Chapter 2 - Leaving (Part 1)Mature

It came in through the door.

I hadn’t a clue how, but the beast knocked in that barricade like it had been nothing, sending wood and nails into the room I had spent many happy times playing with my daughters. If I had not fear pulsing through my body, I might have been angry. Yet, fear was all there was when I saw the massive thing filling the doorway with its evil form.

At first, I simply stood there, spear in hand, and watched the thing. For a moment, I felt no fear. I didn’t know how, but it was gone. In fact, I felt an old battle sense bursting forth. It was what I had felt when I first challenged Godfrey all those years ago. I had lost, but my near victory over the warrior had made me feel excited.

The beast seemed to hesitate, so I struck in the moment I gained this new battle sense. After all, how many of these beasts had I driven back? I could not lose! I charged across the room to the creature, which still looked to be hesitating for some reason, and struck it in the gut with my spear. The blade sunk in easily, reminding me of the old battles I had partaken in as a youth. Surely I had won.

The beast looked at me, vanquishing any thoughts of victory. Its face, despite the muzzle and fur covering it, was one of superiority. My fear returned in an instant, making me start to shiver and sweat. How could I have hoped to fight such a creature? Surely I had just been seduced by the thought and went with it. I could not think of anything else that would make me believe the fallacy.

A growling noise that vibrated the whole room escaped the beast’s mouth. Gleaming white teeth each large enough to make into an arrow appeared in the thing’s mouth. I jumped back, barely missing a swipe from its large arm. Only after I tripped and fell did I realize the beast was toying with me. It could have killed me at any time, so surely it wanted to savor the kill. I knew that feeling, but never did I think I would be on the receiving end… God, help me.

I picked myself off the ground and ran to grab another spear. I had to protect Shayleen and the girls, even if I was scared. Even if… Even if I died. The thought might have surprised me ten years prior. I was never one to sacrifice myself for another. Now, though… The thought was just right.

I felt a heavy force hit me in my side and found myself on the ground.

What… what had happened? I tried to look around, but my vision was fading fast. Pain in my head told me I had hit something after being knocked down. That couldn’t be right… I had to protect my family. I couldn’t go out now… But… I was… Wait, was that Shayleen? Was she making dinner at this late hour? It was still dark out…

The last sight I had of my wife was one of terror. She stood in the darkness facing something I could not see. In her hands, she had a simple steak knife. 

The End

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