Angelic Nightmare

Blake looked up at the dark night sky. Bright stars winked into existence and the dim moonlight lit the damp streets as he walked past light posts and abandoned buildings. As he walked, the lights burned out. He walked until the street lights all went out and the road was pitch black. Pale people walked into view, looking completely inhuman. Blake watched from a distance as they met other people who were on the other side of the street. The only thing making Blake able to see them was the soft moonlight. The other people looked more muscular, and they, too were slightly pale. They weren’t nearly as pale as the people that opposed them, but they weren’t as pale. Both sides were graceful as they walked.

            Blake backed away from the group and he stumbled and fell to the ground. He felt his arm scrape it, and knew the sensation of a warm liquid running down his arm. Blood. The two groups looked quickly over. The muscular men looked right after the pale creatures on the right. They moved with unbelievable grace for their sizes.

            Blake looked at one of the muscular men. A ripple ran down the man’s spine, and he fell onto his arms and his legs. But when he hit the ground, he wasn’t a man anymore. He’d exploded dark fur, and he’d become a large wolf. The other men behind him began sprouting fur as well, becoming wolves one by one. The pale people with the beautiful faces looked over, and in a blur, they were all surrounding Blake. The wolves and men fought violently, every once in a while trying to get to Blake. Every time they got close, Blake used his powers to keep them at bay until he couldn’t anymore. One pale man got close to Blake and opened his mouth, showing sharp, red-stained fangs. His brown hair was brushed back and fell to his shoulders. Another girl had fiery red hair that tumbled down to the small of her back. They walked with a deliberate slowness that unnerved Blake.

            The wolves and the pale people clashed behind them as the two pale creatures advanced on Blake. Blake tried to push himself back, but in another blur, the girl with the red hair had grabbed hold of his shoulders and brought her head down to his arm. She traced a line with her lower lip up his bloody arm and brushed his neck. The boy knelt down, smiling a devious smile. As the raging battle behind them went on, the pallid creatures moved more slowly, as if savoring Blake’s fear.

            All of a sudden, there was a blinding flash that radiated from the sky. The sky became golden, and a figure descended from the heavens. When it got onto the ground, it still emanated a halo of golden light that bathed the whole area. The pale creatures as well as the wolves recoiled. The girl that was next to Blake threw back her head and put it back down, teeth baring. In a flash, the man with the halo appeared next to Blake and touched the girl. His touched rendered her motionless, and she began to shine as she lifted into the air. Blake realized that he had a pair of feathery, white wings that extended from his back. His eyes were the same colour as his aura. The girl who had been touched began to shake, and something exploded out of her back. They were two feathery wings, just like the ones that the other man had.

            They were angels. The girl floated back down to the ground. She looked even more beautiful, and the two groups backed away slowly from the two of them. The two angels held hands, and released a wave of bright light that washed over the two groups. The wolves became men again, and the pale creatures seemed to lose their speed. The man showed his palms to the wolf-men, and the girl did the same to the fanged people. Their palms began to glow, and a slivery gold light shot out from them. The two groups began to shake, until holes appeared in their bodies, beams of light shooting out of them.

            They crumpled to the ground and melted into pools of dark purple liquid. The two angels turned around and looked at Blake. Their angelic faces looked like something out of a Raphael painting, only probably seven times better. The man reached out at Blake and touched him.

            Blake felt a sharp pain in his back, and he knew that he was changing…


            Blake awoke with a start, sunlight stabbing at his eyes with tremendous force. He looked away and saw Merlock washing his face. Blake got up out of his bed and shook himself off. Merlock tossed a hairbrush at him without looking, and Blake caught it with one hand, not even recognizing how. He’d moved with such speed that he surprised himself. He began to brush his hair, and when he was done, Merlock looked at him. “Ready?”

            “Yeah,” replied Blake. Merlock tapped his ring and grabbed Blake’s shoulder. In a bright green flash, they had disappeared. They reappeared in the same place that they had originally disappeared from, and as they walked, Blake told Merlock all about his dream. When he was done, Merlock looked stunned.

            “Those were vampires and werewolves,” he said. “And you’re going to meet an Angel!”

            “It was just a dream!” Blake said.

            “You don’t understand. In the Hotel Leto, when wizards sleep, they see the future! Angels are rare things to see! They never come down here. They are dangerously powerful, Merlock explained.

            “Dangerous? They’re Angels!”

            “Blake. Angels radiate power. You can’t honestly say they aren’t dangerous.”

They walked into Suite 104, still talking. “Have you ever heard of Rerilen?”

“No,” replied Blake.

“In your dream, what did the Angels look like?”

“The guy had jet-black hair with golden eyes, and he had white feathery wings. He was strong, but didn’t look too muscular. He had light skin and… oh! His hair was flecked with silvery stuff.”

“Amazing! That was Rerilen!” Merlock exclaimed.

Whist appeared from around the corner, his curly blond hair whipping around as he turned his head. “Blake! Where did you two go!”

“The City of Magic,” he replied.

“How’d you manage to get there?” asked Jayson who was just walking out of the room. His marks were visible under the white T-Shirt he was wearing.

“I have a relium dyre,” said Merlock. His green eyes were stormy, like he was gathering up some kind of power.

“How did you get one of those?!” demanded Whist curiously.

“I stole it from Lucien when they were torturing me,” Merlock said. “Before Blake came and valiantly saved me.” His eyes flickered between the two of them, and Blake understood what he was doing.

“Oh… well, I’m just glad that you’re safe,” said Whist. “Your aunt is…”

“Right here,” she said. Her dull red hair was let down. She walked briskly over to Blake, and he momentarily though that she was going to slap him to death. Instead, she grabbed him into a warm embrace and closed her eyes, sobbing silently. “Never do that to me again!” She looked at Merlock, and her eyes strayed away. Spencer and Steph walked out of a room, and when they saw him, they ran over to meet him. Steph gave him a hug, and Spencer eyed him.

“Blake, promise me something,” Spencer said. “I want you to never do something like that again!”

Blake grinned and so did Spencer, and they both hugged and fist-pounded. “I promise,” Blake replied. Jayson walked over to Blake and flashed a hidden grin at him, concealing it from everyone else. Blake laughed to himself gently. They sat down onto the couch, and Blake began to speak to them about his odd dream earlier.

The End

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