NaNoWriMo Excerpts

A group of your protag members are participating in National Novel Writing Month this year. This is a story where nanowrimo authors can post their favorite excerpts from their novels-in-progress for all of you to see and comment on. Do stop by to see what we are writing!

Welcome to the NaNoWriMo excerpt story!

Dear Fellow Nanowrimo Authors,
Please include a few sentences blurb about your story before each post.  Do try to do basic editing for spelling/grammar for the bits you post.  I know  you're not supposed to edit for NaNoWriMo, but, for this...

Dear Readers,
Do keep in mind these stories are in progress and don't judge them too harshly or tell the authors what not to do (or anything that might just bog them down).  That said, feel free to leave them feedback.


The End

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