Mirror of the Angel

“Okay, Whist, I may be smarter than the standard person, but my brain isn’t a storage system,” said Blake.

“Sorry. I don’t know what to tell you, Blake. I’ve never seen anything like this. Maybe if you… draw something else?”

Draw something else? I can’t just draw without inspiration! I wouldn’t know what to draw!”

“Draw…” Whist started.

“An angel!” exclaimed Spencer.

“NO!” shot back Whist. “You cannot do that. Never use your powers to call or create heavenly beings, okay?”

“What about the drawing he did before? The Angel memory thing?” asked Spencer.

“Where is it?” asked Whist. Blake pulled the square out of his pocket and unfolded it. Whist’s eyes strayed to the bottom of the page, where the words were.

“Do you know what it means?” asked Blake.

“I think I’ve seen it before. It means, ‘The brightest souls and lights cast the darkest shadows,’” replied Whist. “I don’t know what it means, but I think you should make sure you don’t colour this. Anyways, why don’t you try drawing a…”

“Ooh! Draw a vampire!” said a voice coming from the doorway. “They’re fun to kill, even though they’re really fast and strong and live forever and along all those lines!”

“Jayson, how long have you been there?” asked Whist. Jayson ran his hand through his spiky hair.

“Almost the whole time,” he said, walking through the doorway.

“Is it true that vampires don’t have reflections?” asked Spencer.

“Yeah,” said Jayson. “They can’t come into a room unless they’re invited, either. Unless they’re special and they can go out in sunlight or they can survive without blood. That’s when they’re called the Descendants of Bane. But that isn’t important right now.”

“No, it isn’t,” said Whist. “What’s important is the fact that Blake can draw things to life and we want to test it out.”

“He can what?” asked Steph as she stepped into the door. Merlock was right behind her.

“Step right in, it’s a party,” Blake retorted. “Wait… I think I know what I can draw!”

“What?” asked Spencer, sitting down on Blake’s bed.

“A mirror?” Blake asked.

“Safe enough,” replied Jayson.

“Go ahead,” said Whist. Blake put the Coke bottle to the side and began to let his pencil flow across the page. He created intricate designs and made the edges of the mirror prominent. His hands flew across the page, and he began to feel a sense of exhilaration and bliss as he sketched a picture in his mind. He finished, and looked at the picture. He’d drawn a complicated mirror that had runes etched into the bars that surrounded it. He held it up for everyone to see, and they all gasped in awe. “Amazing.”

“Thanks, Whist,” said Blake. He set the sketchbook down, and began to feel the rune on his chest prickling. His Contemplor began to glow, and he touched the sketch with his right index finger. A wave of light passed through his finger and rippled against the page as if it were a body of disturbed water. Shimmering mist materialized and began to curl around the air. It began to spread around the whole room, and the air became slightly cold. Soon, the room was a mist-laden area, and the air above the sketchbook was wavering and shimmering, like what happened when Magi used magic.

The sketchbook began to move, as if it were shivering in the cold that was passing through the room. Blake quickly placed the sketchbook on the ground and backed away. All of a sudden, a golden metal bar with intricate designs woven into it began to emerge from inside the sketchbook. It moved out, and the whole mirror began to force itself out of the paper until the whole thing was standing upright, and the paper in Blake’s sketchbook was blank again. Everyone gasped, and Blake walked over to the mirror. It was exactly as he’d drawn it: beautiful designs on the outside, shiny surface, runes on the side. He reached out and touched it. It felt cool, and yet felt as if there was some kind of mystery hiding inside of it.

Whist stepped forward and looked at the runes that decorated the sides of the mirror. “I’ve never seen runes like this before, not even in the Book of Gramarye!” he said. “Are they… angel runes?”

“What are angel runes?” asked Blake.

“Angel runes are runes that angels created and thought too powerful to be put into the Book of Gramarye, which has all runes known to Shadowslayer and Magi. The rune that Rerilen gave you must have affected this,” he said.

“I thought you said his name was Michael,” said Blake. “Didn’t you?”

“It is,” replied Jayson. “Most people call him Rerilen because that was his mortal name. He used that name when he came down here to… re-spawn.”

“His love of a mortal was forbidden,” said Whist. “So he made up a name and created a different persona as a guise.”

Blake went and ran his fingers over the runes. His mind popped words into his head that he didn’t know. Speculum pro Angelus, he thought. Mirror of the Angel.

“What’s that Blake?” asked Merlock. Blake hadn’t realized he’d been speaking aloud.

“Mirror of the Angel,” repeated Blake.

“Mirror… of… you mean to tell me that this is The Mirror? The one that is used for summoning and the same one that the Angel trapped some of his power into,” asked Whist. “This mirror… when you look in it, it shows who you really are…”

The End

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