A Long Hike

Another long hike. Another very long hike. Up the hill and to the castle. Through the bushes and the short cut. Back to the door. Back to Tristan.

Natalie was ready to go to where her questions are. She was going to go back to the trail she first went up. She was going to skip school.

Crispin knew she was going to skip school so he ended up skipping school too. He waited for Natalie at the trail. Soon she came and Crispin was smug with delight. He looked over her clothes. He especially compared his vans to her hiking boots.

"What is with the hiking apparel?" He asked her.

"I was going to go back up to the castle," She began. "Wouldn't I need hiking boots if I am going hiking?"

"Who ever said that we're hiking?" Crispin had a small smile on his face. Natalie stared back curiously.

"How are we supposed to get there then?"

"Come with me." Crispin grabbed Natalie's wrist and took her onto a path that detoured off of the trail. Together Crispin lead her to a bridge. The two walked over the bridge with Natalie's wrist still clenched by Crispin's hand.

The other side of the bridge lead to the castle. Crispin let go of Natalie's hand. He causally walked up to the door and waited for Natalie. She was reluctant, but eventually joined Crispin at the doorway. He opened the door and the two walked inside of the main mansion.

The sound of people walking filled the air. It sounded like there were three other people. Through the reflection of the marble floors, nobody but Natalie was in the room. A faint heartbeat echoed through out the room.

One person's foot steps were louder than the other sounds. As they came closer Natalie looked up to see who came closer. She took a step back when she saw that it was Tristan.

"Oh," Tristan began. "Why does this always happen to me?" He looked disappointed in himself.

"Ask Tristan anything you want to know," Crispin told Natalie.

"Okay," Natalie began. "For one, who's Natalia?"

"Um..." Tristian was figuring out how explain his thoughts. "She is the beginning of the trinity. Along with the trinity, she can create Caglassians."

Before anyone else could say anything the ground started shaking. Natalie started to panic and the others were calm. Or one could say, excited.

"She doesn't want us to explain anything," Crispin smiles delightfully. "She wants to meet Natalie."

"I don't get any of this," said Natalie as she followed Crispin and Tristan through the mansion building. The whole building began to turn whiter and whiter as she walked through it. At the end of the hallway a bright light shone. Th light soon dimmed to show that they were in a crypt.

The walls and floors and everything inside of the crypt was made of marble slabs. The main attraction was the marble coffin in the center.

"This," The door shut behind a mysterious person. "Is Natalia's sleeping quarters." A velvety voice uttered these words quite carefully. The person saying these words was a boy, of the age of ten. He had clean cut blond hair and clear blue eyes. He was only a little taller than the large, white coffin and wore clothes of the mid 19th century.

"She is a goddess. She controls all life."

"What is a Cagla-" Natalie was cut off by this child.

"She can give you eternal life on Earth. Those who receive it are the Caglassians, her faithful followers. They are trapped in their bodies at the age when they are favored by her."

"Why get a human invo-" She was cut off again by a kid whose name she didn't even know.

"A soul is a good and a bad spirit that team up together, thus creating the good and bad in life. That is how humans have personalities. Natalia needed to balance out her bias personality by creating a soul of her own. The choose the most powerful Demon and the strongest Angel. The Demon was called Dia and the Angel was called Celeste. The two could create Caglassians, but when ever they tried, they would turn into a soul and get stuck in a human body."

"What does this have to do with m-" Natalie was starting to get irritated.

"Natalia and her soul got into a fight one day and the soul left and entered a human that was being born into this world. You were that child. Natalia can't exist without her soul, so I invite you to live here."

"Okay, say what?" Natalie soaked in all she had heard and understood it. But, who was this kid?

"Lisitan invited you to live in the the house," Tristan was a bit impatient for her reply. "Are you going to accept his offer?"

Natalie pondered his question for a while. She was a kind person so she didn't want anyone, in this case; Natalia, to stay this way. From the way the crypt smelt, Natalie assumed that she was dead. Or this could be a dead body and Lisitan could be right.

The girl had nothing to lose by living alone any more. She didn't know what the odds were for accepting the strange kid's offer. There was nothing to base the decision on, just some first impressions that weren't that great.

"Why not?" The odd silence made Natalie's statement seem out of place. "Why not?" Natalie said it again to make sure she was heard, this time with more enthusiasm. It sounded just believable enough to pass as the truth.


Crispin had disappeared throughout this conversation. He knew that Lisitan wouldn't let Natalie go without forcing her to stay at the house. He might even tackle her to the ground if need be. Crispin chuckled a bit as he tried to imagine it. Natalie trying to run away. Lisitan yelling at Tristan as the both of them capture her and tie her to the lid of the coffin.

Sadly, Crispin couldn't partake in this. He had another job to do; stealingNatalie's belongings. Natalie's neighborhood wasn't well protected nor anyone in her house to interrupt the robbery.

Even though the door was locked when Natalie left the house in the morning, the skilled robber simply waltzed through the doorway. He quickly pulled a garbage bag out of his pocket and began to stuff things in it. The bag filled up quickly. Crispin noticed this and uttered the word, "infinitio". The appearance of the bag did not change, yet more items were put into the bag easily. The bag weighed less than a feather. It defied the laws of physics.

By the end of the hour, the house was empty and Crispin was on the road. The only thing that was left in the house was a note. The script on this note was diffrent than Crispin's usual elegant font. It was printed on the note in a typewriter style font.

Memor unus quisnam rapio.

The End

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