IV - A more regular morningMature

Chapter IV: A more regular Morning
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Although I had slept through the entire evening the previous day, I still managed to sleep to the morning. When I woke up, I wasn't sure if the encounter from the night was real or imagined, but I realized that it was all too real when I noticed the new scars on my left shoulder and upper arm. 

It already looked old, perfectly healed, leaving only a group of slightly pale lines. Which I guessed was thanks to the stuff the man from the wood had applied to it, which had itched rather horridly until I had just passed out from exhaustion. On the drawer, my old bloodied and ripped shirt was laying, I would have to get rid of it soon. 

Mindlessly, I walked out of my room and into the upstair bathroom, washing myself thoroughly and changing into a clean uniform after unbraiding my hair and letting it flow loosely on my back and shoulders.

Just as I walked downstair, my brother looked at me over his shoulder and declared; "Oh my god, A zombie!"

I hit him on the arm for an answer and he bursted out laughing. "Good morning..." I mumbled, yawning. 

"G'morning sweetie." My dad said as he prepared an egg and sausage breakfast. He stopped for a moment and approached me, putting an arm on my forehead. "You don't have any fever." He noted aloud. "We thought you might have caught something, so we didn't wake you up."

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said sitting down between my brothers. 

The rest of the morning sort of flew past rather quickly without me having to do much beyond chewing and shallow food. That morning, we walked in the rain to reach school, my father only driving Carl to his school because it was further away.

I arrived at my locker and started fiddling with the lock when someone came over to me. "So, that's your locker." She said midst the chatter that filled the hallway, making me look in her direction and recognize Danielle, who unlike me was all prepped up. "Mine's just three away." She said, pointing backward with her thumb. 

She leaned against the metal and started talking. "Say, have you thought about joining any activities?"

"Not really, no." I said with a shrug. "I don't even know what they have."

"maybe you could join the cheer squad?" She offered. "You have the build for it." I glared at her sideways and she continued. "If you want to that is."

"I'll think about it." I responded more out of politeness than anything else. Cheerleading didn't really seem like that much fun...

"Ooh. There's my boyfriend." She said, nodding at a blonde giant that was coming our way, the guy was as wide as an ice box. "André!" She said, hugging him. "I'll talk to you later, Soph." She then said, leaning toward me.

I quickly finished putting my things in place and grabbed my books, closing the blue painted locked. I walked for a few feet when someone else came to me. "Oi, you're now friend with Danielle?" Sean said.

"She tried to recruit me for cheerleading." I said with an apathetic shrug.

"An are you plannin' on joinin'?" He asked. 

"Not really." I said looking at my agenda for the room number for the art class. "Why, you want to recruit me too?"

"Nay." He said with a shake of his head, making his flowing mop of hair swing from one side to the other. "Was just curious, I used to be friend with--" He started talking when someone bumped into him, making his stuff fall on the floor. 

"Watch where you're going, homo." The other teen said, looking somewhat older than us.

There was a moment of silence that barely lasted half a second before Sean swang his balled up fist right in the guy's nose, sparking a shower of blood. "The bloody hell did you call me, Mate?" He screamed before kicking the guy in the shins. "Want to repeat for me?"

"Oh boy..." I muttered with a deep sigh. As the two began exchanging blows. I stepped back and fell in with the crowd until a pair of teachers arrived, pulling the two apart and dragging them to detention. It was then I noticed that Sean's stuff was still laying down on the ground, so I picked it all up, figuring I could give it back to him later on. There was always that other guy, the Barrista... What ever his name was.  Jay, was it?

I walked in the Art studio, composed of long tables posed in a large U around a stool and the upper part of it facing a white board which was partly hidden by movable cork boards and easels. The teacher, Ms. Robinson was an old woman with short bleached hair and piercing eyes, she stood at the entrance, analyzing everyone.

"Ehm. Sean won't be coming, he's in detention." I told her, figuring that he must have been in my option class since he carried a sketchpad and pencil collection...

She nodded and gave me a smile, saying that there was a space for me at the back of the class next to another guy. I settled down and placed my stuff around, Sean's stuff in a neat pile on the corner of the table. The guy next to me didn't seem to be from my unmixed classes and he didn't even so much as look at me.

My eyes scoured every face in the room, looking for that semi familiar averageness that was Sean's pal. The tables slowly filled up but he didn't appear, which meant he was probably in another option; Either music or drama.

After a moment, the teacher began the class, which turned out was continuing the previous week's assignment; sketching still life or as she called it 'Nature morte', in a semi-correct french.

She came to me and explained the project quickly before leaving to circle around the many, many students, watching like a hawk for opportunities to praise or correct people. I mindlessly followed the task for a while until my hand gave out, cramped from holding a pencil. I looked around for a while, waiting until my gaze settled on Sean's sketchbook which was at the top of the pile. 

"A look won't hurt." I told myself, beside I was only looking at his art, it wasn't like it was really something private, right?

I flipped it open, watching for the teacher so she wouldn't catch me slacking off. There were a lot of things that had been stuffed inside, printed pages to hand written notes on lined paper, all placed between the pages. I browsed the rather surrealist artwork, until my eyes fell upon something that looked familiar.

It had been drawn in pencil, it represented a large dog, with massive flowing tangled hair, with larger than life eyes and an abyssal maw. Attached to the page with a paperclip was a written page.

'Black dogs;

Large canines specters that are well known in european folklore, especially from the british isles. They are portent of death and appear in places of death (such as execution grounds) or ancient pathways. 

Although generally malevolent, Barghest are the most dangerous, often attacking travellers and the like.

Sean's notes;
I've seen a Barghest in the woods yesterday, it came closer to town than they used to. Anwen, the Gilbert's daughters said she saw one too roaming the park. Need to investigate more. '

The last part was signed for two weeks ago. I continued to rummage through the rest of the sketches and writings to see what else there was, maybe it spoke of the ; it spoke of dragons, gargoyles and demons. All of it sounded so crazy, but after the events of the previous night, I wasn't so sure anymore.

The last page of the sketchbook was reserved for something somewhat different, it a  cavern or a crypt, depicting large stone doors with unreadable symbols running through the arch while the door proper showed stars and what looked like a tiny village.

'I've seen it in my dreams...' It was all that was written about it, directly in the corner of the sketchpad. 

The teacher passed nearby and a put down Sean's things, continuing my own work. The bell rang shortly thereafter, signalling the end of that period. 


At Lunchtime, not having seen Sean or his friend yet, I decided to go see him directly. The oasis, as was called the detention room, was right next to the cafeteria. I walked closer and peeved through the door. Sean was there, alone, the teacher probably getting lunch or something. 

I slipped inside and he hailed me. "Taking some time to visit my arse?" He said, leaning against the plastic backed chair, the two front legs going off the floor. "I thought I made a bad impression by punching that bloke." He commented, with an insolent grin that made me want to punch him.

"I just wanted to give you the stuff dropped earlier." I said, handing the stack of stuff to him, which he grabbed.

As he took it, he calmly asked "You looked at it didn't you?" I meekly nodded. "You must think i'm daft." He then said, rolling his eyes.

"Eh, no I--" I began, just as the supervisor entered.

"Excuse me, miss but you aren't allowed to talk to him." The young looking supervisor said.

"I was just giving him notes for the class he missed." I excused myself. The man nodded and politely asked me to leave. 

"Wait, if you wanna talk, go to the Grill after school. It's the next street over." Sean said, getting up and leaning with his arm against the desk. 

I nodded just as the man closed the door behind him. I walked back to the cafeteria proper, getting in line to get something to eat.

The End

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