Nathaniel swanMature

a young boy tortured by school yard bullies finally snaps now he must find a way to escape, no matter the cost

Nathaniel walked through the empty school in the early hours of the morning carefully watching every step he took so as not to disturb the deathly silence surrounding him. keeping in mind that the other children would get to school soon Nathaniel quickened his pace, determined not to be caught out in the open by any who wished him harm. as he reached the library he felt a profound sense of safety, none of the other kids went into the library outside of class. All the kids were too afraid of the librarian who knew what was going on with Nathaniel but was unwilling to speak up. So she made up for it by sheltering Nathaniel.

that lunch as Nathaniel made the journey from his last class back to the library he suddenly felt a burning in his left temple. Looking up he saw that Derric the schoolyard bully leader had just thrown a rock at him and was about to throw another. as Nathaniel put his hand up to his face to check for any damage, he felt something hot and sticky run down his hand. feeling rage boil up inside him Nathaniel went against every instinct he had ever had and every one that he felt now. sucking in his breath he let out a feirce cry stopping Derric in mid throw. from the terror in Derric's face Nathaniel knew that he must be scared and was at Nathaniels mercy. Throwing the idea of mercy out the window Nathaniel sprinted the twenty meters towards Derric and spear tackled him in the gut. Thanks to Nathaniels larger stature and large thickly muscled arms, from collecting firewood for his family and to make a living in the place of his deceased father, Nathaniel knocked Derric to the ground with relative ease. getting up Nathaniel saw a swarm of ten of the bullies most loyal to Derric around him all with looks of awe mixed with rage at his sudden rebellion. Knowing that his time to fight back had come Nathaniel popped his knuckles and neck and said in a low voice so only they could hear " your gonna have fun with this one boys"

As three of the boys lunged from different sides Nathaniel decided to launch an attack of his own, beleiving offense to be the best defence. Nathaniel ducked and slid towards where one of the boys had been standing and as the boys on either side of the opening turned to face him, Nathaniel hit the boy on the left hard in the jaw and again in the ribs. His hits so hard that both produced loud cracks on impact breaking several ribs and the boys lower jaw. Following up on the attack Nathaniel spun around to his left and brought his fist down on the second boys side so hard he crumpled to the ground. The attack had been so fast the remaining boys were stunned but soon shook off their stupor and all at once charged Nathaniel. Knowing that he stood no chance against such odds Nathaniel sidestepped the lead four and stood against the remaining four boys charging into the middle two and stopping abruptly so that nothing was holding them up and before they hit the ground Nathaniel jumped back and landed on one of the boys from the second wave. Twisting about Nathaniel landed one blow on the boys arms which he had brought up to protect his face before he was wrenched from the boys and a hail of blows landed on Nathaniel from all sides. just as Nathaniel thought that he had lost and was going to die, he saw Derric walk over to a large thick stick and heft it over his shoulder, whistling as he casually strolled towards Nathaniel. as Derric approached the blows ceased just as quickly as they had begun, so that none but Nathaniel got hit with the stick. as Derric prepared his swing a look of glee came over his face. the stick began to move, at an annoyingly slow pace, or so it seemed as the adrenaline rushed through Nathaniel's veins, urging him to run away but his legs were held fast. As the stick gradually gained speed Nathaniel was aware that his hands had been released so as not to hit anyone if the stick shattered. Noting this fact Nathaniel did not bring his arms up to protect his body until the last second when instead of sheilding himself he grabbed the stick firmly, feeling a sharp jolt of pain run up his arm he pushed through the minimal pain as he thought of it and twisted the stick in Derrics hand wrenching it out of the smaller boys grasp.

as a boy Nathaniel had always been facinated with old fighting styles and weapons such as staffs, being unable to have a sword he had found a stick around the right length and width, and hardened it by stripping all the bark from it and baking it in the sun. afterwards he had taught himself some simple forms and gradually through practicing everyday he got more adept at them and could move on to slightly harder moves, until he was able to move about the place and keep the makeshift staff in motion as just a blur, without putting a single foot wrong nor dropping the stick.

 now he used the ability although he had not practiced for years and was not used to the stick he quickly got the hang of it and twirled the stick in one hand then with two hands then around his back and whatever other flashy moves that might keep the bullies at bay between the revolutions of the stick he screamed at the top of his lungs producing two single syllables "BRING IT!"

The End

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