Merlock ran his hand through his red hair and stared himself in the mirror. His green eyes sparkled in the dim light. He touched the bruises on his throat and winced in pain. His wrists and neck ached, and he couldn’t leave. Lucien had fed him something he’d called Warlock Blight that subdued a warlock’s powers. Then, he’d persisted on asking Merlock of the whereabouts of his brother, torturing him. Merlock looked down at his hand, and drew upon energy all around him. He used it, and a small flame danced in his palm. Soon, I’ll get out of here. Please, someone… help!

      He had always been told he was resourceful, and it was true. Merlock decided to use the flame, and walked over to the cupboard, which was locked. He melted the lock with the flame, wincing in agony as he used up the very last of his power. Then, he opened the cupboard and looked inside.

There was a small pocket book. It had ingredients for Warlock Blight, Wizard’s Bane and even had the cure for both, including a bunch of spells and incantations. He pocketed it and continued to look through the things. He found another lock, a pen, a vial and a relium dyre. He slipped the relium dyre ring onto his finger, and immediately felt slightly stronger. The emerald that was set into it gleamed in the light. The ring amplified any magic-user’s powers, and thus gave them the ability to move through time, space, and dimensions. He looked at the cupboard, which had a paper taped to it that said ‘twenty-three, thirty-five, thirty-eight’.

      Merlock closed the cupboard and scraped off the melted, crusty parts of the lock off and put them in the garbage. Then, he replaced it with the new lock, and shut it, remembering that the old code had been 23-35-38, and setting that as the new code. Then, he put the vial and the pen in his pocket and opened the door, walking out into the room where Lucien and Cyton sat.

      Lucien’s flat gray eyes followed Merlock. Lucien pointed at him and muttered, “Subsisto!

      The air around both of them shimmered, and the atmosphere around Merlock tightened. He fell to his knees, and Lucien immobilized him. “We’re going to look for Blake,” said Lucien.

      “Now you stay put,” Cyton mocked. The two of them left the suite laughing.


      Blake walked over to the front desk and turned on his charm. “Um, can you please tell me where Lucien Whityon and Cyton Faire are staying?” he asked, his eyes golden and his skin flawless. He brushed his hair back with his hand and smiled.

      “They’re in Suite 240, on floor 21” she giggled. Blake ran to the elevator, and heard it coming down. He hid behind the plant, and threw the undetectable charm over himself, just in case. As if by magic, the gray eyed wizard and the muscular charmer Lucien and Cyton walked out of the elevator. Blake slipped in after they got out, and took the elevator up to floor 20. When he reached it, he ran to the door with the golden plate that read, 240.

Taking deep breaths, Blake touched the key card slot with the tip of his finger, and mumbled the disarming spell. The lock clicked, and there was a beep indicating that the door was open. Yes! Lucien didn’t put up any wards! Blake thought. He opened the door and walked in, careful to close it behind him. He immediately saw the boy with the red hair. He was lying still on the ground. Blake ran over to him and said, “Expedio!”

The boy immediately moved. He sat up, and shook himself off. “Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome. I’m Blake, a Wizard-Warrior.”

“Whoa! A Wizard-Warrior! I’ve never met one before. I’m Merlock,” the boy said. “The warlock.”

“I’ve never met a warlock. Now, then, I think we should leave.”

Merlock produced a book out of his pocket and looked at something, closing his eyes, as if he was memorizing it. Then, he tucked it back into his pocket. The door handle jingled, and there was a beep.

Effluo!” whispered Blake. He vanished from sight. Merlock went back to the position he was in. As soon as they walked in, he pretended like the spell wore off, and he shook himself, getting up. Lucien immobilized him and brought him into the kitchen. Blake followed, knowing that Merlock could see him. Cyton made a cup of Warlock Blight. It was green and looked disgusting. Cyton placed it on the table, and looked at Lucien.

“One moment, please,” he said. Then, he walked to the bathroom. Lucien sat Merlock down on one of the kitchen chairs, and looked away. Blake ran to Merlock and pulled the small book from his pocket, and recited the dozing spell onto Lucien, and it worked. He liberated Merlock and gave him back the book. Merlock ran around the kitchen, making a cup of liquid that cured the drug. He added green food colouring, and swapped Lucien and Cyton’s juice with Wizard’s Bane mixed with Charmer’s Block. Then he put everything away, and placed the cure on the table where it had been before. Blake immobilized Merlock, and woke up Lucien. Just then, he felt much more tired. He stepped aside as Cyton returned to the kitchen table. He forced open Merlock’s mouth and poured the liquid down his throat. Merlock played along, and Lucien smiled.

“Cyton, get the pitcher of juice from the fridge and please pour us both a cup. I’m not too happy about not finding Mauley.” Cyton gave Lucien a cup, and he poured himself one as well. Blake realized something, and quickly slipped a secret ingredient into the drinks. The two of them drank it, and collapsed in agony. Blake materialized and liberated Merlock again. He casted an invisible veil over the two of them, and then stumbled toward the door, completely exhausted. Merlock turned back to look at the two men on the floor.

“Watch this, Lucien. You say I can’t do anything, well, you’re wrong.” He sent waved of blue flames rippling at the two of them, and then subdued them. Right after, he touched the emerald set into his ring, which began to glow, and he waved his hand to them. The windows shattered, and the glass rained down on the two of them. He pointed at the television, which exploded, and then pushed them into the corner without physically touching them. He then sent another wave of rippling blue flames at them.

With that, he and Blake walked out the door.

The End

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