Betrayal of an Ally

Who dares disturb me? Alteon, the Great Djinni?!” boomed Alteon. The voice was in their heads.

“I did,” said Zane.

And may I know the name of this powerful warlock?” Alteon asked lightly.

“I know of the tricks of the Djinn. Do not try to fool me,” said Zane firmly. “As a warlock, I command you to do my behest!”

Command? You dare?” he said. “Ha! What can you do?

“I can compress you into a plastic container and melt you in a volcano in the Burning City,” said Zane calmly.

Ha! You wouldn’t disobey the—

“The Rules of Magic? I’m not exactly what you would call a law-abiding warlock, Djinni. Now then Alteon,” Zane said. When he said the name, the Djinni looked as if he was struck by something in the chest. “I want you to do something for me.”


“Tell me the whereabouts of an… Angel Blade,” he said. Spencer looked baffled, but somehow angry, and so did Merlock.

Ah, you seek the weapon that the Angel buried. I know the myth. ‘And so as the Angel returned to his domain in thine sky, he concealed his blade in thy earthen floor near the heart of the city whilst his companion Seraphs did the same.’”

“ ‘And as he placed it in thy earth, it trembled and waves of his power struck out near the city, generating his sanctimonious, holy domain where he inauspiciously points to thee, and at thy earth. The ministering angel still stands, but recall thou morals as well, whilst still being: all that glitters isn’t gold.’ Yes, I know what the story is. Now where is it?”


“Don’t tell me you don’t know!” said Zane.

I don’t. I could tell you where the Angel stands, just not where anything else is,” said the Djinni.

“Where is he?” asked Zane, sounding curious.

‘Only the one who is the one shall seek the Angel’s Blade, the weapon of the Seraph, the sword that he once wielded, for he shall once be of avian kind. Thy kind shall remember him, for he shall see it in a dream. If thou art not the one, then thou art not worthy of wielding this weapon of heaven.’

“Don’t quote it at me!” said Zane. “So who is ‘the one who is the one’?” Alteon finally coalesced into a dark shape, that of a human boy. He was short with brown hair, a sword strapped to his back and a white shirt. He flicked his fingers, and small red sparks flew from his fingertips. Zane snapped his fingers, and a wave of silvery blue flames burst into life, and he threw it forward at Alteon, and it struck the outside of the pentagram, rippling away. “You’re lucky that the pentagram protects you as well as me!”

“It’s alright,” said Blake, refraining from saying the word ‘Zane’. “We’ll find it.” Even as he said it he felt angry, even though he didn’t know what a Seraph Blade or Angel Blade was. He turned, and he ushered Spencer, Steph and Merlock to the elevator. Suddenly, Blake sensed something. He pulled out his signum and tapped it twice. In shimmered and became a sword, and he slashed through the wall of flames that had been rushing towards them. Zane stood there with his hands out and a frantic look on his face.

“It’s not alright,” he said. Blake muttered the subduing charm under his breath, but somehow Zane had put up a shield around himself already, and he sent a wave of energy rippling at Blake. Blake went flying into the elevator, smacking his head on it. Merlock took out his signum, and snuck behind Zane, drawing runes all around the circle. Blake could tell that he was unused to creating runes. Zane lifted his hands into the air, and a silvery-gold light formed between his palms. It exploded; sending sparks and light stabbing through the room, and then coalesced into a wavering star. “You forget who I am? My last name?”

Blake thought of it. Morningstar. He went stiff for a moment. “Why are you doing this?”

“Now you know that I summoned a Djinni without the permission of the Council, you know that I attacked it, and you know that I’m looking for a weapon that is meant to be left alone. I cannot let you go,” said Zane. Merlock finished the runes and flicked his wrist. They began to glow dimly, and he snuck back around to meet next to Blake.

“You’re out of your mind!” said Merlock.

“Somewhat. I’m really sorry about this,” he said. His green eyes showed no contempt in them. “Alteon, kill them. All of them.”



The End

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