Chapter 4

Mother Nature tapped softly on the door to Winter’s bedroom, shyly pushing the door ajar.
            “Winter, honey, it’s dinner time,” she uttered softly. Noticing the large lump underneath the duvet, she moved into the room and settled on the end of the bed. “What’s wrong honey? Autumn’s okay, you know.”
            Winter sobbed, “I know but, I... I just feel so... g-guilty,” she choked back another sob and wiped her wet face on her pillow, smearing the salty tears across it.
            Mother Nature put her arm around her daughter, clutching her tightly, “It’s okay, honey, come down to dinner.” Mother Nature stood up, outstretching her arm to Winter. Winter gazed up at her Mother’s face, before outstretching her own arm and grabbing onto her Mother’s. Mother Nature led her daughter down the many flights of stairs and into the kitchen.
            Autumn smiled up at sister Winter and Mother Nature, both of whom smiled back at her. Winter looked at Summer and Spring; both of whom wore angry frowns on their faces. Winter looked down at her feet, ashamedly. The guilt inside of her reared up and burned at her insides. She took her seat at the table, retaining her gaze on the floor. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Autumns arm, bandaged in a white sling that blazoned more and more guilt into Winter’s heart. Winter looked up at her sister’s face, which was branded with a heart warming smile. A little guilt slipped away as the sisters made eye contact, smiling at each other. Winter cheered up slightly and tucked into her food, ignoring the angry glares that were being shot at her by her other sisters.
            Summer was the first to finish her dinner. She settled down her knife and fork on her plate and waited, patiently, for her sisters to finish their meals. She watched sister Winter cut up a tiny piece of food and insert it carefully into her mouth. She sighed. Autumn had point blank refused the plan that Spring and herself had devised, dismissing it as being “too cruel”.
            Spring was the next to finish eating. She too carefully settled down her cutlery on her plate and looked up at sister Autumn. Autumn caught her eyes and smiled sweetly at her. Spring automatically smiled back, before averting her gaze and looking to sister Summer. Summer wore a stony expression, directed at sister Winter, who was staring gloomily into her food. Spring sighed quietly. She despised it when her sisters were fighting. Spring loved all of them dearly but sometimes Summer could get so big headed and righteous. Spring knew that Autumn was okay, that she wasn’t angry with Winter and that Autumn HATED it, just as much as Spring herself, when Summer and Winter fought. There had been many ferocious and violent fights between the two of them, during which Autumn and Spring would usually hide in their bedrooms or together in the living room with Mother Nature. The last fight had erupted during Spring’s control and had contained rainstorms, heat waves and everything in between, creating havoc in the world and amongst the people, who were all fearing the worse; total world destruction. Eventually Mother Nature stepped in, forcing the girls to stop their silly feud, yet it left a mark on the world, and upon Autumn and Spring. Spring had listened on while Summer had forged a plan to ‘get back at’ Winter, wishing all the while that she was confident enough to speak up and to defy her sister. Instead, she had nodded and smiled, pretending that it was okay.

The End

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