II - A brand new dayMature

Chapter I: A brand new day
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Time Taken: 1h 38m

It was a new day in a new school, in a new town. After two days of settling in, it was finally time to go back to school; Me in ninth grade, Lewis in eleventh and CJ would be back to kindergarden. 

"Fifteen minutes before we outta leave kids." My dad proclaimed, as he grabbed the empty plates from the breakfast meal. He tended to be the one watch in the morning, since he began work later than our mum who was already gone due to the long commute.

"Hey..." My older brother whispered to me, "Aren't you going to... eh do something, it's our first day." He said, eyeing my bare face. I galred at him sideways and he continued. "Don't you want to make a good impression?"

"Does it look like I care, Lew?" I flatly answered. 

He shrugged and stood up, pushing the chair back in it's place behind him. I did the same and inspected my outfit and then my hair. Everything was in order and although I didn't wear make up proper I had foundation on, just to conceal my rather bad skin. As I stepped away from the mirror in the entrance, I felt someone tug at my hair. 

"I want one too!" CJ asked, standing on his tippy toes to reach for my braid that reached the middle of my back. 

"Gah!" I exclaimed, my head swinging backward. "Carl, don't do that!"

He stopped and gave me an apologetic puppy dog look. "Sorry Phia..." He said.

"It's alright." I sighed. "You should have told me earlier if you wanted me to do your hair." As I spoke, he looked rather saddened by the news so I tried to cheer him up a bit. "If you want, I'll make you one when school's over. Okay?"

He nodded and just about then, our dad came in the entry, handing him his coat. I walked outside, the rest following close behind. Outside, it wasn't raining, rather, it poured. 

"How fucking great..." I muttered, tightening my coat around myself as my dad told me to watch my language. 

The school wasn't far, only about five or six minutes away on foot, but my dad had insisted on driving us, which I wasn't complaining about in this weather. The building was the largest thing in town, it looked ancient too. A tall spiked top fence surrounded the perimeter, opening at three places for the parking and student's entrances on both sides.

'Saint Benedict's Academy' proclaimed a large bronze plate over the secretaria entrance which was flanked by a pair of old oxided statues of the eponymous saint. On the opposite side of the school, I could see a group of students wasting time, chilling under umbrellas, some of them smoking, a fact given away by the pale flare of red-orange light.

I hopped out of the car, sprinting quickly toward the entrance and holding it open for Lewis. Once inside, a lat out a shiver, cursing the uniform and it's open legs that let the wind hit them.

"Good morning." A woman greeted us, a blonde with glasses wearing a gray suit. "You must be our new students, I'm Amanda, the director's secretary. She said, extending a hand toward us."

Lewis greeted her first and I went second. "I'm Sophia." I said, pulling my hood down. 

She walked back a few feet and we followed her to a desk where she picked up a pair of paper dossier with our names on it. "Let's see... Sophia and Lewis Samson. If you can please follow me."

We did and as we walked, she continued speaking. "You see, our academy is one of two schools in town, we handle middle school through high school. The first floor is reserved for the administration and the gym, the second floor holds the cafeteria, library, the club rooms and the student lounge. Third floor house seventh to ninth and the fourth floor handles the rest."

We passed through a staircase and got a good look at the cafeteria, which was rather massive, next to it the library. There were windows that gave sight of the double gym, one of which housed a pool that used space on both floors due to their high ceiling.

"This place is pretty big for such a small village..." I commented aloud.

"That's because we also have number of students from abroad that sleep in dorms on the north side of main street." Amanda explained as we reached the third floor. "There are a few rules you should know; The elevator is reserved for disabled students, and the roof is open for all students during lunch and afterschool until six. The parking is for employees, so if you own a car, you cannot park it here." She said, looking at Lewis for the last part.

We stopped in front of a classroom door, it's window frosted, next to it a plaque read room 313.

"This is your first classroom Sophia, here's your agenda and student ID badge and locker combination. Mr Holloways is your biology teacher for the year, he'll have your textbook. Don't worry about your things bag for today."

With that, she knocked on the door and about ten seconds later, a middle aged man in casual clothes and a lab coat opened the door. "G'morning." He said before looking at a pad. "Sophia is it?"

I nodded and walking in, feeling every eyes in the room fixed on my. He walked toward the back of the room, past his desk, toward a large metal binder which laid next to a side room. From it, it took out a thick hardcover manual and handed it to me.

"Class, this is Sophia Samson." He announced, after checking my name off the pad again. "There's a free spot over there." He said, pointing at the fifth row, next to another girl.

I walked over, enduring the questioning stares of the people meticulously analyzing me and sat down.

"I'm Emily." The girl next to me said, smiling politely.

"Sophia." I said, out a politeness since she had heard my name already.

Those directly around me took the occasion to introduce themselves,  faster than I could register their names. The last one however waited for me to recovered before announcing his own name. 

"I'm Sean, Sean McLeod." He said, turning toward me, showing me the chocolate colored eyes that hid under a disheveled array of black hair. His voice bore a hint of a british, irish or scottish accent that was hidden deep from years of living in another country than his accent's origins. 

With that, the teacher called back our attention to the lesson at hand about the life cycle of frogs. I sat in place, listening carefully, chewing the end of my pen absently as I memorized what he said, not taking notes like the others. Meanwhile, my eyes scanned the room, looking at everyone in turn. 

Soon enough, the break came and students began pouring out of the room. As I got up, gathering my stuff, a boy from the far side came over and waved at me.

"Hey, it's you again." He said and I looked up at him without recognizing him or his brown hair and eyes. He probably noticed my reaction and he clarified.

"You must have forgotten, I served you at the Garden." He said and I began replacing him; the Barista at the coffee shop from the other day.

"Oi! Already trying to hit on her, mate?" Sean interjected. 

"Shut up, Sean." The other boy said. "I'm Jeremy, by the way." He said with a smile. "Do you need some help finding your way around? I can show you to the Math class, it's our next stop."

"Actually, I need to got to the washroom..." I timidly said.

"She ain't interested, Jer." Sean said, wrapping an arm around his friend's shoulder and dragging him along, earning him the annoyed glare. 

I walked out the class room and looked around, remembering having seen the washrooms on my way with the secretary. After spotting them, I walked inside and walked pass another girl fixing herself up. When I came out of the stall, she was still there and she looked at me when I approached the sinks.

"Oh, you're the new girl." She exclaimed cheerfully. "I was up late this morning, I didn't have time to get prepared." She said as she put on eyeliner. "By the looks of it, neither did you..." She commented. She finished and handed me her pencil. "Oh, sorry, where are my manners? I'm Danielle." 

"Sophia." I said, holding onto the eyeliner pencil for her. 

"You can use mine if you want." She offered but I shook my head, making her shrug. "Suit yourself. Can I ask you where you're from?"

"Until last week, I lived in Seattle." I said. "My mum wanted to get away in the countryside, this is where she grew up."

She smiled a bit. "I always wanted to go to the city, must be so nice."

"I never thought I'd say this, but it's sure as heck less rainy..." I said with a sigh. "Is it always this bad?"

She laughed lightly and took her pencil back. "Usually is in autumn and spring, it gets better in summer and winter. Although it's always windy as hell itself."

"Is it windy in hell?"

"Some days, I think that if we aren't in it, we're damn well close." She said, giving me a grim smile. "Come on, I'll show you the way to the next class, we're almost late. There's no seating plan, so you can be next to me if you want."

The End

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