When they were young and fragile
in an unclassical era,
the world was washed in new colors
and their essence has changed
digested by their little stomachs.

Before they knew it, there was love.
No preparation for that aching heart,
but a burning sensation and some bright looks
sharing the same affection.

She was a child with naïve eyes
keeping a promise to her true self.
He was a bewildered soul
committed to his one job,
and together they became silent rebells.

In a big palace of flavors she was only watching,
he was really observing, and a moment before leaving
it was his arm that stopped her,
laying a warm touch on her shoulder.

The world cheered on silently,
angels fulfilled their dance.
It was the palace of flavors where they found their thirst.
It was a kingdom of happiness for a craving heart,
finding that place and each other.

The End

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