Demanding Explanation



Blake reappeared at the edge of the forest and collapsed. He was finally away from Cyton and Lucien. He ran as fast as he could across the street and turned the corner onto 55th Street. He ran to the McDonald’s and hopped the intact fence. Then, he ran over to where Spencer and Steph were stuck. “Expedio!” he said. They were suddenly free, and their faces were struck with awe. He pointed at the relium salvus as if they would know what he meant. “I’ll… explain… later!” They stood up and helped the exhausted Blake over the fence and back to his house.


            When they got to his house, Blake’s Aunt Sara rushed over. “What happened?!” she gasped.

            “Well, your nephew here has some kind of supernatural power that his father is trying to steal!” said Spencer.

            “Not… my father!” Blake retorted.

            “What was his name, Blake?

            “Lucien Whityon and Cyton…”

            “What exactly did you two see?” asked Sara. After they had finished explaining, Aunt Sara looked them over. She looked at Blake, and spoke gently. “Blake, honey, I need you to do something for me.”

            “Okay,” he replied sheepishly. Sara took his hand and placed it on Spencer, and put his other hand on Steph. “I need you to elicit some of my power. What I want you to do is focus on your necklace and me, and picture a thin thread connecting us. Then imagine some of my power slipping into the thread, over to your necklace, and then drain that into Spencer and Stephanie. Can you do that?”

            “I can try,” he replied. Blake did as he was told, and stole some of his aunt’s power into his relium salvus, and then drained it into Spencer and Steph. They both jumped back, and Blake released his grasp. Spencer looked at his right palm, and Steph did the same. Spencer had a ‘W’ with a flaming sword piercing it, and Steph had a ‘P’ with a glowing eye in the center.

            “Spencer, you are a warrior, and warriors are rare. Stephanie, you are a precognist, so you can see the future in your dreams.”

            “What… what about Blake…” asked Spencer, his mouth still open.

            “Blake… Blake is a Wizard-Warrior… the rarest of the magical societies. There is only one known Wizard-Warrior, and he’s in an Olde Prophecy.”

            And the black spots returned to their frequent place in front of Blake’s eyes and coalesced into a dark sheet once more.Blake was surprised to know that he hadn’t dreamed. He awoke on the couch in the living room with Spencer and Steph both sitting on the ground in front of his Aunt Sara, who was sitting in an armchair. Her reddish hair was let down, and she looked like she was only twenty with her wise green eyes. She was showing Spencer and Steph her palm. It had a fancy ‘C’ on it with stars that surrounded it. “I am a charmer, meaning I can get people to do things just by knowing their names. I need to know only the first name of a Secus Magus, but I need to know the first and last name of a Magus. A Secus Magus is a non-magical person, and a Magus is a magical person. I can influence both, but some Magi are difficult to charm unless they are weak or sedated.”

            “So then how come you could convince us into believing that there was a solar flare by just saying our first names?” asked Spencer.

            “Because neither of you had yet possessed your Contemplors, which is the mark on your palm that determines what part of the magical hierarchy you belong to. The reason it is on your right hand is because all wizards are right handed, and they are the highest of the societies. Since wizards are at the top, they can pretty much command people to do things. There are rules, of course, but it was a wizard who wrote them. The wizard who wrote them put wizards at the top of the magical hierarchy, and precognists at the bottom.

            “The order of power is: wizards, necromancers, and warriors, who are part of the High Hierarchy, sorcerers, and charmers, are in the Middle Hierarchy, shyfters and precognists are in the Low Hierarchy. Seeing as Blake is a member of the High Hierarchy and he is a fusion of two of its classes, he is very powerful. He has what’s called a Veneficus-Proealitor Contemplor, which means Wizard-Warrior Mark.

            “Every three years, a magical tournament is held in England to decide which House dominates the others. There are three houses: The Roses, The Templars and The Sparks. Each house finds a warrior and a shyfter and they fight. The shyfter is optional, seeing as they’re in the Low Hierarchy. The warrior fights the other warriors to the death. That is why there aren’t many warriors left. There are three steps in the tournament. The first is to race to Death Mountain. The next is to reach the top, and the next is a fight to the death with whichever warriors survive. Anything goes in the tournament. The tournament is called the Scaccarium Venatio. That means ‘game of hunting’, which is the name of the tournament, ‘The Hunt’.

            “This is the year when the Houses are reconnoitering for a new player of The Hunt to compete and win the Cup of Leon Hunt, and they become the Imperiosus Domus, meaning the Dominating House. We have one warrior, and one Wizard-Warrior! They’re certainly going to come for the two of you! Because I am not affiliated with any of the Houses, they are constantly trying to win me over or kill me, because I can go freely between Houses if I so choose. Since you two are untrained, you are dangerous as well as in danger because of your power. You need to be trained!”


The End

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