Explaining Fiction

“I was on this really dark street, and every time I walked past a lamppost, the light went out. I walked until the whole street was dark, and I felt the humidity in the air. When I got to the end of the sidewalk, there were these two crowds of people. The crowd on the right was an assembly of oddly pale, inhuman yet good-looking people. They literally had some kind of unnatural beauty. The other group was more muscular, but not as beautiful or lean or nearly as pale as their opposing crowd.

“The groups looked like they were enemies, and the pale people had sharp fangs. They started looking angrily at each other, and then the muscular guys started shaking. One of them had this shiver that ran up his spine, and he fell onto his palms. By the time he was halfway to the ground, he pretty much exploded, growing fur everywhere and shredding all of the clothes he was wearing. He’d turned into a wolf. One by one, the rest of them followed the same procedure, blowing up into wolves everywhere. The moonlight gave the whole thing an even eerier feel than it was before. The wolves looked vicious and creepy, and the pale people looked even weirder. Even though they had inhuman good looks, when they showed their incisors, they freaked me out like hell.

“I started to back away, and I tripped over a line of rocks and fell backwards. I smacked onto the ground, and my arm scrapped the cement. I got this huge scrape on my arm. It was dripping a lot of blood, and the pale kids started to get a little crazy. Out of nowhere, two of them appeared right in front of me in a blur. The girl had red hair that was slightly curled, and it fell down to her back. The guy had curly black hair. The groups spread out around me and started clashing, fighting with each other. I tried to slide myself backwards, and in another blur, the girl was behind me, her head dangling over arm. She was tracing her lip up my arm to my neck and back down.

“All of a sudden, the sky started glowing, and this guy with huge white wings, a halo and a golden ambience came down. When he touched down, it was like I felt safer immediately. While he walked, the things around him that were cast in his light changed. The men who were the wolves changed back, no clothes on and shrank into the shadows. The unbelievably fast, pale creatures became slow and injured, backing away from the circle of light. The girl and the boy stayed, and right as the girl bared her fangs, the angel was there in a blur. He touched the girl, and she grew wings like him. She started glowing and got a halo like him.

“She’d become an angel like him. The guy walked over to me and stretched his hand out. I looked at the girl and him, they looked slightly alike, and both of their faces looked saintly, and they looked even better than the pale people. The guy touched me, and I started feeling pains in my back. I knew that wings were sprouting, and the dream just stopped.”

“Hmm,” said Whist. “The pale people you saw were vampires. They have a lot of names: the Cold Ones, Night Children, and a lot of other ones. The muscular ones were werewolves and lycanthropes.”

“What’s a lycanthrope?” asked Blake.

“A lycan is a man who can transform into a wolf at will. People are turned into werewolves or vampires by a bite. Vampires normally bite the neck because the jugular vein is there, which is the part of the body that has a lot of blood in it.” Whist sighed. “Where were you exactly in the City of Magic?”

“We were at the Hotel Leto,” said Blake.

There was a long silence. “Blake…” said Jayson. “You’re going to meet up with a Seraph… specifically the most famous among the magical societies.”

“The Angel Rerilen,” said Sara. “He was the leader of the Archangels and he had but one descendent supposedly. He was the first and only Seraph to lead the Archangels and the Seraphim. He had great powers as well. He was the Angel that shaped the Shadowslayers out of clay and blew life into them. That was one of the myths. He created the Shadowslayers that were born Slayers, while Gwydion touched a man and made him into one. Different myths.”

“What’s an Archangel and a Seraph?” asked Blake.

“An Archangel is a term meaning an angel of high rank. They are powerful Angels that lead many other Angels, but they are still loyal to a deity. An Archangel is an angel from the third level in the Celestial Hierarchy, ranked above Virtues but below Powers. The word is derived from the Greek archangelos meaning arch-messenger. A Seraph is an angel with six wings, though Rerilen is able to conceal his wings.”

“Virtues and Powers?” asked Spencer.

“The Angels were grouped into nine groups to form the Angel Hierarchy or the Celestial Hierarchy. In order from lowest to highest: Angel, Virtue, Archangel, Power, Principality, Minion, Throne, Cherub and Seraph,” said Whist. “We’ll talk about that later. Right now… do you know where you were?”

The End

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