A Captured Warlock

Whist grabbed Jayson, and they vanished in a swirl of light. Whist reappeared, and took the rest of them up.

“Whist, what was that dome you put over us?” asked Blake when they sat down.

“It blocks out human vision of what was going on in there. We can see out, no one can see in.”

“How come you didn’t help him?” Blake asked.

“Shadowslayers hate being aided when they’re fighting Shadowbeasts and demons. They like to fight with each other or alone,” he replied. They sat down and waited while Jayson showered to get the sticky, purple demon blood off of himself.

“Where did that thing come from?” asked Spencer.

“The Badlands,” he said. “Mostly known as the Dark Land or the Dark Kingdom. A Fallen Angel warlock named Gailger. He is the head of the Shadow Legion. Ever since he was banished from our world and he was shunned by the other angels. His half brother was Leon Hunt, the wizard who founded The Hunt. He now sends Shadowbeasts to terrorize the magical societies until they allow him to return to our world and let him rule us.

“The myth is that went he fell from heaven, he fell into the shadows, and his blood created the Shadowbeasts. Then, rays of sunlight came down, and Gwydion—an angel-- appeared and touched a human which gave him those odd markings. Gwydion then got the man to banish the Shadowbeasts and Gailger to the Badlands, a new land that they created just for Gailger. He swore that he would take revenge on us, and then cursed the Shadowslayer so that he would have a fatal weakness that only Shadowslayers know. And he also said that in the heat of the most important battle of all time, the Shadowslayer will lose sight of the enemy.” Whist sighed.

“Myths are so…” Jayson said as he walked out of his room. “Mythological, am I right? Anyways, let’s do something that doesn’t relate to me murdering another Dracon or banishing Dedgelings, please?”

“What’s a Dedgeling?” asked Steph.

“It’s a kind of demon. Nasty little thing, too. They have sharp teeth, they secrete poison from their skin, and they have razor sharp tongues—like a blade.”

“Oh,” she muttered.

“I think we might have to postpone our lesson until tomorrow,” Jayson sighed. Blake suddenly felt his Contemplor prickle. He recoiled with the sudden pain.

“What’s wrong, Blake?” asked his aunt.

“Damn it, not again!” said Whist. “Wizards have come for Blake! They must have been the ones who sent the Dracon, and when they found out that it was dead, they came here!”

Jayson finished drying his hair with a towel, and then threw it onto the floor and ran back into his room, returning with his sword in hand. “I’m ready,” he said.

“No,” said Whist. He showed Jayson his palm, and spoke a single word under his breath. He knew it was so that Blake couldn’t hear it. The air around Whist shimmered, and suddenly Jayson became still. His muscles twitched, and the air around Jayson flickered wildly. The atmosphere around his body became more prominent, like it was invisible stone. “You just fought, and you’ve spent your energy. Please, Jayson, stay here.”

The corner of Jayson’s mouth twitched, and muffled words came out. “I don’t really have a choice, now do I?”

            “I’m not sure how we’ll get down there without them noticing Blake, because I’m sure they came for him.”

            “I know!” said Blake. “Effluo.” The air around him shimmered, and he vanished.

            “Blake? Are you there?” asked Whist.

            “Yes,” he said.

            “If you’re there and you can hear me, give us a sign,” said Whist. Blake grabbed a piece of paper, crumpled it in his hand, and threw it at Whist’s head. “Okay, good. I need you to go downstairs and figure out who it is, okay? I can’t, because I know that I’m wanted on the wizard list. Go!”

            Blake ran to the door and opened it, hurrying through it. He closed the doors behind him and got into the elevator, taking it down to the Main Lobby. When the doors opened, he walked out. The air was cold, and he could smell the fear rolling off of things. He looked straight ahead at the three people it the doorway. It was Lucien, Cyton and someone in else with hair as red as fire. The boy with the red hair looked the same age as Blake, and he was wearing a T-Shirt and jeans. He had red rings around his wrists and bruises along his throat. There were three overlapping circles on his right palm with a sparkling ‘W’ on it. His stormy green eyes were like the fire that Lucien had thrown at Blake in the forest. He appeared to be afraid and worried about something. His legs were trembling as they walked to the front desk. He stared at Blake for a moment, and mouthed the word ‘Help’. Blake suddenly realized that the boy had seen him. Lucien whipped his head around as Blake ran to hide behind the plants. He looked right at Blake, then beside him, and to the other side.

            The boy can see me, but Lucien can’t! How? Blake thought. He watched as Lucien fixed his black suit and tie, and Cyton straightened his own suit. Then, Blake ran back over to the elevator and rode it back up to the floor, and joined Whist, Sara, Spencer, Steph, and liberated Jayson at the table in their Suite. “Appareo!” he said. Blake materialized into the chair next to Spencer. All of them gasped, and Jayson already had his sword at Blake’s throat.

            “Relax, Jayson, it’s Blake,” said Whist. Jayson lowered his sword.

            “Sorry, Blake. I thought it was someone else.”

            “I know who it is down there! It’s Lucien Whityon and Cyton Faire! They have a boy with them. The boy has red hair and green eyes, and I think that they were torturing him. He had a ‘W’ on his palm with three circles, and he could see me!”

            “A warlock! They actually have a warlock! He could have killed them!” said Jayson.

            “No, he had fresh scars on his wrists, and a bruised neck. Someone was choking him, and he must have been tied up. He wouldn’t have been able to do anything.”

            Suddenly, there was a loud crackle from outside, and black clouds rolled in and covered the sky with an obsidian sheet of darkness. Only lightning that trailed across the sky provided any light. Thunder rumbled and echoed in the atmosphere, and the sky began to let down globules of rain. Whist waved his hand, and glass materialized into the window where it had been broken. “He wouldn’t have been able to do anything but conjure up a storm!”

            “Alright, let’s calm down,” said Sara. There was a loud yell from the lobby, and the rain outside ceased. The lightning stopped and the clouds slowly began to part.

            “The boy told me to help him,” said Blake. “I need to go do it!”

            “Why?” asked Jayson.

            “Because I’ve been there!” he yelled. “I’ve felt as helpless as he feels! I had Lucien throwing fire at me while I was immobilized, and then try to subdue my powers after attempting to convince me that he’s my father! I’ve been stranded for sixteen years without a parent having all these accidents happen to me without an explanation! I never knew and still don’t even know who my parents are! I’ve been thrown into fire hydrants by Lucien! I’ve frozen half the CN Tower, caused a castle to disappear, and nearly burned down the Eiffel Tower! I’ve done all of this and been like a third party observer—a spirit of my own body, watching as I did all these impossible things not knowing how.

            “And now I’ve found someone else who is as helpless as I was, and I want to be able to save them from the same thing I had to go through! I’m going to help him, whether you like it or not. I’ll wait here all night if I have to, because I am going to save that kid. None of you can do anything to stop me!”

            “Blake—” said Aunt Sara.

            “No. I’m not listening. You can’t force me to do anything! You don’t know what it’s like to be alone, do you? To be in a constant somber mood with no way of knowing you’ll ever be rid of the cloud that hangs over your head! To not know why all these things are happening to you! I can tell he feels the same way. Please, Aunt Sara. Let me do this.” She walked over to Blake and placed a hand on his shoulder.

            “I agree with Blake,” she said. Blake felt a smile cross his face, and then felt a surge of power wash through his body. He quickly thought of a thin line connecting him and his aunt. He imagined power flooding through the line out of his aunt and into him. He finally elicited the power, and his aunt fell down. She looked up at him.

            “I’m sorry, but I need to do this.” Blake ran out the door, casting the undetectable charm on himself as he went.

The End

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