Life's Not A Fairy Tale... (Part 2)Mature

A couple of hours until the gathering and I have my change of outfits plus clothes in my book bag. I don't travel this light when it comes to cosplaying but, for right now, a book bag for just my X-Ray outfit and my two change of clothes will be good. I still need to find out how I can bring my laptop without using a bigger bag. Sneaking it out would be cool but I don’t know where mom and Brie will be at the time.

It wasn't as early this morning. A little past eight as I've been up reading, writing, playing Left 4 Dead 2 with Lance and his cousin. I can hear Brie and mom running around getting dressed and shit. They haven’t bothered me all which is great for me. I can't pack shit if they keep bugging me.

“Karen... Honey,” I spoke too soon. “I know you really don’t want to go to the wedding but if I told you that Linda and I agreed that you can wear a black dress and still be a bridesmaid?” She smiled, walking in and taking a set at my work space. I didn't look at her nor did I try to pay very much attention. They don't call it Expert Realism for anything.

“If it’s the dress you showed me before it gives the false impression that my are big. And they’re not. Plus, just because it’s black doesn't make it less of an ugly dress.”

“Linda picks them out herself and we all seem to like it.”

“Linda didn't even care to ask me. You know that Linda never liked me and she wants me to go to her shit wedding? Yeah right. I rather There’s no way I’m going... No way... Unless-”



Mom sighed, her smile quickly fading. “If you go you’ll be a bridesmaid so that means you can’t wear a suit. Plus... You know what side of the family she’s from. If she sees you in a suit, she’ll freak. She might even think you’re a lesbian or something. So, no, I just want this to be nice for her.”

“... I rather not stay home alone. I’m going over May’s house. Maybe even stay the night or some shit.” After texting Lance to pick me up, I disconnected the session and turned off my Xbox, picking up my book bag and putting my phone and 3DS charger inside.

“Now Karen, if you’ll wear the dress-”

“That bitch can’t handle me in a suit then her wedding his just as important to me than she is.” I stormed out and headed right to the park where I already saw Lance’s car. May was inside smiling and waving from the front seat. I smiled back and ran to the car and got in the back.

“You cool, dude? It’s only an hour until I leave out back home. And you seem to look a little pissed off.” Lance asked, starting out the car and heading back to May’s place.

“I’m fine... Just bullshit with my mom and Linda's stupid ass wedding. It ain't shit, though. I just wanna play some games.”

May didn't really put her input on it. The car ride to her house was quiet instead of the music but it helped out because by the time we got there my head was clear and I wasn't thinking about stupid shit like that bitch’s wedding.

We got inside the house, the Xbox was still on and there was low music going on in the background. I followed May up to her room to get change into my cosplay. “It would be fun if you could come, May. I know you’re not on our side of Tumblr, but it’s a part none the less.” I smiled, putting on my boots.

“I've thought about it but I rather not. A party’s a party but you’re only having fun if you know the theme. I, for one, am new to Rooster Teeth so I don’t think I should be going to any RT themed anything. Sorry love”

I sighed, “Well, maybe next time then? We can cosplay The Mad King and Queen together. It’ll also be fun to have another AH fan in this town. No one here seem to know about YouTubers.” May laughed as she started messing around with her phone.

“Yeah, tell me about it. I can’t wear one shirt without a fucker asking me what or who it is. All they care about is people twerking and music videos... Not that music videos isn't a bad thing.” She smiled. I stood and turned to her, showing off my outfit.

“So! Outfit's done. It’s been awhile since I've worn this. It feels right. Does it look like?”

“You look adorable.” May laughed, walking over to me. “I have to stay, I've never seen you without your hood on. Don’t know why. You have beautiful hair.” I felt myself blushing as she played with my hair. I should be used to it, but it’s different for May. There was a point where I used to have a crush on her, but I've learned to get over it.

A knock on the door made scared me, making me turn around. “Karen, you ready? We have to leave in a few.” Lance knocked again, making May rush over then swung the door open.

“Keep rushin' and we’ll be taking even longer to get ready.”

“How? She’s literally done!” He smiled, May snickering and fussing back at him. I start laughing myself just watching them yell at each other. Rolling my eyes, I grabbed one of May’s messenger bags and my jacket.

“Stop dicking around and let’s get going already.” I giggled, moving past them both to get out the room door. Lance called me back, throwing me the keys to his car.

“Start up the car for me, I still have bags I need to put in the trunk.” He smiled and went into the room beside May’s. I agreed and waved at her as I walked to the car and hopped in. Taking out my phone, I looking through Wattpad to find something to read while waiting for the ones I am reading to update. Most of the good ones have some to too fucking much smut. I really didn't need that. At all.

Lance finally came out, moving some bags in the trunk before he got in the driver’s seat. “How many bags did you bring?” I asked him. There was some in the back seat and a couple in the trunk. I thought it was only here for a week? Really, it looks like he’s been here for a month.

“Eh, just some. Not a lot. Since we’re leaving now, I’ll have time to put some of these bags in the house and we can move to the Meetup.” He said before putting driving away from May’s house. We talked a bit but, I don’t know if he can feel it, but this car ride kind of feels weird to me. I’m sure it’s because it’s been a couple of months since we've seen each other face to face. We’re more used to being behind a screen.

That sounds bad... We went to school together, it’s not like I met him online. We were close a fuck! The school thought we were dating even though I've already came out before I met Lance. I guess we just used to be close. To be honest, I think Lance still feels the same. It’s just me feeling odd because it’s line connecting with an old friend., I guess.

Either way, I’m just glad we can still talk like we are on a computer. Plus, laughing at the other cars staring and laughing at us made me feel better. But the best thing was passing people who rolled down their windows to chant “X-RAY AND VAV!!!” was great! I've never had that happen to me before when going to cons or other gatherings.

I woke up some time later to see Lance on the phone and trees around us. It sounded like he was talking to May so I just kept being quiet while looking out the window. There didn't look like there was much, then again this is my first time in West Virginia. I wasn't able to talk to him before arriving in a town that looked like the county line. He drove up to, what looked like to be a small studio house outside of the town.

“You live here?” I asked, staring outside my window as he pulled in his parking lot.

“Why say it like that? You thought my job never paid off? That’s mean.” Lance smiled, getting out the car and opening the trunk. “Here are the keys, make yourself at home but we still have to leave out. Makes you thankful these suits are comfy as fuck.”

I laughed before taking the keys from him and going inside the house. It was nice, clean, kind of high-class. Lance is a fucking clean freak to be honest. If it wasn't spotless, that would be weird. I spend a while to refresh myself while Lance was doing the same thing. For a small studio, it seems really fucking big. It has two full bathrooms.

“You ready?” He calls out. I walk out the bathroom and smiled while following him out the door. “The place isn't far from here. I've seen the place before. You’ll love it since it has more of a country feel to it.” Lance got back in the car, me in the passenger seat, and started driving away from the house. We had talked a bit more but for some reason we got on the topic of NiRisemonger.

I told Lance to just drop it, but he seemed too interested in why she left Tumblr. I told him that some shit happened and she just left. “Yeah, I miss her but she just said she was taking a break. It’s been awhile though.” I mumbled, looking down at my boots.

“I see... Okay. Well, maybe she’ll be back soon. She was a co-owner to the event blog. Everyone was asking about her on there so I hope she does come back.” He said with a slight smile. I tried to smile back, but I don’t think it worked. Might have looked like I wasn't trying, but it’s a good thing he wasn't looking. The rest of the ride was us talking about random shit while the music played before coming up at a huge parking lot out front of a mansion-like house.

After parking, a girl came up to the car. She greeted Lance and I before giving us these name tag necklaces with our Tumblr URLs on them. She seemed to know Lance since she was talking to him a lot more than she was talking to me. As we followed her around back, we saw another, but smaller, party house with a bunch of people talking, walking around, and music blasting from the speakers up front. It looked more like a school-out party than anything else.

Some people recognized Lance right away and rushed up to him. They chatted with me as well but, me being my shy as self, could only smile and make small talk. The URLs they had wasn't really familiar to me even though they all seem to know me from role-playing and talking to Lance. We all sat at one of the many tables around the area. Everyone seemed really nice but maybe that’s only because I’m with Lance. Not a thought I would like to think about, but I wasn't the kind of person to attracted people. Then again, this is a fandom Meetup.

“Excuse me?” A light voice said from behind me. I turned to see a tall chick in a Vav cosplay. She kind of look like a female Gavin to be honest, her hair was spiked in the style of Gavin Free. Plus, she seemed to have the fair skin tone and British accent. “Some of us are taking an X-Ray and Vav group photo. We wanted to know if you and LanceVE to join us?” Lance smiled and shook his head.

“Nah, I’m good. But Karen, you should do it.” He smiled. Lance knew about my social anxiety problem, but they never stopped him from pushing to do things. I let out a small sigh before turning back at the girl.

“Y-yeah. Sounds fun.” I smiled and got up, walking with her to the group of cosplaying superheroes.

“Sorry to drag you out, hon.” She smiled, “I’m NaomiR but I just like going by Naomi. Saw you with Lance and thought you must be TheMadQueenHaywood. You two make a cute couple.”

“Um, we’re not together. It’s Karen, by the way. You don’t have to call me by my URL. Also, we just go way back. Why does everyone seem to think we go out?”

“Really? The way you both talk to each other on Twitter and Tumblr says otherwise. Lance is one of those top fandom blogs that everyone seems to like. I guess we just saw you butts being cute together and shipped it.” Naomi laughed. I gave her a smile but now the only thing on my mind was looking back at the way Lance and I talked to each other.

I got snapped out of my thoughts when a couple of people greeted me. Thank god I knew some of them, my thoughts flew away one we all started laughing and getting ready to take the pictures. Naomi and I stood together posing in a true hero-like fashion. A lot more group photos were taken with other cosplayers and Tumblr group blogs before the other events started going on. Improv and scripted skits took place inside the party house. It was almost like an auditorium in there. It was pretty fucking cool to see the live role plays.

Most of the time I was around Naomi more than Lance. She was one hell of a cool chick and just felt like an old friend. We liked a lot of the same things and were in the same fandoms. We just clicked. But I don’t think Lance mind much. When the fucker looked over at me and gave me a thumbs up I wanted to punch him... And thank him at the same time.

Naomi and I had signed up to join in the gaming tournaments, Minecraft Maps, and the Hella Heist. There were around fifth-teen people in our group. The games were fun, but the heist was a bitch. They got the groups into a huge heist tournament, Hella Heist, and played through a set up that was frustrating as much as it was fun. After most of our group died, we ended up pulling it through with the most amount of money and three people still standing.

Finally, when the Meetup was almost over and the sun was starting to set, Naomi and I took a seat at an empty table outside. It was peaceful to see the orange and red mix over the lake that was across from us. It almost felt like a painting.

“For awhile shit was okay... Then worst shit happened and I just left. I came down to the US to see my sister and her family She’s really the only one I talk to. But when I go back to Brighton it’ll just be me and my Eddie. ”

I blinked and my attention was fully on her. “Eddie?”

“Yeah, he’s my Corgi. I couldn't live in a flat all alone.” Naomi laughed, her smile was genuine and the deep red lipstick she had on only made it better. I felt myself froze staring at her smile before quickly snapping out of it.

“O-oh! A Corgi! Yeah, they’re pretty cute.” I smiled back, trying not to blush. This shit doesn’t happen to me. This shit never happens to me. Most of the girls I like were either straight or online, meeting someone face to face with a cool ass personality and a great smile isn't helping shit!

“They’re my favorite breed of dogs. He’s only three months old, he’s so small.” She started to giggle, acting as if she was holding a small puppy. Damn it, she looked cute. “Do you have any pets back where you live? Oh, where are you from since you've said you weren't from here, if you don’t mind me asking?”

I slightly shook my head and put on a smile. “I’m from Virginia, not so long from here. And I did have a pet but it was my mom’s boyfriend and when he left he took Mace, who was our dog. I’m not sure what kind of breed she was, though.” I tilted my head down trying not to look her in the face. Seeing how she started to look a little bit sad at that story was my cue to look away.

“Oh, I’m sorry, hun. It would be cool if I could take you back home with me, let you play with Eddie.” She laughed in such an awkward but cute shy tone. I looked up for a moment, starting to giggle as well when I saw her face glow pink. I quickly turned my head to the side, trying show my own face. “So Karen, you wanna go inside? Check out what drinks they have left? The party seems to be ending soon so I don’t think they’ll have a lot, but it wouldn't hurt to see.”

Naomi kept her smile which made me unknowingly nod to her question. I don’t even remember what her question was! I watched her get up and came over to my side of the bench reaching out her hand for mine. Again, without thinking, I took hold of her hand and followed her inside the house. She leads me past a mist of people, greeting and saying hi but didn't really stop to talk.

We finally walked into the kitchen, which was less populated; thank god. “You want a soda, juice, coffee even? Or maybe water? I can’t really see you being old even to drink.” Naomi asked as she opened one of the coolers to get her a soda.

“They had coffee here?”

“It depends, they have those Starbucks ice-coffee you buy in the glass bottles. Hate them. I don’t drink ice-coffee really.” She said while looking back at my, waiting on my answer. Ice-coffee wasn't my favorite either, I’m not really sure how people can drink cold coffee in the first place.

“Any soda would be cool. As long as it’s not Root Beer it’s fine.” I smiled at her as she gave me my drink. I opened the Cheerwine and took a sip of it. Naomi did the same but soon took hold of my hand again. “Hm? What up?” I asked, a little confused but not complaining.

“There’s a lot of guest rooms in this place. I found this small book room that was covered with older-looking wallpaper. Maybe they wanted to get rid of it but it’s beautiful. Just follow.” She smiled again and started walking through the people. I stayed close to her, even though most of these people seemed cool and all I still felt uneasy. There were so many people in such a small place.

We went up the second floor and down the hall. There’s a couple of turns, making this place look like a street or some shit. “How far is this book room?” I questioned while walking her run her hand along the wall.

“It’s around here. They hid it good, it was hard for me to find it in the beginning.” She sighed and stood in this empty hallway for a moment. Finally, she found the cut in the wall and pulled the paper back gently to uncover a hole where a knob used to be before opening the door. Naomi walked in motioning me to walk with her.

The room was exactly what she said; a book room. It was dark but because of the huge window it was also naturally bright. There were shelves around the room with old books and items on them. The sofas looked like they were cleaned off, no surprising since Naomi did say she was in here before.

She took a seat on one of the sofas, dragging me over to sit with her. “What do you think? My father had a room like this along time ago and I loved being in it. I love being in here too.” She giggled after taking another sip of her drink.

I smiled and laughed back, “Yeah this room is pretty cool. It's kind of how I want my room.” I agreed while getting up to look at the books on the shelves. I ended up getting trapped into an interesting murder romance story when I heard Naomi laughing again.

“You look like an adorable nerd right now, you know that?” She said, putting her drink on the table beside her and walking to my side. “All you need are some square glasses and you’ll fit the part.” Naomi giggled while poking my cheek. I started to blush but still tried to keep my cool by laughing it off.

“Rude! I just really love books. The romance part kind of sucked but there were, like, three killings in the matter of days! That was kind of cool.” I mumbled while looking back at the book trying to not let her laughing distract me. Soon her laughing stopped and that caught my attention. I was about to lift my head to ask her that was up when I felt her palm brush against my cheek and her fingers run along my hair. My body froze and clutched the book tight in my hand.

She slowly turned my head to face her. Her green eyes staring back at me, feeling it cut right through to my heart. Naomi’s expression looked soft... Almost sad to a point. She seemed unsure and hesitant for a moment before leaning in.

My eyes were as wide as ever.

The book fell from my hands.

Everything completely silent.

The End

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