Wizards Don't Play Fair

The Dragon swiped at Blake, but Blake just ducked and kept walking. It blew a jet of flames at him, but Blake knocked them away with his sword, and kept walking. The Dragon dove at him, and he twirled the sword in his fingers, feinting away from it as it collided with the wall. He sent rippled of fire through his sword at the Dragon, and then jumped on its back. He took the sword and drove the blade into the crook in its neck. The Dragon twitched once, and then stopped moving. Blake pulled the sword out of the Dragon, and it was dripping a purple liquid. He looked over at Merlock, who rolled over and got up. Blake kept on walking. When he got close enough to Lucien, he spoke. “I’ll kill you.”

“You will? Well. That would be quite an accomplishment. It’s just too bad you don’t know how to.”

“You’re just a twisted, senseless, irrational old man with weak magic. You have to call on Dragons to kill your supposed ‘son’, and I wish that I could pin you to the top of the CN Tower and watch you flail. But I just guess I’ll have to settle this by killing you myself,” Blake said.

“Hmm, such strong words for an orphan who just found out he’s a wizard,” Lucien said.

“You seem to have forgotten,” Blake replied. “I’m a Wizard-Warrior.” He twirled his sword between his fingers and pointed it at Lucien. “And I am very capable of killing you.”

Lucien quickly jumped back and pulled out a long steel rod. It crackled with energy. “And I you, my son.”

Blake yelled, and brought his sword down. It struck the rod, and there was a loud thundering noise. Blake and Lucien fought, sending sparks to the ground on collision. Every once in a while, Blake would slip past Lucien’s defense, and then parry the rod before Lucien could strike him back. Blake feinted and parried and sidestepped and lunged until he had Lucien up against the wall. He twirled his sword and lunged again. Lucien caught Blake’s sword with his electric rod and smiled. “Even a warrior cannot defeat me!”

Blake grabbed his sword hilt with both hands, spun, flipped the sword over and twisted it down, letting the blade strike the floor. Lucien’s rod clattered to the ground, and Blake pressed the sword to his throat. Lucien smiled. “Wizards never play fair,” he said. His finger twitched, as he spoke. Suddenly, there was an ear-splitting explosion, and the force sent Blake flying backwards. In a minute, the whole place was lit on fire, flames licking the sides of the walls and burning through the floors. Blake targeted Lucien and threw his sword, which arced perfectly. Lucien stepped away, but the blade struck his arm. There was a large gash there, and the blade stuck into the wall. Lucien snapped his fingers and he vanished from the room.

The ceiling began to tumble inwards, blocks of painted wood and cement slamming onto the ground. The whole place was rumbling as it there was an earthquake, and Jayson was still lying unconscious close to Whist. Merlock was over with Spencer and Steph. All three of them stood up and ran over to Blake. Then, they went over to Jayson, dodging through fire and blocks of the building. They arrived next to him, and Blake knelt down, tapping his sword once and turning it into a signum. Merlock grabbed his and ran over to Whist. Blake began to mimic what Jayson had done. Pulled open Jayson’s shirt, and pressed the signum to it. He then began to draw the lines that had inked onto Merlock’s skin. He made sure the lines were perfect, but he knew he had to hurry. Thundering crashed exploded all around him, attacking his ears. He could feel the prickling heat of the flames against his neck. When he finished, he flicked his wrist, pleased with the rune. It began to glow, and soon enough, Jayson shuddered, and jumped up. “Wh… what happened?”

“I almost killed Lucien, and then he cheated and did this!” Blake gestured behind him. Jayson’s marks stopped glowing and disappeared. Merlock, Spencer, Steph and Whist joined them.

“We need to leave,” said Whist.

“But what about my aunt?” cried Blake. Tears were still flowing down his cheeks.

“There isn’t anything we can do,” replied Merlock. “May the Angels bless her.”

Whist pulled Blake over to him and Spencer, and Jayson went with Merlock and Steph. Merlock used his ring to get them out, and in a flash of golden light, Whist had taken the rest of them out, too.

The End

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