VII - WeekendMature

Chapter VI: Weekend
Word count: 1330
Time Taken: 2h 5m

When I woke up, the sun had risen a while ago and weakly pushed through the cover of clouds. I stumbled out of bed and looked around; Spike had left sometime during the night, which was a plus since I wouldn't need to explain anything to me parents who if they hated anything, it was pets...

I didn't bother changing out of my PJs before going downstairs, where beyond the isolation of my room noise filled the air; my brother watching TV a little too loud, C.J. being his cheerful self as he tried on some knee length socks to go with a skirt all meanwhile my father was washing the morning dishes as my mum sat at the table, reviewing some papers.

"Morning, sweetie." She said, raising her head. "Are you feeling a little better?"

"Yeah..." I muttered, sitting down in front of her just as my dad placed a plate of lukewarm food in front of me. As I took the first bite, C.J. came to me, hugging me all of a sudden. "I get bad dreams too." He said with a huge smile. "there's nothing to be afraid of in the dark." He said like I had told him many times when he was afraid, which seemed so wrong to me now.

I leaned over and kissed his forehead. "Yeah, I know buddy."

"Do you have anything planed for the weekend?" 

"Not really, I guess I'll just read a book or something." I said with a shrug. "I could call that girl from school, Danielle."

My mother nodded a bit and went back to the homeworks that she was correcting. I quickly finished my breakfast before going upstairs to change. Since I didn't have to wear the god awful uniform, I went for something comfortable, a loose tee and cargo pants. I tied my hair behind my head in a tail and declared myself ready to go out.

I whipped out my cellphone and sent a text to Danielle. "Are you free tonight?"

After a minute or two, she responded. "kinda party @ old church want 2 come?" She asked, apparently ignoring the use of punctuation.

"What time?"

"8 want me 2 pick u up?"

"Sure." I responded, giving her my address.

Since it was still about nine hours away, I had some time to kill. I sat down on my bed, taking the book I had purchased at the den out of my backpack. It's hard cover was covered in cloth and bore a painted image of a dragon installed on a keep. The name was in silver letters inscribed at the top; Encyclopedia nocturnis. It was a rather thick brick which was a good sign for something that had crippled my wallet pretty nastily. 

I opened it and looked at the index, looking at the B section; where Barghest was listed under black dogs as a sub species. I flipped over to the appropriate page and began reading. 

Every page held an image, drawn or painted of the creatures and the barghest's one was rather accurate of the thing I had encountered in the woods. 

Bargests are a sub-species of black dogs, which are not to be confused with hell-hounds. like it's cousins, they appear as large night colored dogs that often haunt crossroads and places of death. 

They can be detected by the noise of moving chains that accompany their every move. An important thing to listen to as they may change shape and become invisible. Although they may take the form of headless ladies, white cats or rabbits, they always take their canine form when attacking.

Barghests like vampires of legends are unable to cross rivers or enter lake. They do not posses a true corporeal form and thus cannot be harmed with conventional weapons. There are no known weapons that may kill a Barghest.

Although they do attack humans, most sighting of Barghest are non-violent. It is said that seeing the dogs is an omen that predicts death or bring bad luck for the coming times. 

The chapter then trailed off to reports of sightings of the creatures, all of which around Yorkshire in England. Seemed like most black dogs were from Europe so it was odd one of them popped up in Washington state of all places.

I started flipping around some more, trying to kill time and validate my purchase a little more until something caught my eyes;

Faeries of all kind have a sort of glamour that let them control or influence mortals, they often use it to call mortals to celebrate with them in the woods where they will entertain the mortal sometimes keeping them entranced for years without their realization. 

Stories of such events often had the victim coming back home decades later after feeling that they were in a dream-like trance after hearing the call of the Fae in their head.

I reread the passage twice, my head full of questions. Had I almost been abducted by fairies? That, sounded rather insane. The chapter continued, speaking about how different fairies were from Tinkerbell and what Changelings were.

I put the book down and began massaging my head a bit. This was so freaking crazy and part of me couldn't actually really accept it, trying to rationalize; it could have been sleepwalking or something... A dog had jumped on me and I imagined it was some kind of monster? The only thing that made me not think it was all a dream was the scar on my arm that was left there.

After brooding some more, I went back downstairs and sat in the living room, watching some brain dead actioner on Cinemax waiting for the afternoon to pass and the evening to come by.

Eventually, around seven, after a quick dinner alone in front of the TV since everyone else was out, someone knocked at my door. I opened it and Danielle was there, her boyfriend with her.

"Hello is Soph--" She began before interrupting her question halfway through. "Oh my god, sorry, I thought you were a guy for a moment." She explained. 

"Lots of people do at first." I said with a shrug.

"This is what you wear at home, eh?" She commented without any detectable hint of contempt lacing her words. 

"Usually, a lot more comfy." 

"You're Lewis' sister aren't you?" Her boyfriend asked, stepping a bit closer and nodding a greeting. I answered positively and he continued. "He's in my class and asked to join the team yesterday."

"Football player and a cheerleader?" I remarked arching a brow.

"It's how we met. Different grades and everything." Danielle explained. 

"So, what's up with the old church, why there?" I asked.

"It's not too far from a small lake and for some reason, it's generally dry. So we often meet up there, light camp fires and drink up. Cops don't usually show up so it's a perfect spot." She explained. "Are you ready to go?"

I nodded and followed them to the driveway where her boyfriend had parked his car. I hopped in the back seat and he began to drive, It wasn't very far from my house, about ten minutes in a car. However, he parked on the grass at the beginning of a dirt trail.

"There's no passage for cars, we have to walk for a few minutes in the woods." The guy said, taking a pair of flashlights from the trunk, tossing one to me and the other to Danielle as he grabbed a bag that let out the characteristic sound of bottles touching each others.

"Sounds like you've got enough booze for a dozen people." I remarked aloud. 

"I pretty much do." He declared with a grin. "With some extra."

We started walking into the woods, Danielle and I lighting up the way as I frantically searched through the undergrowth for anything and listened for the sound of rattling chains...

I was seriously becoming paranoid...

The End

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