Chapter 2

The three girls giggled and linked arms as they descended the staircase a few hours later, each sporting a ridiculous hairdo and silly make-up. Together they walked down the stairs and into the living room, where Mother Nature was sat on the armchair, sewing together a new child for delivery to the world. She looked up from her sewing and at the three of them, and chuckled at them.
            “My, girls, you do look silly,” she said, cheerfully, putting the new child into an addressed delivery tube and handing it to the stork that had sat patiently in line for the child that it would deliver. The stork took the tube, bowed to Mother Nature and took off, majestically spreading its wings.
            The next stork moved closer to Mother Nature, bowing and settling down in front of her. Autumn looked adoringly at the stork, admiring it in all its beauty and patience. The stork is the most patient animal in the animal kingdom, and with a job like this it had to be.           Mother Nature picked up her next set of materials which had been neatly laid out in a pile for her and began to sew, watching the girls giggling and joking as she did so. “Go out and fetch Winter, would you? I need her to do a job for this nice man here.” Mother Nature motioned at the corner of the room where a short, balding man stood, patiently waiting for the help that he needed. The girls jumped as they noticed him, and all three of them went a little red with embarrassment.
            The girls all muttered “Yes, Mother,” before turning around and leaving the room. As soon as they were safely out of earshot, they erupted into cacophonous laughter and giggles at their own embarrassment. Struggling to hold it together, the three of them laughed the whole way to the garden.
            As soon as they opened the door, a cold wind swept across them and immediately stopped their giggles. They shivered slightly, before braving the cold and pushing their way through the raging snowstorm and to their sister who was at the middle of the storm, furiously dancing.
            “WINTER!” They shouted at the top of their voices, hoping to gain their sister’s attention. Winter continued to dance furiously across the garden and was deaf to her sister’s screams and shouts.
            Autumn watched as her sister continued to create the fiery cold storm. She turned to her other sisters, yelling, “It’s useless, she can’t hear us at all, I’m gonna go get her!” Autumn turned to walk away but felt a firm hand grip onto her arm. She turned to see a petrified Spring clutching onto her.
            “You can’t go in there!” Spring wailed, “You’ll get hurt!” Autumn shook her head and wriggled her arm free.
            “I have to stop her!” she yelled at her sister, turning around again and pushing further into the storm. Ice and snow scraped along her face, causing Autumn to feel as though daggers were being thrown against her face. She battled on but after a while realised that for every two steps that she took forward, the storm would push her back one. She paused for a second, to regain her footing. The storm used this pause to its advantage and pushed her back another metre, but as she regained her footing, she battled forward and returned to where she was.
            “WINTER!” yelled Autumn hopelessly, “WINTER PLEASE STOP!” but Winter was in a trance and heard nothing of her sister’s shouts. Every tiny part of Autumn’s body was screaming at her to give up; to stop fighting; to let the storm take her. But Autumn knew in her mind that giving in wouldn’t stop Winter. She fought forward another four steps. Winter was almost in touching distance, and Autumn knew in her mind that she could do this. She pushed forward that last step and grabbed Winter’s arm, throwing both of them off-balance. They both fell to the soft, snow covered ground and regained their breath.
            “What did ya do that for?!” Winter panted, angrily. Her words all ran together and it sounded like she had said “Whadyadothafor?!” Autumn breathed heavily and clutched the arm that she had fallen onto.
            Winter looked up from Autumn and noticed Spring and Summer running over to them. They stopped running about a metre away from her and struggled to keep their balance, due to the icy ground. They approached Winter slowly, keeping their gaze on Autumn.
            Winter looked down at Autumn who was curled in a ball on the ground, still clutching her arm. She was shivering all over and Winter could distinctly hear her teeth chattering. Summer knelt down to Autumn and asked her if she was okay, between glares at Winter.
            “My... My arm hurts... So bad,” Autumn murmured from the ground, wincing in pain as she attempted to stand up. “It’s... s-ss-s-so c-cc-cc-cold.” Summer leant down and put her arm around Autumn, picking her up in a firemans lift. She glared at Winter and turned back towards the house.
            “C’mon Spring, I think she might have broken her arm, help me get her inside,” Summer said, ignoring Winter.
            Winter followed her sisters, feeling guilty for having hurt Autumn. Spring rushed ahead of Summer and Autumn, opening doors and moving obstacles from in front of them. As soon as the girls got inside, Summer headed for the living room. Winter followed, worried that Mother Nature would shout at her for injuring her sister.
            Spring opened the living room and Mother Nature’s voice could be heard talking to someone politely. The girls walked slowly into the room and Winter closed the door behind them. Mother Nature looked up at them, and leapt out of her seat upon seeing Autumn, who had passed out in Summer’s arms. Winter could see now who Mother Nature was talking to and she smiled politely at him.
            Summer glared at Winter as Mother Nature took Autumn into her arms, explaining what had happened as Autumn was taken from her arms. Mother Nature moved swiftly towards the staircase and carried Autumn up to her room, shooing the others away as she opened the door and entered the room. Winter sat down on the staircase, listening to Autumn and Mother Nature’s conversation.
            “Where does it hurt, my dear?” Mother Nature said caringly, kneeling down beside Autumn.
            “My arm, mostly... It’s so cold, Mother, why is it so cold?” Autumn said, sounding confused, “Why am I hurting so much?” Autumn whined. Winter felt tears forming at the side of her eyes. They stung her cold face and burned her eyes a little.
            “Don’t worry, darling, it’ll be okay, it won’t hurt for long, okay?” Mother Nature said, reassuringly.
            Winter could take no more; she burst into guilty tears and ran to her bedroom on the top floor. She jumped onto her bed and hid under her blue duvet, sobbing into her pillow.

The End

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