whacked those too stupid to get close enough with either end until they realised their attempts futile.

after watching all this going on Derric walked over slowly to the group a look of utter hate and rage on his uggly face. Nathaniel noticed this and turned to face him fully adopting a kung-fu like stance knees bent low to the ground and ready for action, weapon placed mostly behind his body poised to strike. Seeing Nathaniel ready himself such Derric nodded to the boys, half of which had fled the scene by now, and the remaining four drew knives.

Nathaniel hearing a slight slithering of metal on cloth knew he was in serious trouble but the adrenaline from the fighting and music and his bottled rage kept worry at bay, keeping him calmer than he should have been. Grinning sadistically as he noticed this one more boy fled as he realised Nathaniels potential, smart move thought Nathaniel.

Derric cursed the boy running away for a coward and turned to Nathaniel again just a second too late. Nathaniel seeing a chance as Derric was distracted launched an attack on the boy directly behind him and somehow, even he didnt know how, removed the blade from the boys grasp knocking it to the side a good ten feet. As Nathaniel saw Derric turn around to face Nathaniel again he lunged at the boy to his left and traped the blade between the staff and the attacker and quickly, knowing the others would try to remove him soon pushed with his full strength and sliced the boys chest in a vertical line cracking his sternum and making a sizable dent in the boys chest leaving the child unable to breath.

Having most likely made his first kill and being high on his bottle of rage Nathaniel relished in the blood spattering his shirt. Turning once again to the rest of the group, the unarmed boy obviously having fled along with most everyone else, Nathaniel held out the staff like an extension of his arm pointing at derric and without saying a word managed to twirl the staff around to smash the remaining boy in the face, not hard enough to break anything mind you just hard enough to bruise his face and distract him for a few seconds. Walking over to the dazed boy Nathaniel reached out and calmly took the knife from the boys hand drawing a neat little red line across the boys throat.

looking up to find Derric and end his miserable little life Nathaniel found him sprinting away towards the teachers that were running towards the now dead fight scene. Feeling once again the rage froth to the surface Nathaniel not fully expecting to hit threw the knife at Derrics back and in the process hit, not in the back but rather in the kidney through the lower back. As Derric tripped up and face-planetd hard into the ground not a sound coming from his lips Nathaniel felt strangely empty but at the same time triumphant

The End

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