Chapter 6

            Winter danced furiously across the frosty garden, images and thoughts rushing through her head like a tornado or hurt and despair crashing through a little town. She stumbled slightly and fell to the ground, her knee coming into contact with a rock. She cussed loudly and pulled her knee up to her face, inspecting the damage to her knee. There was a slight graze on it and a little blood was trickling down her leg. Winter cussed again, wiping her knee with her sleeve. The contact on the graze stung and Winter cussed for the third time. She pushed up off the ground with her hands, putting her weight onto one leg at first and then lowering her second leg. As she put her weight onto her other leg, her graze burned and she sucked in air, to avoid cussing anymore. She hobbled back to the house, sucking in air every time she felt a sting from her knee. She pushed the front door open and walked into the house, narrowly missing walking into the pair of muddy boots that had been left by the door; one lying on its side and the other stood up.
            Winter hobbled over to the living room, tapping lightly on the door before slowly pushing it to. Mother Nature was sat in her chair, as per usual, talking to a man who was sat opposite her, on the sofa. They both stopped talking and looked up at Winter.
            “Uhm, can I just get the first aid box, please?” Winter said, sweetly smiling at the man sat on the sofa, and then at Mother Nature. Mother Nature nodded sternly and motioned over to the cabinet where the first aid kit was. Winter limped over to the cabinet, an embarrassed look on her face. She felt the heat that her face was giving off as she reached the cabinet. She bent down and quickly pulled open the door, grabbing the first aid kit as soon as she saw it. She then straightened up, muttered an apology and shot an apologetic smile, first to the man and then to Mother Nature, leaving the room as quickly as she could.
            She then walked slowly to the TV room, hoping that no one was in there: all of the girls had TV’s in their own rooms and there was truly no reason for the TV room. She pushed the door slowly, sticking her head round the corner as she did so. She grinned at the empty room and hobbled over to the big sofa, settling down in it and setting the first aid kit next to her. She clicked the locks of the small green box and pulled it open. She searched through bandages and plasters until she came to what she needed: an antiseptic wipe. It was contained in a small white plastic packet and the silver inside came into view as she ripped through it. The wet towel fell out of the packet and into her lap, leaving a wet patch where it fell. Winter sighed and picked it up again, unfolding it with her nimble fingers. She placed it down over the graze, carefully and slowly moving it across her knee. She cursed under her breath as the wipe stung the fresh graze, but prevailed to wipe it until it looked cleaner. She put the wipe back into the white plastic and held that between her legs. She then pulled out a thick, skin coloured plaster and began to unpeel the corners.
            Once she had taken the back part of the plaster off, she aligned it with her graze. She took a while perfecting where to put it before quickly deciding and sticking it onto her knee. As soon as it was stuck down, she heard a loud creak behind her. She jumped at the sudden noise and turned towards the door, breathing a little heavily.
            “Oh, hey Winter,” Autumn said, walking in; carefully so she didn’t bang her arm on the door. Winter was instantly reminded of her guilt, and, as if to make a point of it, her knee began to sting again. Autumn closed the door behind her and walked over to Winter, moving the first aid box to the floor and taking its place.
            “Autumn, I am so sorry.” Winter said, with true conviction in her voice and a plea for forgiveness crying out from her eyes. “I honestly didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m so sorry, I was just so caught up in the moment, and I was so powerful and great... I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have been doing that. I’m really sorry.”
            Autumn giggled, quietly, and smiled at Winter, “Don’t worry about it, you. It was an accident. You know that and I know that. Now stop being so silly and smile,” Autumn’s smile widened at her sister and Winter was forced into grinning.
            “Okay,” Winter giggled, “But just know that I am really sorry, okay?!”
            “I know,” Autumn said, “anyway, what’s happened to you? What’s with the first aid box?”
            Winter looked at her knee disdainfully, and frowned. “I fell over on a rock.” She said simply, looking up at her sister’s big brown eyes, which she had always been very jealous of. Winter hated the tiny blue eyes she had been given. They made her seem cruel and mean and made her look like she was always glaring, whereas Autumn had been blessed with giant, innocent looking eyes that resembled chocolate.
            Autumn obviously stifled a giggle and Winter put a fake shocked face on before returning to the smile. Autumn giggled a little more and Winter fake hit her, lightly on the arm. “Well that was pretty silly of you,” Autumn joked, earning a pretend glare from her sister. She laughed at Winter’s facial expression and Winter wrinkled her face a little more, earning more laughs from Autumn. On the inside, Winter was wearing a huge grin. The sound of Autumn’s laugh was beautiful and it felt like a golden noise was being poured into her ears. The smile on the inside spread to the outside and Winter grinned at her sister.
            “What’re you smiling like that for?” Autumn said, a little confused, “You look insane, Winter,” she giggled.
            “I just am,” Winter replied simply, before adding, “It’s nice to hear you laugh, and see you smile, Tum.”
            Autumn smiled a little more before lightly slapping Winter’s arm, “you ARE insane, aren’t you?”
            “Why of course I am, isn’t everyone? It’s the best place to be,” Winter chuckled, “if I wasn’t insane, imagine how boring I would be!”
            Autumn chuckled back, “I guess you would be pretty boring... seeing how boring you are now that is!” she flinched away from her sister to avoid any slaps she might receive. She stuck her tongue out playfully at her sister, who returned the motion. “Anyway, Win, haven’t you got to do some controlling right now?” she looked up at the clock, “The world will be so confused! They’ll have gone from crazy raging snowstorms to absolutely nothing... Go sort it out!” Autumn smiled, hoping that her sister knew that she wasn’t really shouting at her.
            Winter huffed, “Fine. Fine, if you want me gone,” she put on an obviously fake hurt face and stormed out of the door. She quickly popped her head round the door “love you, Tum,” she said, smiling.
            Autumn grinned to the door, the smile sticking to her face as she switched on the television and focused her attention on the screen which threw bright colours into her face. The little people moving around on the screen caused the light to flicker and dance around the room, creating a cool looking effect on every wall. It was these prancing lights that drew Autumn’s attention to the window, in which the tiny box was reflected. She noticed how dark it was and turned her attention immediately to the clock, which informed her that it had gone past 10pm and reminded her that Winter was still outside, in the dark and cold weather. Autumn sighed and picked herself off of the comfortable sofa, shivering as the cold hit her. She walked right up to the front door, grabbing the small black torch that lay on the desk next to the door.
            She pushed open the door and flicked the switch on the torch. The light did not kick into action and Autumn shook the torch, as if she was hoping to shake some life into the dead batteries. When the torch did nothing, even after being turned on and off about twenty times, Autumn sighed and turned back, closing the door behind her. She walked slowly to the kitchen and pulled open the little drawer that contained all the little things that had nowhere to belong, except for in this drawer. When Mother Nature had described the drawer as that, Autumn had immediately related the drawer to the house, in that all of the things inside the drawer did not really belong anywhere outside of the drawer, just as her and her sisters did not belong anywhere except together, in this house, with Mother Nature. Autumn smiled to herself as she thought about their situation.
            After a few minutes of rifling around in the drawer, Autumn had managed to discover two double A batteries lying at the bottom, unpackaged and forgotten. Autumn prayed that the batteries would work; sometimes people tended to replace new batteries with the dead ones. She flicked the switch and the torch kicked out a powerful beam, pointed straight at the tiled kitchen floor. Autumn smiled triumphantly and marched quickly back to the front door, flinging it open as she arrived. The cold wind slapped her in the face and her nose instantly felt colder than the rest of her body. She shivered and stepped her foot off of the step and onto the hard ground.
            She shone the beam of light around the garden, searching for Winter. Eventually the light picked up on a lump in the middle of the garden, wearing a bright blue woollen cardigan. Autumn sprinted over to where her sister was lying, face down on the cold hard, snow covered ground. She grabbed Winter’s shoulder. Winter groaned and turned to face her sister, shaking her head drowsily. The sudden realisation of where she was hit her and she looked thoroughly confused.
            “How did I get here?” Winter said, puzzled, looking around the garden, “I don’t remember... What’s going on Autumn?” Winter said, very seriously and sounding very worried.
            “You just fell asleep, honey, come inside, you must be tired, it’s pretty late,” Autumn attempted to pull Winter up off of the ground by her arm. Winter fought against Autumn’s pull and remained on the ground.
            “No!” Winter cried out, “I don’t mean just now, I mean recently, it’s really weird. I keep falling asleep and I keep forgetting things and my mind just keeps going blank and fuzzy and I keep falling asleep without warning, and then waking up in random places. It’s scaring me, Tum. I’m scared.” Winter looked up into Autumn’s eyes; a fearful plea for help pouring out of her eyes.

The End

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