“Blake!” Whist yelled. “Don’t use magic! You don’t have enough training!”

Blake grabbed his sword and got up. Lucien made a pity noise with his tongue. “That was saddening,” he said. Blake watched as Merlock took out his wand and ran over to Blake.

“This isn’t just a wand,” he said when he got there. “It’s a rune-caster—also called a signum virga. I just call it a signum.”

“Okay but what can it do?” asked Blake. Right before Merlock answered, Lucien interrupted.

“Ah! Warlock-boy, come here right now, we’re leaving,” he said. Merlock seemed to get angry.

“No,” he said calmly. Then, he quickly traced several intricate lines along his arms with the signum. When he was finished, he flicked his wrist. He had marks on his arms like the ones that covered Jayson’s body. He vanished from view, the air shimmering wildly around him, and then disappearing. Lucien groaned in anger, and tapped the Dragon. It opened its mouth, and both Jayson and Whist jumped out of the way. A jet of blue fire rocketed towards Blake, flickering brightly as it whizzed through the air. An arm reached out and yanked Blake out of the way. The flames blasted the ground where Blake and invisible Merlock had been, leaving a large crater in the floor with the floorboards around it charred. Blake turned around to see Spencer, his arm resting on Blake’s shoulder.

“You so owe me,” he said. Blake smiled, and then thought again.

“Wait! If that was you, then where is… Merlock!” he yelled. Merlock was sprawled on the floor next to the crater, and he was falling in. His signum was about a foot away from him. Blake ran out to him, and another jet of fire soared towards him. It struck the floor behind him as he ran, and then another spurt of flames scalded his calf. Blake yelped in pain, but he kept running. He grabbed Merlock’s head gently. Suddenly, Jayson was there. He picked up Merlock’s signum.

“I know how to use these,” he said. He unbuttoned Merlock’s shirt and placed the tip of the signum to his chest. “But I don’t know if Shadowslayer runes work on warlocks!”

“Just try!” Blake yelled. Jayson began twirling the wand against Merlock’s chest. When he was done, a black, inky mark was on it. It was like two letter ‘C’s, one was backwards, and there was a line cutting between them. There were also two points in the letters. Jayson tapped the signum one more time to Merlock’s chest, and the rune began to glow. Suddenly, an unseen force knocked the signum out of Merlock’s hand, sending it over to the other wall. Blake looked over at Lucien. Lucien was standing in the center of the room, finger outstretched. Whist was fighting the Dragon, and Sara was tending to the wounds of Steph and Spencer. Lucien laughed, and threw his hand towards Jayson. Jayson was sent flying into the far wall, crashing into it loudly.

Blake then heard a loud scream. He spun and saw his aunt on the floor, the Dragon’s claw hovering over her. It breathed a long tongue of fire, which engulfed her, and then it kicked Whist out of the way. Blake yelled angrily, and charged at the Dragon. He somersaulted under its whipping tail and stabbed its claw. The Dragon stumbled away from his aunt. He took her head into his lap, tears streaming down his cheeks. “Aunt Sara!” he cried. Her eyes fluttered open, and she smiled faintly.

“Take care of yourself Blake… I’m… sorry…” he felt her body go limp in his arms, and the tears began to flood from his eyes. He screamed, and he became angry. He got up, swearing.


“Aw, and she never got to tell you that I’m your father,” said Lucien calmly.

“You… you’ll never be anyone’s father. You’re a monster, and you deserve the same horrible fate that you seem to enjoy inflicting upon other people! When I’m finished with you, you won’t ever know what it’s like to have a son. You won’t ever be a father. You won’t ever take another breath.” Blake’s eyes became golden, luminous disks, and he walked slowly towards Lucien.

“Ooh, I’m scared now,” he muttered. “Dragon! Get rid of him.”

The End

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