Seriously? Another Dream?

They landed outside of the building, and watched as the fire engulfed the whole room, tearing it to pieces. Fire trucks rolled in with policemen and ambulances to escort everyone out of the hotel. Many people were burned or injured. The whole hotel began to collapse, and the firemen couldn’t stop the blazing inferno that was now completely engulfing the large building that was looming in front of them. Whist frowned.

“All of my books, all of my family photos, all that is left of our family… gone,” he said. Jayson hung his head down. Everyone passed by them all, not seeming to notice that they were covered in blood, Blake had a sword dripping demon blood, Jayson had his large blade and Merlock held his signum.

“Why can’t they see us?” asked Steph.

“I put a magical veil around us that renders us invisible to the ordinary person. It’s called a glamour,” said Whist. They began to walk away, heading back to Blake’s house. They transported there using Merlock’s relium dyre, and Blake immediately went up to his room. Seeing all of his stuff still stuck on the ceiling, Blake sprawled himself out on the floor and fell asleep.


There was sharp pain that ran through Blake’s back, ripping through it as if his back was being cut open. He yelled in pain; it felt like he was in the hospital having back surgery and they hadn’t used anesthesia. He felt something growing from his back, a pressure between his spines. His vision was blurred, but he saw fire and glowing emeralds as well as darkness with gold. He felt his shoulder blades shifting, and unbearable pain was shooting through his body. He felt something coming out of his back, and he knew he was bleeding a whole lot. Something cut through his back, and Blake screamed in pain. Another thing, right next to the slit in his back pushed itself out. Soon, he felt something push all the way out of his back.

All of a sudden, two large, feathery white wings spotted with scarlet blood extended from his back. They were dripping blood. Blake fell to his knees and his spinning vision became stationary. The other angels reached down and touched him. Blake felt energy flood into him and the pain went away. “We should clean your wings,” said Angel Rerilen.

“Yes,” said the girl. Her flowing red hair blew in the wind gently. She stepped toward him, and reached out, touching his wing. Rerilen made a cloth materialize and began to wipe the blood away from Blake’s new wings. When they were finished, they stepped back.

“Thank you for your help, Silena, my daughter. I appreciate it. You may wash the dye out of your hair, by the way.” He smiled angelically, and she smiled back. Silena turned around and jumped into the air, flying away. Blake’s face had stayed the same, only his features had become more prominent—pronounced. They had become more angular, and his whole body was glowing, like Rerilen and Silena. Blake stood up and felt stronger. He even felt the nerves in his wings. He stretched them out proudly, and the whole street lit up. He glanced over at the sign on the street. He couldn’t read the words—they were blurred out. Blake ignored them and started working with his wings, amazed at both what they could do and how strong they were.

He experimented with his speed, his strength, and dexterity. He jumped off of walls and flew around. When he stopped in front of Rerilen, he smiled. All of a sudden, four new wings began to sprout from his Rerilen’s back until he had six wings broadening from between his shoulder blades. He pulled a sword out of thin air as well. It shone just like Rerilen, Blake and Silena did; with a golden glow. Rerilen brandished his sword in one hand, and flipped it to the other one. He began doing slight but quick movements with the sword, swapping it between hands. The sword was silvery white, and the hilt was golden, with rubies, emeralds, sapphires and many other jewels studding the handle.

There were shining runes that ran along half of the blade. They, too, were golden. Blake watched in awe as Rerilen spun the sword and jabbed at the air. He then did something Blake had only seen in movies. He flipped forwards, twirled the blade in the air, and when he landed, he jabbed the blade behind him. Then, he pressed the tip of the sword to the ground and spun himself through the air horizontally, kicking space. When he finished the spectacle, he walked over to Blake and touched him. “You shall soon grow your other wings, as will your sister, Blake. You will become a true Seraph. You two will be like me, your...”

The End

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