Chapter 10

Mother Nature rapped angrily and loudly on the door to the bedroom of the only daughter still asleep. “Summer, get up, now. I need to talk to you and your sisters. Be downstairs in ten minutes.” Summer grumbled and rubbed her eyes sleepily, rubbing away the dreams she had had last night. She smiled evilly as she remembered last nights events, happy with how it had turned out, despite things not going one hundred percent according to plan. She had still been awake to hear her sister running down the stairs, past her room, in floods of tears. For a while afterwards, she could still hear the sobs coming from downstairs. She smiled at the memory and the image of Winter’s room as she had left it flashed across her eyes.
            She sat up in bed, opening the curtains as she did so. Outside the sky was a dark grey colour, signifying that Winter had planned rain for today. Pushing the duvet off of her knees, she swung her legs around and off of the bed, plonking them directly into her slippers in one slick manoeuvre. She stood up, stretching her arms high up into the air as she did so. Her muscles warmed as she moved around the room and eventually she was awake enough to leave her room. She grabbed her pink fluffy dressing gown off of its hook on the back of the door and swung it over her shoulders, putting her arms through the sleeves as she did so.
            Slowly pulling the heavy door open, Summer practiced her innocent face, giving herself a “what’s going on?” look in the mirror. She then grinned evilly to herself and swung around the open door, slamming it shut behind her. She hurried down the stairs and ran into the kitchen where the other three were sat around the table, staring at a cold looking piece of toast.
            As she entered the room, she shot her best look at her sisters, all of whom glared angrily at her, to which she responded with another quizzing look. She took her seat next to Spring, who made a quick and not at all sly attempt to move away from her, as though she had some sort of infectious disease. Summer glared at her, still attempting to keep up the act that she was innocent and had no idea what was going on.
            At this point, Mother Nature walked swiftly into the room, slamming the kitchen door behind her. She glared angrily at her four daughters, two of whom did not fully deserve this glare and one of whom definitely did not. She opened her mouth to speak and all four girls breathed in heavily, all expecting a large shout to erupt from the large lady.
            What left the mouth instead was more reminiscent of a snake than an angry shout. She hissed in a deeply angry voice, “I cannot begin to understand what has caused the actions of last night, but whatever it was simply cannot compare to the sheer rudeness and cruelty of the act that this specific person has carried out.” Mother Nature turned to the girls, “I have a good idea of who did such an atrocious thing, but I want to hear it from you. So, who was it that had the hatred to do such a thing?”
            She looked down at the girls, all of whom felt intimidated by this beast that they called Mother. Spring, Winter and Autumn all turned to Summer, shooting daggers at her with their eyes. Yet again, Summer feigned ignorance and innocence. Mother Nature turned around to the window and Summer whispered to her sisters, “What’s going on?”
            Mother Nature turned angrily  back to the girls, slamming her hands down on the table in front of Summer, who jumped. “You know exactly what is going on, young lady! Don’t even try and fool me, I’m not stupid you know!” Summer looked frightened for a second, before returning to her confused expression.
            “Mother, I really do not have a clue what we are talking about,” she said sweetly, “Would you care to explain what it is I have done?”

Mother Nature breathed an angry sigh. “You know exactly what you have done, missy, and I am going to punish you for it. You can start with an apology to sister Winter, and then one for sister Autumn and sister Spring, who had to clean up after your little... Rampage,” she said, quickly, “then you can go out into town, and replace what you’ve broken. Oh, also, you’re going to have to move your desk into her room, hers is broken and I doubt very much that you can afford to buy a new one with your pocket money.”
            Summers’ jaw dropped and she stood up angrily, giving Mother Nature a look of absolute disgust, “but... but... but that’s not fair!” She whined, upset. Mother Nature looked away from her, refusing to look at her daughter.
            Summer, deciding that the best way to approach this was to go along with what Mother Nature was saying, turned to face her sisters. “Sorry,” she said, looking at Winter, her voice dripping with sarcasm.
            “Say it like you mean it!” Mother Nature shrieked, still looking away from her daughter, “or you will be made to mean it,” she added in a slightly scary undertone.
            Summer gulped, afraid to find out how she would be made to be sorry. “I’m sorry Winter, what I did was childish and cruel. I’m sorry.” Winter looked at the ground, and nodded her head, showing that she accepted her apology. In all honesty, Winter was not happy with this apology, but she supposed it was the best she could do, and she knew how angry Mother Nature already was and she truly did not want to experience some of this anger.
            Next, Summer turned to Autumn, who looked angrily up at her. “Sorry, Tum.” She said, before adding, solemnly, “really sorry, I shouldn’t have done what I did and I’m sorry that you had to clear it all up.” Autumn angrily shook her head at Summer.
            “It’s not good enough, Summer, you aren’t forgiven. I thought you were a good person at least, but now you’ve done this... I’m wondering if there’s any good in you at all. You’re pure evil.” Autumn breathed and looked at Winter, who had begun to silently cry.
            Summer turned to Mother Nature, hoping to appeal to her about how unfair what Autumn had just done was. This time Mother Nature looked directly at her daughter and shook her head. Summer sighed and turned to Spring, “I’m sorry you had to tidy up as well, and I’m sorry for being so childish.” She sighed and sat down, not even waiting for Spring to react. Spring leapt out of her chair as Winter began to sob, immediately putting her arm around her sister. At that moment, Summer felt tears form in the corners of her eyes. She shook her head angrily and bit her lip, holding back the tears.
            Mother Nature walked around the table and put her hand on Winter’s shoulder, comfortingly. “You three may leave now,” she said, smiling at them as they left the room, Winter in the middle with an arm around each shoulder. She then turned to Winter, an angry glint in her eyes, “as for you... Oh just get out of my sight. Get that desk moved. Whatever. Just get away from me.” Each word she spat out was filled with venom and Summer leapt out of her chair, keen to be away from the raging bull that her Mother had become.

The End

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