Chapter 4 - Pits (Part 3)Mature

“Why?” Melody asked, voicing my thoughts.

Justice gave her a smile. “There are pits, my lady, and I do not wish to see you fall into one. We wouldn’t want such a bright soul to dirty herself.” He lowered his voice and leaned close to me. “Make sure you do not let them look into the pits. The darkwolf corpses are still down there.”

I shivered slightly. I didn’t want to see another of the beasts, even if they were dead.

We passed the first of the pits not long after Justice warned us. I made sure not to move near the thing, keeping behind Justice. Lillian shivered in my arms as she saw another pit. After a moment, I noticed a third one. A fourth one… No, this was a whole field of them! I looked around with awe at the things. They weren’t very wide, but each looked deep. The field where we walked was like a piece of chees when you sliced the wheel in two.

Justice stopped after we had traveled through most of the field. He walked over and checked a pit and then walked back to join us, shaking his head. I was going to ask what it was he had seen, but we passed over a hill I knew too well and Homerson came into view.

The sight of it stunned me.

Homerson was a quiet town when I first had come. It had a town hall, a smithy, a market square, a few shops, and a collection of houses. It was small, simple, and generally nothing special. Of course, there was a bar, too. That had attracted some rough men, like the ones I had fought off Shayleen on our first meeting, but mostly it was a town of peace and tranquility.

Now, however, large walls hid the village. They were made of the tallest trees in the area – oak – and seemed to be impregnable from any way I looked at it. I didn’t even notice the gate until we neared it. The large thing blended so well with the wall.

“Welcome to safety, my friend,” Justice said with a smile.

Then, the gates began to open.

The End

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