The Living Dead

Unsealing someone's grave is usually a terrible sin. Waking the dead would disrupt the sequence of events that occurs after the death. Even if there is a good reason, it should not be done. Lisitan and Tristan stopped caring about any of these rules when Natalie agreed to live in the castle. Tristan easily shoved the lid of the coffin to the side.

Natalie was right. The stench was coming from Natalia. Her flesh was rotting. This wasn't a normal dead body. Her white sundress looked brand new. Her platinum blond hair reached mid- back and looked perfect in every way. She was a goddess. There was no other explanation.

"Hold her hand." Crispin walked back into the room. "She'll come back to life that way."

Natalie was a little wary, but she trusted him. She guided her hand down to the hand of the dead body. She grabbed it. It wasn't as bad as she thought it would be.

A bright light radiated from Natalia as Natalie let her hand drift away from the warming body. The life began to return to the body. Her eyelids that were once frozen shut now fluttered as Natalia woke up. She abruptly woke up. Natalie could clearly see that Natalia had clear green eyes.

Natalia sat up in her coffin and stretched. "How long has it been?" Natalia yawningly said. "Fourteen years, right?"
Natalie was surprised when hearing the Goddess speak for the first time. She spoke with a lot of slang. Her edgy and rough personality contradicted her elegant appearance.
"Wait," Natalia pointed something out. "Where's Rostin?"
Crispin silently slipped into the room. He was quite aware of the conversation that was going on. Lisitan, Crispin, and Tristian all bowed their heads in shame. They knew Natalia could tell what happened to Rostin. Natalie, on the other hand, had no idea what was going on.
Lisitan was the only one brave enough to say it. "They have re-emerged. The Unusquisam. And they have taken a brother of ours with them."
"I knew it," Natalia said sarcastically. "And I guess the God-damned Brits want me to take care of them."

"How did you know he was in England?" slyly asked Trisitan. He knew the answer, but he wanted Natalia to hear everything out loud.

Natalia seemed to get the hint."Rostin always loved it when we went to London together."

"He murdered the Queen of England." Trisitan decided just say the honest truth to his Goddess.

"Now that was abrupt." Natalia was not surprised at all. She rubbed her sore forehead. She was beginning to feel the affects of being dead for fourteen years.

"He made her adopted daughter, Larxene, an Unusquisam."

"Just great," Natalia said sarcastically. "More of them, the last thing we need. We need a plan of action."

Natalie thought this would be a good time to interrupt. "Can somebody explain this to me please?"

Natalia had a moment of realization. She had forgotten to explain all of this to Natalie. She climbed out of her casket and wobbled as she tried to stand up. Trisitan offered to help her stay up but she refused his kind offer. She preferred doing things on her own.

"You got the Caglassians who don't age and are created by me," she began. "Some Italian cult figured out how to give Caglassians special powers. They are called the Unusquisam (That's latin for ya'). The ability they all have in common is the ability to create or destroy matter. A select group of Unusquisam also have another ability that involves a sin." Natalia became dead serious (no pun intended). "They have special names such as Unus Quisnam Rapio. The one who steals. You may also know him as Crispin."

Natalia was pointing at Crispin. Everyone quickly turned their heads at him. As Crispin felt a wave of shame, he began to explain how he became this way. "It all started a year after you died, Mistress. I went trav-"

"I don't give a crap." Natalia was not happy. the atmosphere grew stale. "I don't wanna know how or why you became this way Rapio. Your position as third knight to the Mistress has been demolished." As she said that Natalia stomped her right foot with so much force that, not only did she break the glass heel of her slipper, the heel shattered into a million pieces.

"Yes Mistress." And with that Crispin began to walk out the door of the white crypt. Where he had once stood was another right glass slipper to match the one Natalia had broken. Natalia took off the broken shoe and replaced it with Crispin's gift. It fit perfectly.

As the door shut behind Crispin, the stale feeling in the air seemed to leave the room. Natalia let out a big sigh. "I couldn't afford to lose half of my knights."

"You can get two more in London," suggested Tristan. "We have to go there anyways."

"Do you know how many Caglassians are left?!?" Natalia was now yelling with sorrowed anger. "None. Almost none. For a Caglassian to become my knight, there has to be Caglassian."

Natalie felt left out of the conversation but felt she had a right to say the most obvious idea. "I don't understand any of this knight and mistress business, but how about making a Caglassian to become your knight?

The two remaining knights and Natalia realized that they had been stupid. Natalia ran to the back of the coffin. With a quick push, the lid easily slid back into place. Then, she ran back around the coffin and headed for the door. Right before he left the room Lisitan stopped her. "Where are you headed to?"

"London," Natalia replied. As she said this, Natalia took a step out of the door. Before she knew it, her body was plastered to the ground. She reached for the ceiling. "I forgot my soul," she whispered.

"Serves you right." Natalie was surprised with what she just said. It was like something inside of her was talking. It was a demonic voice. "Don't you see that they can help us?"

"Dia," Natalia scooted towards the crypt. She shook the dirt off of her dress as she stood up. "How about you and Celeste return to me and leave this kid so I can go to London?"

"Sorry Natalie for Natalia's ignorance," Dia's fearful voice swelled up from inside of Natalia and warned with great caution. "Natalia, staying with Celeste is what I shall do right now. Causa requires me to stay where I currently am so I don't end up killing this girl."
Natalia was furious. She did not care at all for Natalie. Only one thing mattered to her, her soul. Unlike Dia and her cool and calm mannerisms, Natalia was a quick tempered person. She decided to act against her experienced demon half out of rage. "If you won't leave the kid I'll release you two the only other way, by killing the girl."
As if some switch was turned on in her head, Natalie went on survival instincts and started to turn as if to run away. She was too slow as Natalia ran up to her, spun her around, and grabbed her neck in all under a second. An evil smile spread over her porcelain face as Natalia began to choke Natalie's neck. Nobody tried to come to her avail and try to release her.
Natalia's bliss soon changed to a contempt surprise. Her eyes widened as they scanned her neck. Above Natalia's thin fingers was a pale scar. If you weren't looking for it then you wouldn't see it. It only ran an inch or two long but it was enough to make Natalia drop Natalie's neck. The clumsy Natalie dropped to her knees when she was released from Natalia's grip. She protected her self from the ground with her forearms, bringing her upper body towards the ground. She was unable to see the scared and horrified face of Natalia.
Natalia took a step back. She tilted her head towards the sky. "You win Causa," Natalia angled her head towards Natalie. "I need to take you to London as soon as possible."

The End

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