Natalia's Trinity

Natalie yawningly woke up. She had moved from Alaska. She had just settled in their new house in Mayville. She had made some new friends at her school and felt comfortable in her new life in Mayville.

Natalie lived alone. Her parents died years before. They died saying that religion will never exist, but faith will continue on forever. Natalie didn’t understand what it meant at the moment. 

Her family’s friend who lived in Mayville supported her. They gave her a house to live in and a check every week for shopping. She doesn’t remember most of her past, where she grew up and who was there. All she remembered was her parents’ dieing words.

Mayville was known for only one thing: the Shank forest. The Shank forest was the site of a story of a curse. Story was of a girl whose grandmother was the town storyteller. Grandmamma said that five years after she died the town would go insane and kill every body. Well that is what happened and the rest of the people became zombies. Without knowing the zombies killed her. The girl went to the wideard, which is a monk of the religion of Caglass, which lived in the forest and pleaded for him to stop the curse. The wideard told her she was dead and she sat down on the couch and saw that her arm was a torn apart and left two bloodstains on the couch. The wideard killed her and nobody remembered the curse ever happened except the new storyteller. The storyteller passed on Grandmamma’s book, which the story of the curse was mysteriously already written in the book.

Natalie wanted to see the scenery around Mayville so she took a hike up the mountains to the north. About twenty minutes into the hike she saw a castle on a cliff that looked only twenty more minutes away, if she took the shortcut. The shortcut was more or less a climb instead of a hike but she took the shortcut anyways excited to reach the castle.

Natalie went through bushes, past trees of giant proportions, and through the tall dead grass. Moving a branch away from her head she realized she was close to the cliff. The paved path had changed into a dirt road and the dirt road lead to a bridge. The bridge was sturdy and was over a little stream but the most interesting thing of all was what was on the plaque on a sign on the bridge: “Natalia’s Estate, May the Caglassians live forever”. Natalie ignored the sign completely and crossed the bridge. Only if she knew that that sign foretold her future.

Natalie stood still. From the side of the bridge she just crossed it looked like the path went on. After crossing the bridge she found herself on the castle grounds. The area was a beauty to behold. 

An arch stood as the entry to the castle. Carved into the keystone there was a symbol. It was an oval, with a star overlapping another star within the oval. The rock that made up the arch looked like unpolished granite. There was a building about a hundred feet away. It was two stories tall with a balcony right above the front door. There were windows all around the building. 

Behind that building was the main house. It was at least five times larger than the front building. There weren’t as many windows and there were four stories. -They must have tall ceilings- She thought. Surrounding the main house were four medieval style towers. Made out of the same granite that the arch was, the towers towered over the site. 

Natalie nervously walked up to the front building. She didn't know why she was nervous. She ends up walking up to the door. She had this feeling. Like nothing anyone is able to describe. This feeling told her to knock on the door. She felt enlightened. She felt at home. What was this feeling? She knocked on the wooden door.

She stood there at the front door only for a second when a tall man appeared at the door. The man had to be at least 6’ 10. Natalie stared up at him in till they’re eyes met then she remembered it was impolite to stare. She jerked her head down.

The tall man was also skinny, a little too skinny. If you looked close enough you could see his veins and his bones as bumps in his skin. His hair was a pale brown and his skin was pale. His eyes were a sea green and had freckles. He wore clothes that made him look like a butler. He most likely was one. 

Breaking the silence the man said, ”Hello Natalie.” His voice was a little rough like had been up all night.

“How do you know my name?” She asked him. “Who are you?”

“You must not remember. My name is Tristan.”

“You still didn’t answer my question.”

“Just try to remember your past.” As soon as Tristan said that, memories started flowing back into her mind. Memories of her as a child.

“I grew up here?” She asked hesitantly.

“In a way,” Tristan replied. “You were reborn here.”

“Reborn? Then what about my parents?” She eagerly asked.

“They never existed. Those memories of your parents’ last words are my words before you had to leave here.” Natalie remembered. It was a younger Tristan that had told her those words. She couldn’t believe it.

“You’re lying,” She yelled. “This can’t be true. You’re messing with my head. You can’t be human.” She ran away towards the bridge and never looked back. Tristan stared watching her run away.

“I’m sorry I had to throw you back in to the fire Natalia.”

The End

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