NaNoWriMo Novel draft 1 :D

My NaNo, 2010. Mother Nature, Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter are people just like us, in a world very similar to our own. They live together in the countryside. Their garden is where they control the world's weather from. Mother Nature and her four daughters must tackle ordinary life as well as controlling their respective seasons.

            Autumn stared gloomily out of the window at the crisp white snow that had fallen across the garden during the night. She sighed and swept a few strands of chocolate brown hair from in front of her eyes. Outside of the window, Winter danced around and spread a cold chill throughout the nation. Autumn grimaced and pulled her coat up around her shoulders. Winter danced nimbly around the garden, her thin body prancing from one corner of the garden to the next. Autumn watched the scene with a cold jealousy running through her body.
            A cough behind her alerted Autumn to a visitor in her room. She turned around to be greeted by a large grin. “Hey Summer.” Autumn said with more than a hint of gloom in her voice.
            “Hello, cheerful,” Summer said giggling. “Mother says that we shouldn’t be late for lunch.”
            Summer moved across the room and sat on the windowsill next to Autumn, putting her arm around her as she sat down. “Cheer up, missy” she said, smiling.
            Autumn half smiled at her sister, before returning to looking out of the window mournfully. Summer knew exactly why her sister was so gloomy and she sighed. “It’ll be your turn again, Tum. Let Win have her turn, you’ve had yours.”
            Autumn looked angrily at her sister. “You know exactly what this is like! You’re telling me that what she’s doing doesn’t upset you slightly? Look at the tree!”
            Both girls turned to the window, gazing out at the old oak tree that stood in the centre of the garden. The tree was bare and covered in snow and icicles and it had a very vulnerable appearance.
            “I know Tum, but it’s her turn. She can do what she wants. Anyway, you were the one who made all of his leaves fall out.” Summer said, sighing. “Come on, it’s lunch anyway. Mother’s cooking winter vegetable soup. It’ll go cold if we don’t get it soon.” Summer giggled and stood up, pulling Autumn up as she did.
            The girls proceeded to walk down the large marble staircase and into the kitchen. The large oak table in the middle of the room currently only had one person sat at it; Spring. In the corner of the room, Mother Nature stood, stirring a large pot of soup which was being heated over a gas stove. Summer took her seat to the left of Spring and Autumn sat to the left of her. Spring smiled at Autumn, who politely returned the gesture before returning to staring at the ground, stonily.
            Autumn listened as Mother poured the soup from the saucepan and into a serving pot. The soup ‘plopped’ into the pot and Autumn smiled, the noise cheering her up. Mother groaned as she lifted the large pot up and sighed as she set it down on the table with a slight ‘thud’.
            Autumn looked up at her Mother and smiled. Mother Nature’s plump face smiled lovingly back at her, the skin around her eyes wrinkling as the smile reached the large emerald green ovals.
            “Where is that silly girl,” Mother Nature sighed, referring to Winter. “It’s going to get cold soon enough, I hope she comes in soon.” She turned around and walked towards a cupboard, pulling out five bowls and a ladle, before returning to the table and dishing out five steaming hot servings of soup. The three girls at the table eagerly jumped out of their seats and took a bowl. They returned to their seats and sat politely, waiting for Mother Nature to let them start eating.
            “Oh, do go ahead and start, girls, I’ll just go call for Winter to come in again.” Mother Nature smiled and walked out of the room.
            Autumn grabbed up her spoon and shovelled a spoonful of soup into her mouth. The hot soup blistered against the sides of her mouth and she coughed, grabbing her glass of water immediately, drinking some. The heat of the soup brought tears of pain to her eyes and she went bright red. Summer and Spring watched this and burst out laughing as Autumn looked at them.
            “It’s not funny!” Autumn said, defensively, before drinking some more water, “That really hurt!” she glared angrily at her sisters who continued to giggle to themselves.
            “Calm down, Tum. And blow on it, it’s hot.” Summer said, giggling some more. She picked up her spoon and made a show of blowing on her soup before putting it slowly into her mouth, while Spring watched on and giggled. Autumn glared at her before looking embarrassedly at the floor.
            “Shut up,” she muttered, eating some more soup, slowly this time. She took a sip of her water and felt the redness of her face receding quickly. Mother Nature walked back in, rubbing her hands together. Her face had a pinkish tinge from being out in the cold and she joined the girls, sitting at the head of the table next to Spring and the place where Winter would sit.
            Mother Nature tucked into her soup before looking up at her girls, all of whom were slightly red; Spring and Summer only due to stifling their giggles. Spring choked back a cough as she ate some more soup.
            “What happened?” Mother Nature said suspiciously, “Why are you all bright red?”
            Summer and Spring stifled some more giggles, whilst Autumn continued to gaze at her soup, embarrassedly. “Nothing, Mother” Summer managed to choke out, between a few stifled giggles.
            Winter chose this moment to dance into the kitchen, bringing a slight chill in with her. She took her place between Autumn and Mother Nature, who handed Winter her bowl. “Careful, Win, it’s very hot,” Summer said, sniggering to herself. Autumn glared up at her, causing her to snigger a little more.
            Mother Nature stared suspiciously at her girls, before dismissing it as light banter and returning to her soup.
            Winter, despite being the last person to start eating, ate quickly and finished eating first. Mother Nature noticed her empty bowl and her longing looks at the door and sighed. She took Winter’s bowl and nodded at the door, saying “Go on,” as she did so. Winter leapt up and left the room without a backward glance: meaning that she did not notice the jealous glare from her sister, Autumn.
            The other three girls finished their meals at around the same time and Mother Nature took their bowls and allowed them to leave the table. The girls said their thanks and left the room.
            “Tum, do you wanna come help me?” said Spring, “I’m going to do Sum’s hair, but I need a second opinion.” Spring smiled at her glum looking sister.
            “Sure,” Autumn said, simply, following them up the stairs to Spring’s bedroom.

The End

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