Chapter 3

Summer tapped gently on the bedroom door, slowly pushing it open and peering round the corner. Autumn smiled at her, sitting up in bed and moving her legs so that her sister could perch on the edge of her bed.
            “How are you, gorgeous?” Summer said, quietly, “Feeling any better?”
            Autumn nodded slightly, smiling, “A little... Is Win okay? I... haven’t seen her,” Autumn said, a little sorrowfully.
            “I’m not sure. She went up to her room. I haven’t seen her... I can go check if she’s okay if you really want?” Summer said, politely, “She’ll be fine though.”
            “Hmm...” Autumn sighed, thoughtfully, “No, it’s okay. I’ll go and see her later. I hope she doesn’t feel too bad.”
            “I’m sure she’s fine,” Summer said, a little angrily. “Anyway, I’ve come to ask if you’re okay to come down to eat dinner, or if you’d rather eat up here.”
            “Oh, umm, I’ll come downstairs,” Autumn chuckled, “What is it?”
            “Your favourite,” Summer said simply, smiling. Autumn wriggled free from her duvet and got up and out of bed, excitedly.
            “Let’s eat,” she said eagerly, quickly running downstairs and into the kitchen. Summer ran upstairs, happy that her sister was okay. She knocked on Springs’ door and walked in, announcing that dinner was ready.
            She ran up the next two flights of stairs up to Winters’ room on the top floor. She banged heavily on the door, “Winter, it’s dinner time,” she yelled through the door, before turning away and running down to join Spring and Autumn at the table.
            “Where’s Winter?” Autumn asked, after they had been waiting for around five minutes, “doesn’t she know its time for food?!”
            “I’ll fetch her,” Mother Nature said, cheerfully.
            Mother Nature left the room and Spring and Summer both turned towards Autumn, a devious look in their eyes. “We have a plan,” Summer said, grinning devilishly.

The End

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