Chapter 12

"I can't!" She screamed, and sat up abruptly. Her breathing was erratic and messed up, and there were...

Oh god. There were four men in dark black cloaks, heavy and stifling and suffocating all at once, and she was still panting and she could do nothing but scream again as they closed in.


As the thick fabric of their cloaks swished away from her head, she was left lying on the floor of a large, well-lit room. Tears prickled behind her eyelids, but she ignored them. She had to.

"Oh look, Little Miss Sleepy Pants is awake." A too-loud voice spoke above her, and bright brown doe eyes are flashed in her line of vision.

She shakes her dreadlocks out of her face, kind of annoyed now that the fear has washed away, and she narrows her eyes.

"Hey!" She shouts.

The End

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