"Go down to the threshing floor

Wash yourself, anoint yourself, put on your cloak

And I will go down, I mean you will go down

Uncover his legs, and I will lie with him

No, you will lie with him"

Does she know my intentions, my deepest desires

What I would do to be her, to be intimate again

She offers him her veiled body, but it is I who is beneath it

You may say it is her deeds "וְיָרַדְתְּ" and "וְשָׁכָבְתְּ", but you read my actions "ושכבתי" and "וירדתי"

Will my ruse be found out, will my trickery stand

Only the light of day will tell, only then will it be seen

Who was on the threshing floor she or me

The End

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