The Meadow


Part One

Good and evil


“God created angels for their perfect, innate goodness,

Later he made beasts with their animal desires,

But God was not pleased with either,

So he fashioned man with a combination of angel and beast,

Free to do good and evil.”


-Old Legend


Blake sat cross legged on his porch, staring out at the city that was laid out before him and playing with his necklace. He ran his fingers through his blond hair and lifted his face up to the sun. His blue eyes sparkled with the reflection of the golden light. When he looked back out, his eyes were a little bit darker, almost like a silvery- gray colour. He stood up and poked his head into the open door of his house. “I’m going for a walk, okay?”

“Alright honey. Who are you going with?”

“Aunt Sara, just let me go alone, please?” he asked pleadingly. His aunt walked out of the kitchen and stopped in front of him.

“Why don’t you use that charm to get Stephanie and Spencer to go with you?”

“Fine,” he said. Blake produced his cellphone from his pocket and dialed in Stephanie’s number.


“Hey Steph! What’s up?”

“I don’t know, you’re the one that called me.”

“Oh, right. Do you want to come for a walk with me?”


“Come on, Steph. It’ll be fun,” Blake said, his voice smooth like velvet, giving nothing away.

“Stupid charming! Okay, I’ll come. Is Spencer coming?”

“I’ll get him to come. Meet up here,” he said. Then, he ended the call, and dialed Spencer’s number.

“Hey, what’s up Blake?” Spencer answered.

“Not much, same old, same old. I’m still not allowed to go anywhere without being accompanied.”

“Ah, I see. This is the part where you tell me to do something, and I refuse, and then you somehow convince me to go it anyway with that voice of yours. So I’m just going to skip the whole refusal part and ask you where I’m meeting you.”

“Wow, you know me too well,” Blake laughed. “Meet me at my place as soon as possible.”

“See you soon.”

Blake hung up the phone and put it in his pocket, and then went back outside to sit on his porch. He allowed the sun to continue to beat down relentlessly at his face. Summer was coming to an end, and he wanted to enjoy the sun as much as he could before he returned to school and got expelled again. He looked over at the flowers that were in a pot next to him. They were beautiful, and they were the fifth ones that had been bought. Each time Blake touched it, something would happen and they would burn or something of the sort. He looked over at the sidewalk, and saw his neighbor walking. He’d never liked his neighbor. The boy was about eighteen, and he always made fun of Blake.

“Hey what’s up Blake? How’re your parents—oh wait, I can’t ask that, can I?”

“That’s way too far, Derek,” Blake said sternly.

“What are you going to do about it Mauley?” Derek grinned. “You going to tell your mommy? Oh sorry, my bad!”

“I’m warning you Derek, I’m not in the mood right now.”

“Aw, poor little orphan’s going to cry?”

“Shut up Derek! Or else!”

“Or else what? Are you going to get daddy and—”

“ENOUGH!” Blake’s voice was unbelievably loud and authoritative, and he felt his body surging with an unknown source of power. His eyes flickered in colour, which wasn’t unusual for him. They were all of a sudden a dark rusty reddish colour, and clouded with anger.

All of a sudden, the grass all around the street wilted and died, turning yellow. The plant beside Blake burst into flames that sputtered wildly, blackening the flowers. The sidewalk around Derek began to split into broken tiles of upturned cement, and he was waving his arms for balance. The clouds darkened and the sky flashed with lightning, the atmosphere roaring with thunder. Blake could feel the energy in the air. The air around him was shimmering all the while, as if the lightning had struck somewhere near him, and the air had become heavy with energy. The driveway began to split down the middle, like in those weird sci-fi movies with the supernatural earthquakes that some son of Hades caused. A trail of fire raced toward Derek, covering the space between Blake and him. Derek’s eyes were wide, and he was teetering awkwardly as if he was on the brink of a rock-strewn cliff that was towering above the murky depths of shark- infested waters.

Blake’s eyes were dark and angry when his Aunt Sara walked outside. She looked around shockingly at her surroundings, and then Blake felt a hand rest on his shoulder. A gentle voice soothed him.

“Blake Mageheart, calm down and sleep.”

The grass stopped wilting; the burning plant flames died away and the dark clouds took the thunder and lightning and rolled away from the sun. The trail of snaking fire extinguished, and the splitting earth closed back up again. That was the last thing Blake saw before the whole world spun out into darkness wondering about the word Mageheart.


The darkness around Blake dissipated, being cast away by some golden torchlight. Blake blinked away the dark spots from his eyes in disbelief at the feat he’d recently performed as he walked. All around him there was a golden glow that was illuminating him and all his surroundings. He finally understood that he was the source of the light. His eyes were also a liquid golden colour, like molten lava that had just coalesced into a melting, divine mineral that could make people gape in awe.

There was some kind of force that was propelling him forward until he turned a corner. All of a sudden, the walls were dusty bookshelves lined with ancient novels and thick books from top to bottom. He was still being propelled forward by the unseen force. He finally came upon a large, mahogany desk that held a thick, leather-bound, ancient book on top of it. When Blake was pushed towards it, he realized it bore a single word in a golden, complicated design that also had a symbol embedded into the cover, along with two smaller words under it.

Folio Magi

Blake picked it up with both hands. It felt heavy, but even as he held it, he could feel pure energy searing from it. There was a potent kind of power that it was radiating that made Blake feel different. He felt like he was meant to have it.

Like it belonged to him.

Just as he opened it up, the cover caught fire and burned away. The next page he touched followed the same example, and so did the next one and the next one. Soon enough, the whole book was engulfed and blazing in cobalt flames that lapped relentlessly at it.

Blake suddenly felt detached and weak. Just then, he lifted his hand and leaned his face onto it. He felt a burning sensation searing through the side of his face that he’d touched, and he quickly put his hand down, feeling his face numbing. He looked at his hand, which had oddly become translucent. He looked at his other hand, which had also become translucent. His whole body began to disappear, and Blake let out a muted scream.

The spots of darkness behind Blake’s eyelids became spots of vividness that came from Blake’s bedroom light. His Aunt Sara was standing over him, her face calm and her eyes cool.

“How long have I been asleep?” Blake asked.

“Just ten minutes,” she replied.

There was a ring at the door just as Blake was about to ask about the word ‘Mageheart’. He got out of his bed and skipped the stairs, jumping from one landing down to the next, leaving odd scorch marks on the carpet where he landed. He ambled over to the door and opened it up. Standing in the doorway were Stephanie and Spencer.

“What happened to everyone’s lawn?” asked Spencer. “And the new plant?”

“A heat wave killed the grass and burned the plant when it passed over here. It was weak, so it never got over to your streets.” Blake’s aunt said, walking outside before Blake could say anything on the subject. His aunt placed her hands on Steph and Spencer’s shoulders. “That’s what happened.” Their pupils dilated for a moment, and then they were normal again.

“Oh! That’s a little weird, isn’t it? It doesn’t really matter. Let’s go, Blake, said Steph.

“Yeah,” agreed Spencer. Blake pushed away the nagging inquiries that floated around in his head and walked out the door with Spencer on his right and Steph on his left.

“So, Steph,” he said. “Where to first? I chose last time and Spencer chose last time, right Spence?” Spencer nodded.

“Let’s go to the McDonald’s in the city, and then we can go walk down in the forest.” Spencer’s blue eyes glittered.

“Who wants to race?” he asked. Spencer had always loved running. He was muscular but tall, and he was the fastest at their school. He had blond hair that curled up slightly at the sides and his eyes were blue. He took a running stance next to Blake. Blake was the second fastest at the school, and he was really close to Spencer’s speed. All three of them had been friends since they were in Kindergarten. Blake took his stance, and Steph ran ahead.

“I’ll judge the winner!” she yelled as she ran. When she was far out of sight, she yelled. “Ready, set, GO!”

The two of them took off, kicking up a cloud of dust behind them. They ran at full speed, racing past cars and dodging under trees. The sound of their soles against the ground echoed in their heads as they passed and fell behind each other. Spencer looked over at Blake and smiled. He sped up, and Blake followed. When they were drawing near to the end, there was one more street to cross. Blake passed Spencer and ran across. He never heard the honking noise. He stopped and looked over his shoulder, seeing that Spencer had stopped. He slowed down to a stop, and heard Spencer yelling.

“CAR! Blake, there’s a car! Move!” he yelled frantically. Blake turned to his right, and saw a car honking and trying to swerve away. Blake threw up his hands in protection. The air around him shimmered, and then around his outstretched hands grew distorted. The atmosphere that surrounded his hands became slightly reflective, holding a spectrum of light inside of it. He released a wave of power through the air that was still holding the spectrum of light, glinting in the sun. The wave smacked into the car and sent it spinning away from Blake and stopping slowly. Blake looked up at the car, and then at his hands. No one other than him, Spencer, Steph and the person in the car seemed to notice. Blake walked over onto the sidewalk and stopped next to Steph. Spencer joined them.

“What… was… that?” Spencer asked.

“I… I’m not sure. I just… and then it…”

“How about we forget that happened,” said Steph.

“I can’t!” replied Blake. “Look, this kind of thing had happened to me before.”

Blake explained the incident earlier on, along with a bunch of other occasions when something out of the ordinary had occurred in his presence.

“Hey, nice tattoo, Blake,” said Spencer.

“Spencer, this is no time to…wait. What tattoo?” asked Blake. “I never got a tattoo in my life.” He looked down at his palm. There was a large fancy ‘W’ that was on his palm, and it was mirrored by an upside down one just above it. There was a dragon that coiled around the hooks of the letters. He held it up into the light. He felt… different. Powerful. Though he didn’t know why, and he was still shocked by the chain of events that had occurred, he tried to focus on something else.

“Where’d you get that?” asked Steph.

“I don’t know! Please, can we go sit down before I fall over?” Blake asked.


The End

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