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Chapter XI: Grounded
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The rest of the weekend passed by at crawling speed as I had been confined to the house and forbidden to do anything beside sit around, watch C.J or read one of my books for the third time. I really did miss school, it would have been a welcome change of pace.

Eventually, Monday arrived and school started once more and I didn't want to go as soon as I had to wear the uniform. 

The morning before school passed rather quickly and uneventfully as nobody seemed to want to look or talk to me due to my irritable mood. Surprisingly, Lew did not make some PMS joke.

When I got to school, I approached my locker and opened it as Sean approached me, leaning back against the next locker. 

"Oi, how are you doing, Sophia?" I threw him a glare and he got the message. "Jer was wondering if you were angry, you aren't returning his texts."

"I'm grounded, my mum took my phone away." I said grabbing my books for the history class and shoving the locker shut.

"Well, that explains it." He said. "I outta go, I'll see you in class." He walked off and stopped at another locker, which he opened.

"Yeah, whatever." I sighed. 

"Oh my god." Danielle said, suddenly walking into my field of view and grabbing my shoulders. "Tell me you are so not talking with that guy."

"I stepped away by back hitting someone. "What does it fucking matter if I talk to him? Is it going to get me put in the 'uncool' clique?" I asked, my voice dripping with hostility.

"Woah, what's your problem, girl?" She said, seeming offended by tone. "I'm just trying to watch out for you, Sean's a freaking sociopath, he's violent and deluded."

Violent was right, I'd seen him broke a fucker's nose, give him a bloody mouth and a black eye... Deluded, however... If he was, then so was I. Seemed like he was the only one who saw some of the things I did or believed them...

"Look, I appreciate your concern, but I can watch out for myself, beside, you didn't seem worried at who I hung out with at the bonfire, or were you too absorbed by something else to notice me."

Her eyes widened and she bit her lips.

"I was with Jeremy." I reminded her. 

She sighed. "Jer's not a bad guy, but he's too attached to Sean..." She noticed my blank expression and continued. "Oh my god, you don't know?"

"Know what?"

"Sean and Jeremy are kind of, ehm, together. And together, together as a you know, a couple."


"Look, I'm not trying to browbeat you to do it, or push you for some kind of choice of 'Him or me' but please think about it..." Her eyes were pleading, there was a bit of pain that she seemed to try to hide.

"What happened between you?"

"I... We used to be friends, it didn't end well."

"When was that?"

"A year and a half ago. It was a mistake and he hurt me more than once before I came to term with it and stepped away. Please, Sophia, don't make the same mistake I did."

I sighed, annoyed just as the bell rung, indicating there was only one minute left to be in class. She and I both sprinted, arriving at our desk just on time with the History teacher eying us up, seemed mildly exasperated and half amused.

"Alright, sit down everyone." The young guy said, a few people were whispering and I figured he was new. "As some of you know, Ms. Kissinger will be leaving her position as teacher to give birth to her second daughter. I'll be your replacement teacher for the year."

He walked toward the board and wrote a name in foreign characters before writing it in latin letters. "My name, Is Cassander Akakios. You, will be calling me Sander and I'll be calling you by your first names. Untraditional for this school, but I prefer it that way."

He walked for the desk and sat on it, crossing his leg casually. "As you might have guessed by my name, I come from a Greek family, my grandparents immigrated here in nineteen-forty one to escape the war that devastated europe at the time. I was born in Portland and went to the university there, which is where I met my wife who convinced me to move to here."

A few girls actually seemed to be disappointed that the bearded, rugged looking teacher was taken and it made me smirk. He grabbed a dossier from his desk and flipped it open.

"Your teacher had left some instructions for what I should do for the coming week or so, even giving quite a list of people with rather non-flattering comments about them... But I prefer to do things my way. 

Your first assignment, will be simple, I want all of you to write an essay about your family's history and how you arrived in darkfall. That way, there will be no google or wikipedia, just you doing some digging the old fashioned way. I want four pages from each of you on the next monday by school's end."

A few people complained about the lenght, but I didn't care. Four page wasn't that much. He then started going into the lesson proper and I stopped focusing on him. Jeremy was there, four desk away to my left and I knew he had been tossing semi-discrete glances at me since the class had begun.

I zoned out a bit, my mind wandering back to the night in the woods by the bonfire, his smiles, his slight embarrassment, the smell of his perfume as he held me when I fell asleep... I was blushing hard enough that Danielle next to me noticed. 

"Are you alright, you're kind of red?"

I swallowed my saliva and nodded. "Yeah... Just got lost in my thoughts..." I whispered to her.

Had I been reading some sub-text that didn't exist? If Jer was gay, he wouldn't be into chicks... Or maybe it was different because of how I looked? I chewed my pen, my mind too distracted to actually listen to the teacher. I had somehow managed get attracted to the only gay guy I knew... 

Eventually, the period finished without me having actually gotten anything done beside brooding and failing at trying to get my head strait...

The End

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