The Djinni became smoke again and surged forwards, but struck an invisible shield just outside the pentagram. He tried again with the same results. He became a person in a cloak, and pulled back his hood, revealing a bone-white skull with red glowing in the hollows of his eyes. He rubbed his hands together and threw a ball of fire at the shield. Nothing happened. Then, he put the hood back on, and switched from smoke and back. This time, when he pulled back his hood, he had grayish hair and golden eyes. He’d shape-shifted into a wizard. He tapped the floor by the runes, and they peeled away from the ground, causing the iridescent, shimmering dome to vanish. Merlock gasped in shock as Alteon shifted again. He became a creature as black as night with red symbols carved into its sides. Its head was in shape of a stone-gray ‘U’, and it had red designs on it. Its arms and legs were muscular, and dark tendrils shot out of its body. The center of the ‘U’ opened up, revealing rows of sharp teeth that dripped a black liquid. “Alteon, get them,” said Zane.

The creature jumped at them, and immediately grabbed Merlock and dangled him in the air. Merlock flailed and winced in pain, but the creature wouldn’t let go. Merlock took out his signum and tried to draw on the creature’s hand, but it didn’t work. The monster shook him, and the signum went flying. It shot out three black tentacles, and Blake sliced on in half. The others went for Spencer and Steph. Spencer dodged out of the way, but the other tendril stuck to Steph and pulled her away. Blake ran and hid behind a large column. He pulled out his phone and keyed in his home phone number.


“Jayson! I need your help!”

“What—where are you? What’s wrong?”

“LVMH tower! Top floor! Djinni… shapeshift… monster!” Blake said, out of breath. The column suddenly exploded, and Blake dove out of the wreckage before it could crush him. He tried to shoot a bolt of magic at the creature, but his spell failed and backfired. He was sent spinning backwards, crashing into the wall. “HELP!”

“I’m on my way!” said Jayson, and he hung up. The creature prowled towards Spencer, and it looked like it had grown. The lines on its body were red hot, and there was a diamond-shaped mark on its forehead. It shot out a tendril at Spencer, and Blake threw his sword. It sliced the tendril in half, which only grew back double. The sword had buried itself in the wall by the elevator, and Spencer pulled it out, pointing it at the creature. The monster opened its mouth in a smile, and s razor sharp tongue shot out at him. He moved quickly, but the tongue razed his arm, drawing blood. It grinned again, and Spencer quickly embedded the sword into the creature’s chest, right where its heart was… or should have been. The attack did nothing, and the creature swatted Spencer into the wall, and he crashed into the glass, crumpling to the floor. It turned to face Blake.

Blake’s heart thumped in his chest. I have no weapon! The sword is in its chest, I can’t control my magic, Blake thought. That was when his had his idea. He became angry, thinking of his aunt and of his friends being thrown around. He felt the relium salvus thrumming against his chest like a second heartbeat as his power built up inside of him. He released it on the warlock behind the creature, and a wave of powerful energy exploded out of him. It struck Zane, and he slid backwards, falling to the ground. The Djinni didn’t move for a moment, and Blake grabbed his sword from its chest. When Zane got back up, Blake backed away. The creature seemed alive again. Out of nowhere, a vortex formed in the air. The inside was like a black and violet maelstrom that sucked the air from the atmosphere. Dark matter coalesced at the sides of the vortex that spun wildly as another creature jumped out, and then another. The vortex closed.

The creatures were the same as Alteon—nightmarish, evil, and black as night monsters with glowing red symbols lining their horrible bodies and black liquid dripping from their many rows of teeth. The monstrous fiends advanced on Blake, grinning (if that was possible). Blake backed into the wall, and looked over his shoulder. He was standing against the glass wall, and sunlight was streaming through the glimmering surface. The creatures stopped moving, keeping to the dark shadows. One of them shot a dark tentacle out, but it sizzled and melted when it touched the sunlight. Alteon became a demon! I don’t think demons can touch sunlight! Blake thought to himself.

He suddenly realized that Zane was still holding the bright star between his palms. The light was white hot, and it blazed brightly. A spot of light surrounded him, keeping the creatures away from him as if he wasn’t controlling them. “That’s enough Alteon,” he said. The creatures all looked at him in unison, and then returned their gaze back to Blake.

You cannot command three of me! Foolish warlock, you did not think! I shall kill him now!” yelled Alteon.

The star in Zane’s hand blazed even brighter, bathing the room in a white glow. The creatures backed away from him, into the shadows. He let go of the star, which shot from his hands and struck one of the creatures in the chest, and waves of energy tumbled from it. It collapsed, and its body became a black puddle, which began to vanish. The shadows returned to the room, but less dark now; the sun was rising, and the glass was filtering the light through it. The creatures started toward Zane, and Spencer stirred on the ground. He rolled over, and looked at Blake warily. Blake motioned quickly, and Spencer darted across the room, joining Blake in the patch of sunlight. One of the creatures looked at them.

Eventually, the sun will go down. May I remind you that I can always shift into a more appropriate shape and get you?” he laughed in their minds.

“Why don’t you use your magic to help him—”

“Don’t say his name!” yelled Zane. “Once a Djinni knows your name, he has power over you!”

“My powers aren’t working! I only know defensive magic! I need training… wait!” Blake thought for a moment, and then clutched his relium salvus. “Effluo!

He vanished, and the creatures looked confused. Zane took advantage of it and snapped his fingers. A bright blue light burst onto his fingertips, hovering like an orb. It burned brightly. He looked exhausted from conjuring the star, but he grinned as he made the light shine brighter, and held it out, creating a glow that annoyed the creatures. They backed away, and Blake snuck up behind one of them, sword in hand. Suddenly, Whist and Jayson materialized in front of the elevator, and Blake stabbed the creature in the back, forcing a howl out of its chest. He jumped back, taking the sword with him, and ran over to Whist and Jayson. He touched Jayson, who spun quickly, sword glinting in the sunlight. His marks were twirling up his body, and he looked excited. “Relax, it’s me!”

“Oh… I’m going to go kill demons now because I feel like I’m schizophrenic.” Jayson charged at one of the demons, and they clashed into battle as Zane led Alteon back to the pentagram with the light that shone in his palms.

“Don’t!” yelled Whist. “If a Djinni is holding something and is returned to their homeland, whatever it has disappears with it!”

The End

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