The Queen of England

Voices echo down a hall. "Occisor!" "Iuguolo occisor!" "Nunc." The problem lies with where the hall was. The hall was in the Buckingham Palace. Nobody has ever claimed that they had heard these voices. No one should be able to hear these voices, but someone can. The one who can hear the voices is the adopted daughter of the Queen, Larxene Edington.

The pale blond hair and gray-green eyed beauty kept her last name when she was adopted at the age of twelve. She guards didn't really care for her much, nor did her new siblings. The Queen was the only one who truly cared for her.

Larxene had dealt with the voices quite well since she arrived at the palace six years ago, but the voices started saying things that she did not like. "Iuguolo regina." Kill the Queen.

Quickly she ran down to the Queen's quarters. Larxene barged in. The Queen's body lied limp on the floor. Her legs were slashed open, her face skinned. Larxene took a step back.She was afraid for her life. Down by her feet a big arrow was drawn with the blood of the Queen. Larxene looked up to see that the bloody arrow was pointing towards an open window. The cold night flowed into the room and made the window inviting.

And soon there was no one in the room. She had jumped out of the window without even noticing. It felt like she was falling into the crescent of the moon. Her fall was short. She was caught in a pair of arms the she did not know. The mysterious person patted her head and set her on the ground. Larxene caught a glimpse of the glove covered hand of her savior. It was covered with blood. She touched her head to see if she was bleeding. She ran back inside of the palace to get medical help.

"She has to be the one." Larxene was not treated with kindness as she re-entered the palace. "Look at her, she's drenched with blood. She killed the Queen of England!" Larxene caught on to what was happening. She looked at her waist long hair. It turned a deep shade of red, the color of blood. She turned around and did the only thing she could do, run.

Her body sent her soaring out the doors of the palace and into the courtyard. There she saw the person who stopped her fall. In the moonlight she could see what he looked like. He was a tall man with shoulder length hair in a ponytail hidden under a fedora. A black pair of pants, shirt, and blazer to top it all off.

He gave Larxene a nod and she ran to him, a complete and total stranger. Servants and maids started chasing the pair with knifes and guns. The strange man grabbed Larxene's hand outside of the castle gates and to the nearest manhole. He opened it and helped her down to the sewers.

"They won't look for you here." He let got of her hand.

"Who are you?" Larxene had a few questions for this stranger.

"Unus quisnam imperium. You can call me Robert."

"The one who manipulates?"

"Yes, have you heard of the unusquisnam?"

"The caglassians who have a special skill."

"I am one, you are now one. Your name is now Unus quisnam interficio.The one who kills."

That night, Larxene's scream was heard all over the world. There was no stopping what happened next.

The End

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