Down the Mountian

Natalie was running down the mountain with thoughts going through her head. ‘Who was that ‘Tristan’ guy? Was he even human? How did he know all that about me anyways?’ More of these thoughts were in her head. Then she realized she never walked down this path before, yet she was walking it like she had been on it many times. She tried to stop and think but her body wouldn’t respond. She kept on going downhill. She wanted to scream but she couldn’t. Her body didn’t respond to anything that her brain told it to do. 

“Consisto!” Natalie stopped. She looked around for her savior. She turned around and she saw a person about her age and a little taller than her. He wore a black, blue, and white hockey jersey that was a little large and a pair of jeans. His eyes were blue-green and his hair, hazel. 

“What is someone like you doing here in this part of the woods?” He asked her.

“I was just leaving.” She replied. “May I ask your name?”

“My name is Crispin, yours?”

“Natalie. Why are you out here anyways?” And in a blink of an eye Crispin was gone. Natalie turned her head a few times looking for Crispin. Eventually she gave up and continued walking down the mountain like nothing had ever happened.

The next day was the first day of school. Her teacher homeroom teacher was Ms. McClendon. Ms. McClendon was a short woman, but had a skinny figure. Her hair was a dirty blond and went down to her knees. 

Natalie sat by the window and there was an empty seat next to her. Everyone in her class already knew each other and Natalie felt left out. Being alone she did her own work and minded her own business. 

The first month went by quickly. Se was invisible in class and made no friends. Nobody knew she existed. Her grades were good and succeeded in everything she did. She went through the same routine everyday. She thought this would go on forever and that she would live an extremely boring life. Soon that routine would soon change, a lot.
 The next went by even quicker. It was the end of the second month of school when he arrived.

Ms. McClendon came through the door with a new student. Natalie’s eyes widened. Natalie couldn’t believe it. ‘It’s him! How? Why?’ More thoughts kept racing through her head, then all the thoughts stopped.

“Hello,” he began. “My name is Crispin Rivers. I hope we all become friends.” Their eyes met. Natalie immediately looked away. Ms. McClendon looked down at her seating chart.

“You can take the seat behind Vincent.” Ms. McClendon pointed to Vincent. 
Crispin began waking down the row that Natalie was in. He stopped by her desk. Once again their eyes met. Crispin was the one to look away this time. He turned to the teacher.

“This seat is already taken.” The whole class gasped. They had never noticed that Natalie had existed. They all turned and stared at the person they never thought existed. Ms. McClendon was still looking at her seating chart. 

“Impossible.” Ms. McClendon was now looking at the attendance. “If somebody is there what is their name?” Everyone moved their gaze from Natalie to Crispin.

“Her name?” He began. “Her name is Natalie. Natalie Damien.” Now everyone was looking at him, including Natalie and the teacher.

“You remembered my name,” said Natalie out of the blue. Everyone silenced to hear her speak. 

“Of course I did.”

Ms. McClendon was looking over the attendance several times in amazement while everyone in the class and introduced themselves to Natalie and Crispin.

“I guess I’m not the only new student today,” said Crispin. He looked over at Natalie who was shocked yet extremely happy at the same time.

“I guess so,” replied Natalie.

“If you would have introduced yourself I wouldn’t have had to come to your rescue again.”

“You left while I said my name. How rude.”

“I’m sorry about that. It’s just that, the mistress called.” 

“The mistress? Who is she?”

Ms. McClendon interrupted the conversation. “You can have the desk behind Natalie then.” She was still stunned. Her face was stuck in a state of awe. A long pause filled the classroom. The bell rang and broke the silence. Everyone rushed out of the classroom still shocked by what happened. Crispin showed Natalie his schedule. They had the same classes. The two walked to first period together. Again, Crispin sat next to Natalie. It was like that for all her classes. It was now lunch and Natalie had many questions for Crispin. The two got their lunches and sat down at an empty table where nobody would interrupt them. Sadly, the plan failed. Everyone wanted to know Natalie so the table she sat at overflowed quickly. She became very popular, quick. She didn’t have enough time to talk to Crispin in any of her other classes. She was dieing to ask him everything. She knew he was cahoots with Tristan. She planned to ask him after school, but that didn’t go through exactly as planned. 

“Crispin!” called out Natalie. 

“You want to ask me something don’t you?” replied Crispin. “Here.” He handed a piece of paper to Natalie. The paper was neatly folded twice and fit in her palm. Natalie was about to open it when Crispin sternly said, ”Open it when you get home.”
 Natalie rushed home to see what it said. When she stepped inside she opened the note.
"I'll be where your questions are."

Natalie knew just what this meant, she would have have to climb back up the hill and to the castle. This is something she did not want to do, but she wanted her questions answered.

She kicked off her shoes and ran up to her bedroom. She threw her backpack onto her bed and emptied it out. The empty backpack was filled with hiking gear. Now that Ms. McClendon knew she existed, Natalie realized she would have to start doing her homework, so she carefully put her homework on her desk. She ran to her closet and found a pair of hiking boots. Those were put at the door. She waited to see Crispin tomorrow.

The End

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