Life's Not A Fairy Tale... (Part 1)Mature

Most people seem to have that one or a couple good friends they meet over line through their interest in many things. Karen found a best friend in Naomi one day. Both in the same fandoms. Both with a huge love for Rooster Teeth. They had so much fun chatting with each other. Now if only things were still like that today...

Remember the days when you were young and your parents always told you to never talk to strangers or get too comfortable on the internet with other people you don’t know? Well, my mom never told me this because I knew it already. I mean, it makes sense you shouldn't tell someone you've never met personal shit about you life. That stuck with me for a good while until I found a liking for signing up for different social sites.






Any site that looks cool and has some cool people on it, I’ll sign up. There are some sites that I've been apart of since I was eleven and forgot about until recently. After I've started doing online school for the rest of my high school year I've been in my room and on my computer a lot more. It makes me happy because I found the strangers that made me smile when I needed it. Hell, I rather talk to people I've never met in person then the fucks at my school who doesn't get me.

Either way, out of the main social sites I go to I end up running into this one girl. Well, woman. NiRisemonger was her Tumblr URL when I followed her. A fellow Rooster Teeth fandom member and a really cool chick. She had long dark pink and green hair, always had this cute winged eyeliner thing going on, and seems to love any shade of blue lipstick. The pictures of her were beautiful. She also had great taste in music, was in most of my fandoms, and we even talked for a while from time to from on Tumblr. She ended up following me back and, I have to say, my fangirling shot through the roof!

We had fun talking and joking with each other but then the message stopped. The joking stopped. Her blog was still there but it hasn't been updated in three months and there was a “Taking A Break” link her description. I was scared but I clicked on it anyway. It was talking about how she got these hate anons out of nowhere. At first, she wrote it off as just hate that every Tumblr user gets but then it got personal, some even calling her a pedophile. That stuck out to me. Why would they call her pedophile? Seeing the pictures of the messages made me cry.

It was about us. They were talking about us. They never said my name or my URL but I got the hints real quick. We didn't keep our friendship in just personal ask to each other. There were post where we had talked back and forth. But nothing to make people think we were dating or anything. Plus, why didn't I get noticed? I didn't allow anons but someone would have still said something.. I guess not.

After reading it through I tried to look on her blog for her age. For as long as we've been talking I've never really known her age. Or her name for that matter. I've just called her Ni after her URL. Just looking through her page almost made me depressed. She literally just stopped being on the internet. It would be one thing if it was just Tumblr but she hasn't been on Instagram or Wattpad either. All because people thought we were dating...

I went to her ask box and sat there for a moment. I could send her a message but what if she doesn’t answer back? I should respect that she wants to be left alone but a part of me really wanted to talk to her. My fingers covered my keyboard in searching for the letter I wanted to type but seeing my door crack open took my attention away.

“Karen? You’re up pretty early.” My sister said as she walked into my room.

“Well... Yeah. It’s only seven a.m, I don’t sleep ‘til an hour or three from now. Anyway, what do you want?” I asked while changing to my YouTube tab.

“I came in to get my boots. Plus, we ran out of coffee and there’s a cafe close that’s open. Why at seven? I’m not sure, but it’s open and that’ll all that matters. Wanna come?”

“... Yeah, I guess. I could use something.” I mumbled, getting up to get my jacket and shoes.

“Don’t you wanna change into different clothes?”

I shrugged, “Why? I didn't sleep in these, and I’m not getting out. I’m just gonna tell you what drink I want.” Brie laughed and stood back up, walking out of the room. I followed her out and looked around to see the lights in the house are still off. Mom must not be up yet. She grabbed her keys from the coffee table and left out the door, again, following right behind her.

I hopped on in the back, pulling out my phone from my pocket and started scrolling through Tumblr. Fucking app is always a bitch but the stupid mobile page isn't any better. I kept scrolling and reblogging text post while Brie kept to herself and listened to music. We finally pulled up the coffee shop, she parked the car and looked back at me.

"What drink you want?” She asked with a smile. I looked up at her and shrugged again.

"Eh, I don't know. Just a Vanilla Coffee I guess. Oh! But add caramel in it." I smiled back and she rolled her eyes. I can hear her mumbled something and looked back at the car then started laughing. Sicking my middle finger up at her, Brie did the same before walking inside the cafe.

Now it was quiet. Just me and my phone. I started playing songs of my Spotify playlist and read some Wattpad stories I was behind on. While I was reading I get a notification that I was tagged in a post. As I pulled down the notification tray I can see the post was from  Lance, Rooster Teeth blog, about a meetup happening really fucking close to my state. My eyes widen in excitement, opening the Tumblr app to read more about this.

"Holy shit..." I mumbled. The meetup was happening at noon on the twenty-third of this month in Lewisburg, West Virginia at this huge house. The people hosting the meetup rented out this place with an outside theater. Well, theater might be overdoing it. It looks to be more like a backyard party room with a huge screen. I wonder how much it cost to even rent this please. It’s like two houses you’re paying for. Either way, the gathering’s about those who couldn't go to RTX this year so Lance and AH-FlyntC0al, another RT blog but I've never heard of this person, has got together with a couple of other people to do just throw a party. Rooster Teeth style, I guess.

Looking at the details, I spent most of my time checking out the dates and messaging Lance to let him know that I might be going. Seeing as it how I don’t have a car and I’m not sure if my sister or my mom can take me, I would have to run it by them first.

Ah, ok. Tell me right after they give you a yes or a no because I’m gonna be in Charlottesville to visit family for a week. We can hang a bit and I can give you a left and a place to crash for the day when I go home.

No shit! Really? But I don’t want you to feel like you have to babysit me or anything. Even if it’s just for a day.

Don’t worry about. It’s been months since we've seen each other and I bet your mom and your sister would be happy to see me too.

Haha! So you think. They’re never gonna forget that night your car broke down and it was raining like fuck outside. No proof but they still think you tried to make a pass at me.

OHMYGOD- REALLY?! You’re cute and all but you’re my best friend. Plus, don’t they know you’re gay?

Well, Brie found out because I left my We Heart It logged on while using her phone. It didn't bother me that she found out because she’s cool with it. It’s my mom that I’m too scared to tell.


She’s like, “I don’t mind if other people are gay. It doesn't matter what they do... Just as long as my daughters aren't gay, I’m fine.” I ALMOST SPIT OUT MY FOOD. SHE LITERALLY SAID THAT SHIT AT DINNER. Brie and I were completely quiet.

That’s... hella stupid.

I know, right! I don’t know why she doesn't want gay children, but she said it herself. But, one day, I’m gonna get married to a girl and if my mom can’t be okay with that then that's fine by me. I don’t care to be cool with someone if they can’t be cool with me.

I guess that’s one way to deal with it. So if they say no just ring me up and we’ll come up with a way to get them to let you ride with me. You cosplaying anything?

Mmm, not sure yet. My Yang cosplay won’t be done in time so I could just go as X-Ray or The Mad King. Haven’t worn those in a while.

Cool, I haven’t seen your Mad King cosplay. Did you ever posted it? I was thinking as going as Caboose but it kind of got fucked up. I shouldn't really let my brother borrow my cosplays. So I guess we’ll see.

Brie startled me when she opened the car door, “Sorry it took so long. There was this new guy behind the counter who wasn't sure what he was doing but he looked cute doing it.” She giggled, handing me drink. “What you up to on your phone? Still Tumblring?”

“Kind of... Hey, can I ask you for a favor?” My voice cracked as I spoke but I dismissed it and took hold of my drink. “I, um... So there’s this thing happening this month on the twenty-third and I wanted to know if it’s cool if you’ll drive me? You don’t even have to worry about the drive back, I got that covered.”

“...” I can see her eyes looking right back at me from the mirror. “Where and when is this thing, Karen?”

“... Noon, West Virginia-”

“West Vir- where now?!”

“Oh come on, it’s not even that far. Brie, two hours. That’s not even much.”

She sighed, starting up the car. “Karen, I was going to say yes but two hours or not, I thought it was going to be in town or something. You know, like five to ten minutes away but I have to leave out at eleven. Remember? Our second cousin's wedding that you’re not going to because mom wants you to wear a dress.”

“O-oh... Yeah. Alright, it’s okay. I’ll ask a friend.”

Brie gave me another weird look. “Who?” I immediately struggled and turned my attention down to my phone. “Don’t tell me you don’t know. Like I’m gonna let you go to West VA by yourself.” She said in a stern voice, almost sounding like mom. I huffed and leaned back in the seat while texting Lance to pick me up at the park close to the house around ten.

“That’s cool. I just won’t go.” I sighed and took sip of my coffee. “It wasn't a huge deal anyway, Brie...” A small sigh came from the front of the car before she drunk her coffee as well. The car was silent for awhile but I can feel Brie wanted to say something, something that made her uneasy about me wanting to go but not putting up a fight about going. She knows me a bit too well.

We finally made it home after, what felt like, a long ass drive of just her music playing my phone’s keyboard not shutting up. She really didn't talk to me when we got up or when we went in the house. I couldn't help but laugh at her, to be honest. Instead of just staying downstairs with her and watching whatever movie she just put in, I ran back upstairs to my room and laid on my bed.

“I really wish I could go as Yang. I've been X-Ray a lot and I’m not okay with my Mad King cosplay...” I sighed to myself, my voice echoing around my room. The day seemed to be going by slowly now. Nothing to really do and it’s too fucking hot to leave anywhere. Most of my friends are either doing camp, summer school or college camp. I sighed as I sat up to get back on my computer, turning on my Xbox to play YouTube videos so it wouldn't be completely quiet.

Lance sent me a picture through Twitter showing me his fucked up Caboose outfit he let his brother use. It kind of made me smile but I do feel bad for him.

@MadQueenHaywood Won’t be going as Caboose. You wanna be the X-Ray to my Vav?

That idiot. “X-Ray to my Vav my ass.” I laughed, quickly typing him back.

@LanceVE - Funny, almost makes me wanna change my mind about going on as X-Ray.

@MadQueenHaywood Come on pls? We've never a matching couple in cosplay before.

@LanceVE- We’re not a couple you dumb!

@MadQueenHaywood Asshole <3

@LanceVE - Dick <3

I smiled but sighed as I looked over at my work place. The corner was a wreck from me and my sister trying to work on Yang’s outfit. It would have been done by now if she wasn't going to that damn wedding. Maybe I can finish it myself? With enough coffee and food I can get most of it done before Lance comes down to visit.

Speed run that shit.

Crash and burn is what it sounds like, I could fuck something up while rushing. I got up and went over to see at the chair. Just staring at my X-Ray cosplay starts to make me think of Ni only to leave me a bit depressed. She had this cute fem!Vav cosplay plus a couple of others. She was the reason why I made an X-Ray outfit. We talked about meeting at RTX or just a con as X-Ray and Vav but we never did... Then she went offline.

“I still want to try and message her... But sleeping the fucking day away isn't mad either.” I leaned against the chair, looking over at the T.V as it played a random Mario Kart 8 video. “Weird... I thought I was on my subs...” I mumbled, picking up the controller and changing it to one of Sp00n’s new videos when my phone’s notification tone went off.

Yo, tentacle bitch...

So far that tone’s been the only thing that’s been making me smile lately. Truly smile. I looked over at my phone that I left sitting beside me to see a new story update from MandolinRain. Her fanfictions and original stories are beautiful. Writing style, angst feels, her grammar is up there. It’s almost like she’s a professional writer or as an editor. A lot of people tell me my style of writing is a lot like her's but I feel she’s a lot better than me.

I end up opening the app to get ready to read but setting it aside to work on the Yang cosplay a bit more. Without knowing, I ended up spending most of my day finishing ninety percent of the outfit done and running from my computer, the kitchen, and my mom’s crafting room. By the end of the day I just wanted to lay down and read MandolinRain’s story but I knew that after laying on my bed I was completely out of it.

The End

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