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Chapter VIII: The Party
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The place wasn't very far, only a handful of minutes but they felt rather tediously long in the darkness. But eventually, the light of a fire became visible. Danielle and her boyfriend stepped up the pace a bit and I followed suit. 

About a hundred or so year away from an old decrepit church, there was a small lake with a pier where a bunch of guys had stacked woods in a huge bonfire that reached well over too meter tall. Around which fallen logs had been arranged.

"It's no longer raining." I commented to myself somewhat surprised. 

"Told you so." Daniel said, patting my shoulder. 

We walked closer and both of them were greeted by a bunch of people, none of which I knew beyond a few faces with no name to attach to it. Danielle's boyfriend, who's name I learned was Andre, opened his bag and started passing bottles around. While I stood there, looking like an idiot.

Someone came to me from behind and put a hand on my shoulder, making me jump in surprise. I turned around and recognized Lewis. 

"What are you doing here?" He asked, looking sideways at the rest of the group.

"Danielle invited me..." I said, hesitantly.

"Oh... You aren't going to tell Mum and Dad about what is going on?"

"Please, do I look like a snitch?" I rolled my eyes. 

He patted my back in gratitude and started walking backward. "Just watch yourself and what you take, Kay? I won't be watching your back."

"Yeah, yeah." I said, knowing the drill that just about every girl ever heard about parties... Although with how I looked and the sheer number of people here, I doubted anyone was going to try anything.

I walked around a bit, trying to get the feel of the place, the church was on a small hill a bit further and behind it was a cemetery with half standing wrought iron fence surrounding it's perimeter. I eventually sat on the ground, where someone had dropped a blanket and watched the others, trying to work out the guts to approach people which I wasn't an adept at.

"Hey there." Someone said, making me look to the left as a hand holding a can came into my sight. It was Jeremy, handing me a can of blue moon I took it just as he sat down next to me.

"I almost didn't recognize you, it took a minute to staring." He admitted with a grin. "You look different..." I closed myself a bit but he continued. "You look better, it doesn't look like you're putting on some kind of face." He said, smiling warmly and I found myself blushing lightly.

I rapidly opened the can, and brought it to me lips, the taste filling my mouth. "Aww... That's disgusting." I said as I made a face.

"It's your first time?" I nodded and he chuckled. "Yeah, it's horrible. But we don't really drink booze for taste. You get used to it eventually."

"You've seen Sean around?" I asked, gazing at the crowd. When I looked at him seeing as he wasn't answering immediately, I saw a hint of disappointment in his face. "I though he would have come with you, that's all."

He shook his head. "He doesn't usually go to get together like this or holiday parties, too much people he pissed off. Pretty much only Gwen and I can stand him. He usually gets in trouble for his attitude..." He sighed.


"You haven't met her, she's from another class." He said before pointing at the crowd. "See the chick with shaven hair and a leather corset?"

She was rather easy to notice, wearing black, her hair shaven to about an inch long and her ears full of silver studs. She was by the sound system someone had brought on his pick-up truck, dancing very closely with another girl, her hands at very suggestive places.

"By your expression, I get that you found her?" Jeremy remarked visibly amused. Making me redden with embarrassment so I used my can to hide my face, sipping it slowly, my tongue going a little numb.

"Want me to get you something else?" He offered and I nodded.

He walked away for a bit and talked with someone, coming back with a pair of plastic cups. He sat down again and handed one to me, I took it and sniffed it, the strong odor going through my nose before I sipped it's content.

I grimaced at the strong taste, I could feel warmth as it ran down my throat and ended up in my stomach. "Damn." I said with a grimace. "What was that?" 

"Jack Daniels. How is it?" He asked, leaning back in the small inclination on which the blanket rested, he took a good swing of his own before letting out a small exhalation sound of satisfaction.

"Not as disgusting as beer, but I wouldn't think of chugging it down." I said, taking another somewhat larger shot.

He quickly chugged the rest of drink down and rolled to his belly, taking something out of his pocket. He quickly rolled a blunt in front of me, and took out a lighter out of his pocket, lighting it up. He took a deep hit before handing it over. I took it awkwardly and brought it to my lips. I breathed it in, but immediately coughed it out. 

"Don't hold your breath, keep on inspiring even when you aren't puffing. Hold it for a moment and then let it out slowly." He explained. I tried again but it didn't hold down too well either. He smiled patiently even after I almost dropped the light blunt and took it from my hands.

"The first times, it often doesn't pass. But I know a trick. Just come a bit closer..."

He took it and put the light in in his mouth, coming closer and blowing the smoke into my mouth. He gave me a few hits before taking the blunt out of his mouth and throwing it away.

"How are you feeling?"

I let out a small laugh. "I don't know..." I lied back against the ground and looked at the stars. The sky was clear for the first time since I had ever came to the town and it was light up, way more than I had ever seen it in years living in the city or the suburbs. For the moment, I felt happy, no, ecstatic.

I raised my hand to the sky and started drawing lines between the stars. "That's Capricornus, right there, that's Aquila, then there's Delphinus and Cygnus..." I began trailing off.

"You know astronomy?" He asked.

"Yeah... I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a little girl." I said, a nostalgic smile crossing my lips.

"Ah, personally, I wanted to be David Bowie." He said and I making me burst out laughing. "I listened to his album all day and watched Labyrinth every week."

"Do you miss living in the city?"

I leaned a bit forward and looked him in the ends for a moment. "Sometimes, I do... I miss my old school, my friends and the ambiance of the city... I didn't want to trade it for a small village where it always rain and where I don't know anybody."

"Well... You know me." He said, his cheeks a bright shade of scarlet, his eyes wandering off toward the ground and a shy smile forming at his lips. "And Sean or Danielle..."

"What about you, have you always been here?"

He nodded. "For as long as I remember, my father came here after my mother died, I was just a kid back then."

"Oh... I'm sorry to hear that... I shouldn't have asked."

"It's alright, it was so long ago... To be honest I don't remember her much. She always liked the rain, she always brought me to play outside when it was stormy, then we'd go back home and drink some cocoa. 

She once told me that God lived in the water, that every drop of rain was it's kiss so that life would blossom and fill the earth with beauty and joy..."

"What happened to her?" I asked, not realizing I had before the word had came out of my mouth.

"A flash flood. She was driving home when it happened, took the bridge she was on instantly..." His throat tightened, the gleam in his eyes changing. I felt bad for reminding him, regretting my curiosity.

The gesture came spontaneously, but I put my arms around his torso and hugged him tightly. His head dropping on my shoulder for a moment as he took a few deep breath. He gently pushed me away after a moment. "I'm alright, really." He said with no great conviction in his voice.

I nodded and a small bit of silence passed on between the two of us. I looked away, trying not to make it awkward when I caught sight of something far away, hiding between the bushes on the other side of the church lot.; slim and pale figures that observed us. 

I stumbled back up quickly. "I'll be right back..." I muttered.

The End

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