NaNoWriMo: Under a killing rainMature

Sophia Samson has just arrived in the little town of Darkfalls, washington, leaving the city of Seattle with her family for the countryside. However, she soon discover the secrets that have remained buried for ages under the town.

To help her uncover the history of the town is a boy, Sean McLeod and his friends, a group of curious teens trying to piece together the history of the most sordid town on the west coast...

Chapter I: A town under the rain
Word count: 1440
Time Taken: 1 hour 43 minutes

There are a lot of things that can be annoying, but at the time, I don't think anything had ever aggravated me than a three hour drive in the cramped in the backseat of my mum's car as my parents argued over the way to take all the while being stuck with my big brother Lewis while the normally adorable Carl made noise.

"I'm telling you, honey, we can take the next exit." My mum said as my father told her that we had missed the freeway exit.

"But it's not on the map, Rosa." He responded.

"Trust me, I was born there, I know how to get there." She answered.

"Can't you just check the GPS?" I asked, looking away from my game of angry bird for a second.

"There's no route for it registered." My mother answered.

Must be one hell of a hole then... I mumbled to myself, which nobody caught. My mum hadn't spoken much about her home town, all I knew, was that it was somewhere near the coast in the middle of the woods. 

The prius engaged on a small and bumpy dirt road, a canopy of trees obscuring most of the light, making it dark as the night even at four in the afternoon, it continued like that for a long time, maybe twenty minutes until the admittedly grey sunlight pierced the trees ago.

"What did I tell you, Sebastian?" My mother declared triumphantly. "Look kids, we're there."

I looked up and noticed the wooden post;

Welcome to Darkfalls. Population 2312.

"Darkfalls? Isn't that rather gloomy for a name?" I asked.

"It was named like that because of the rain, some days, it is so strong that the sun doesn't shine." My mother answered.

"And you used to live here?"

"And so did your grandparents, when your grandmother died, she left us her house. I'm sure you'll like it, much bigger than our old apartment."

We continued on the main road, hitting central street and going through the town's small selection of shops when one caught my eyes. 

"The Devil's den?" I amusedly remarked. "Sounds like a charming place."

"It was there when I visited last year, it's an occult bookstore, a lot of people come to town for the supposedly haunted places." She said, shrugging. 

"And people actually want to live here?" I mockingly asked, crossing my arms, suddenly feeling cold.

"Oh, there's the school you and Lewis will be attending." She said, ignoring my question outright.

She eventually parked the car in a gravel driveway that laid in front of a old rural gothic town house. We all got out of the car and I had to hold Carl's hand so he wouldn't just go jumping in the puddles.

"Come on C.J." I said, running a hand through his red curls, the same one I had inherited from our father. There was a look of disappointment in pale green eyes, but he complied, coming inside with us.

Thankfully, the house had been cleaned and furnished before we had arrived, a welcome moment of rest after spending two nights in a motel, waiting for the moving to be completed. 

"Alright, Sophia, you have the third room upstair, Carl the second, while Lewis has the basement." My father said as we entered the living room, with it's old antique furnishing that somewhat clashed with the flatscreen and the consoles. I removed my coat and began following Carl, whom in his bright pink shirt began exploring the new house with all the amazement a five years old can.

He went to the kitchen, the den, back to the living room, then the basement and finally the second floor. When it was done, he turned toward me and asked "When are we going home?"

"We live here now, CJ." I said, opening the door to his room, which was pinker than I ever though was physically possible, which would have seemed odd for a boy, but he was unique like that. I've always felt that he somehow got the girlyness that missed from my genes. At his age, I was into astronauts and dinosaurs, he was into ponies and princess.

"You you want to play?" He asked, opening his big chest of treasures. 

"Sorry, not tonight." I said before slipping by the door and heading to the next room at the end of the hallway, the interior of which was much less colorful. Unlike CJ, my stuff had been left in boxes, waiting for me to take care of it. 

I quickly unpacked the few things that I had; computer, old memorabilia and what little clothes I owned. As I placed everything inside the closet, I came upon my new school's uniform...

A dark grey sweater, a white shirt and a plaid skirt with both colors, which I eyed annoyedly. It looked a bit short for one and for second, it was a skirt... Something which I held poorly veiled hatred for and that I did not trust well in a place reputed for it's storms.

I sighed, sat on my bed and threw the thing away on the bed next to me. It wasn't like I had any options, there was only one high school in the town; Saint Benedict's Academy was the name the crest on the sweater claimed. 

I left it there and went downstair, there was no point in brooding about it anyhow. As I arrived in the living room, where the stairs led, my mum called me out.

"How's your room, Honey?"

"It's great." I answered with an apathetic shrug as I turned to face her.

"Did you see your new uniform?" She asked. My expression must have given it away and she opened her mouth to say something about it but I spoke first.

"It's fine, really..." I said, walking toward the door, taking my coat with me.

"Where are you going?" My older brother asked, seeing me.

"I'm just going to take a walk around."

"Mind if I come?"

"Suit yourself I said." I waited for him. 

At seventeen, three years older than me, he was a mountain of muscle which was appropriate for a football player, I did however stand above him by a good six inches. After a while, he gave me a nod, saying he was ready and I opened the door, walking out of the patio and into the cold rain of mid september. 

The town from what we had seen seemed to be rather simple, an elongated T with a few side streets that all ran around Main and Central, our house was on Cedar street, on the far end of town. After walking for several minutes, getting soaked rather badly, we arrived on Central.

We walked around for a while before settling down in a small coffee shop settled between a laundromat and a computer store, in front of which was a park. There were a few people inside, some of which looked at us oddly, probably noticing that we were new. 

"Hey, what can I get you?" The Barista asked, a guy that seemed around my age, who looked somewhat bland. 

"Get me a Latté and..." My brother said, turning toward me. "Just Cocoa." I said. "a cocoa." He finished. 

"Done. You want the bill together or separate?"

"Together." My brother said, taking his wallet out. 

I shrugged and sat down on an empty table, looking out the window. The rain outside was getting lighter and so it was possible to see a bit further ahead than earlier. Lewis put down the drinks on the table and followed my gaze, noticing a group of guys playing football.

He sat there for a moment, his eyes fixed on them as he drank his espresso quietly. He was about to speak but I cut him off.

"If you want to join them, go ahead, I'll stay here brooding a bit." He declared only half joking. He nodded, got up and kissed my hair. "See you at home!"

I took out my phone and fiddled with it for a moment, noticing the poor connection. "Is there Wifi here?" I asked the bored looking Barista. 

"Yeah, but phone signals tend to be crappy when the rain kicks in." He answered. 

"Fantastic..." I mumbled to myself, sipping the hot chocolate, trying to warm up just a wee bit from the walk in the freezing downpour. At that moment, I really had wished that we had never left Seattle, never came to that darkly named, grim looking and rainy hole...

At least, things could no longer get any worse now, could it?

The End

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