He listened intently as Whist explained how to elicit power from others using his relium salvus. He had to harness the power of the relium salvus and focus on it mixing with the power that the other person was using. He had to see it in his mind’s eye mixing with his own power. It was different if the person was using physical magic, or simply holding him. In that case, he would have to draw out their power by imagining a thin line connecting them to his necklace and see the energy flowing through it into him. He listened as best he could, and executed everything perfectly. He’d already mastered putting up shields, and he was really good at eliciting. He received several compliments from Whist, who was glad to have a student as good as Blake was.

            “Great job today, Blake. I’ll see you… tomorrow?” Whist said.

            “Twelve-o’ clock, right?”

            “Yes,” Whist said. He touched his hand to Blake’s shoulder and uttered a single word. “Perspicus!” he said. The air around them shimmered, and Blake felt something slither through him. Whist let go of him, and they continued walking. Blake watched as a faint outline of Whist walking toward the door. He looked at his own hand and saw that it was transparent as well, just like Whist was. He gaped in shock, and then ran after Whist—the transparent Whist—and grabbed his arm. “This’ll give them a good scare.”

            Whist pushed open the door, and once Blake got through, Whist snapped his fingers, and there was a golden flash again, and the spheres of light fluttered around until they settled, leaving Blake wreathed in golden light momentarily. Spencer, Aunt Sara, Steph and Jayson were all sitting at the table. Whist walked over, and stood in front of Jayson. Jayson stood up, smiling and laughing with Spencer, and walked right into the transparent Whist. He stumbled back in shock, and Whist allowed the transparency to slide away from his body like a cloak. He pointed at Blake, and Blake felt like something slithered out of his body. He looked at his hands, and turned them over.

            “You scared me, Whist! Anyways, Blake, Spencer? You guys ready for training?”

            All of a sudden, there was a loud roar from outside that pierced through the air. The shriek was like a thousand daggers were pushing themselves into Blake’s ears. Everyone covered their ears and shut their eyes. The windows all imploded, the glass shattering and flying onto the ground, raining down on all of them. Blake threw up a shield around himself, and Whist covered everyone else. The rain stopped, and the shields went down. All of them still had cuts, but not many. Blake walked through the shattered glass that was sprawled across the floor and looked outside. There, down below them was the scariest thing Blake had ever seen. Whist joined him at the window, and turned to Jayson. “Jay! It’s a Shadowbeast! A Dracon, at that!”

            “I’m ready,” said Jayson. All of a sudden, black marks twirled onto his body, wrapping themselves around him and creating swirls and sharp lines all over him. They went down and stopped at his right wrist but continued down his left hand. The marks on his body began to glow, and he pulled a sword from his hilt that was strapped to his back. The hilt was studded with a large ruby on the bottom. The sword was shiny, and almost translucent. It was as clear as a crystal, and it was curved to the right. Jayson ran to the window, and jumped out, doing flips until he landed into a perfect roll on the ground, facing the creature. Whist snapped his fingers, and the glass all lifted up. He snapped again, and the whole room lit up, beams of light shining through every object. One second they were in the room, the next they were outside.

            Whist threw his hands forward, and the shards of glass flew at the Dracon. They glanced off of its skin. Blake could see what it was clearly. Its skin was black at soot, and it had red glowing eyes and horns. It looked like a more serpent-like form of a dragon. Its violet tongue shot out of its mouth and back in, and its tail swept the ground, the spiky part destroying everything that surrounded it. It was a wingless dragon. Whist was running around, drawing symbols on the ground with mud. Then, he yelled a word, and a huge, iridescent dome of shimmering light arched itself over the area where the Dracon, Jayson, and they were.

Jayson still had the glowing marks of the Shadowslayer on him. He was shining like a god. His sword was gleaming in the sunlight like a diamond, and he had a confident look on his face. He charged at the Dracon, jumping and somersaulting into the air. In mid- flight, he sliced at the creature’s head, but it dodged away and swiped at him. Jayson deflected the claw with his sword without looking, as if by magic. When he landed, he spun and slid his feet back, making semi circles with them and taking a stance. The giant creature lunged down at him, and he feinted and struck its head with his blade. A purple liquid welled onto the blade, and it seeped into it. Jayson’s sword started to glow, and so did the ruby. Jayson spun his sword in his hand like an expert, and allowed the Dracon to lunge again. It threw its head forward, and Jayson just waited. When it was inches away, he back flipped and stuck himself to the wall, allowing the Dracon to swipe at him with its claw.

He stepped forward, and the Dracon threw its head at him again. He turned to the wall and ran at it, jumping and back flipping off of it and onto the Dracon’s head. Then, he took the blade and stabbed it into the Dracon’s head, right between its eyes. The Dracon flailed in anger, and Jayson jumped off of it, landing gently onto the ground. The Dracon swiped at him, and made contact with him, just scraping his cheek before he jumped back and parried the next claw that came. Jayson backed away, a look of seriousness on his face. The creature wasn’t dead. He ran and tried to get to its stomach, but it smashed a claw down over him.

“Jayson!” yelled his Aunt Sara.

The claw shook, and then a blade shot through it, piercing through its skin. It lifted the claw and Jayson rolled out from under it, his shirt blotted with purple marks. The creature swept the ground with its tail, but Jayson jumped onto it and stabbed it. The creature wailed again. Jayson jumped off and baked away from the Dracon. It became angry, and its tongue flicked out again, razor sharp. Jayson looked like he was becoming tired, but he continued to sidestep and feint and parry, driving towards and away from the creature’s stomach. He decided to try again, and he ran at it. He jumped over a claw, and then the other one came. It sliced off a part of his shirt, revealing more off the black swirls as well as his arm dripping blood. The tail came, and he jumped up, doing an aerial and landing perfectly on the ground into a run again. It shot its head down at him, and he did another aerial, only he kicked out his legs and struck the creature it the mouth. It recoiled, and lifted itself up, revealing its stomach.

Jayson took his sword like a javelin and threw it at the stomach. The blade crackled with electricity, and trailed blazing light behind it as it zoomed through the air. It finally struck the Dracon, spearing it right through its belly. Jayson ran and pulled the sword out, which was still blazing with electricity. He flipped once, twice, and the back flipped up onto its neck. From there, he jumped down and speared it right through the heart, and landed on the ground. The creature gave out one last earsplitting roar, and then fell onto Jayson.

The four of them ran over to the creature that had fallen on top of Jayson. Its violet tongue was hanging out of the side of its mouth, and it had a large purple wound on its head that was bleeding. As they ran around it, they kept seeing purple blood where it had been struck by Jayson’s blade. They went to where his blade was sticking through the Dracon’s flesh, and stared. The blade had stopped glowing. They waited in silence, and a somber mood hung over them. “Why so down?” a voice behind them said. “At least he died doing what he loved… killing demons.”

“He did,” said Sara. “Wait!” They all turned to see Jayson standing there, bleeding from certain places with a shredded T-Shirt and ripped pants. The marks were black, and they began to fade away. He was smiling widely, and his green eyes sparkled it the sunlight.

“Jayson! How’d you get there?! We thought—” said Steph.

“I’m a Shadowslayer, what’d you expect? Me to die after killing a Dracon? Yeah, never in a lifetime!” he said. Jayson ran and climbed onto the Dracon and retrieved his sword. “Go to hell, demon!” He struck it again with his blade, and his blade glowed again. The creature began to melt into purple liquid—demon blood—and seep into the earth. Jayson twirled his blade in his hands and pointed his sword at the ground, and then stabbed it, too. The earth opened up into a crack, and the purple liquid poured into it, and then the crack closed, and Jayson placed the sword back in his hilt and rejoined them.

“Jayson,” Spencer said. “That. Was. Freaking. AWESOME!” Jayson smiled, and wiped sweat off of his forehead. He was soaked through with sweat, blood and demon blood.

“Uh, Whist, can you poof me up there? I don’t think the hotel residents would do anything except have heart attacks if they saw a guy with a huge sword, covered with blood, sweat, a mysterious purple liquid, being demon blood, and wearing shredded clothes wit cuts all over him,” he said.

The End

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