Another Demon

“It was pitch black!”

“Hmm… maybe Rerilen didn’t want you to try to manipulate the occurrence. Maybe he just wanted it to happen,” said Jayson. “Angels work in strange ways.”

“That is true,” said Whist, turning to Sara.

“Somebody is coming,” said Steph suddenly.

“What?” asked Spencer.

“When does Blake have school?” asked Whist, ignoring Steph.

“Next week,” Sara replied.

She hasn’t told Spencer and Steph that I’m changing schools! He thought. They don’t know that I’m going all the way to New Haven in Connecticut so I’m close to Yale!

“Alright,” Whist replied. He looked at Sara in the eyes, and his eyes flickered golden for a moment. Blake’s necklace buzzed faintly.

He just used magic, Blake thought.

“Well, then,” said Jayson. “I think it’s time to…” There was a loud crash outside. Everyone in the room flinched backwards, and Blake pulled out his weapon. He tapped it twice, and it shifted into the silver curved blade. It felt good in his hands. He felt the power in the weapon, and heard a gasp from behind him.

“That’s… is couldn’t be!” Whist rushed over and stared at the blade. “It is! This is one of the seven magical blades! It can be used as a rune-caster as well! This one is…”

 “We’ll worry about that later,” said Jayson. There was another crash, and Jayson drew his sword. It gleamed in the light that came from the window, but not nearly as brightly as the weapon that Blake was brandishing in his right hand. It gave off a bright glow that lit the whole room. “Blake, are you by any chance ambidextrous?”

“Yeah,” he replied, switching the blade between hands. “How’d you know?” There was another crash, as Jayson stepped over to the door, the marks on his body glowing. He looked through the peephole. All of a sudden, he turned around quickly and shoved his hands out.

“I told you someone was coming! It’s… Lucien!” yelled Steph. “On a—”

“Get back!” Jayson yelled. Everyone scattered, and Jayson just jumped behind the couch before the whole wall with the door imploded, sending splinters of wood and metal showering down upon the floor. In the whole in the wall was a large shape. It moved slowly, and Blake could see two floating, smoldering rubies in the dust. They were sharp eyes.

A large creature with bat-like black wings and scarlet scales stepped into view. The scales that coated its body were sharp and angular. A reptilian tongue hung out the side of the creature’s mouth. It was huge, probably as big as the Dracon that they’d faced before, only somehow looked more vicious, and it had wings. A man with bleach blond hair and gray eyes was on the creature. Blake recognized him immediately, even from behind his hiding spot. He stepped out from behind a large flower vase and into the direct trajectory of the large creature that loomed over him.

“Lucien,” he said as venomously as he could. He gripped the hilt of the sword tightly. Jayson flipped over the couch and landed next to Blake, the marks on his body glowing. Jayson spun his sword between his fingers expertly and pointed it at the creature.

“Where’d you manage to catch a Dragon, Lucien?” asked Jayson. Whist materialized next to Jayson.

“That is none of your business, Gwydion slave!” replied Lucien. Blake began to build up energy, ready to cast a spell. He released it, and sent himself flying backwards, sailing over the couch. He landed painfully onto the ground.

The End

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