Chapter 10

"I despise you immensely," she told him.

"I'm sure you do." Luke's voice was light and teasing, and his dark eyes sparkled with mischief.

Muireall gave an overdramatic sigh, pretending to be bothered about the fact that Luke was quite obviously following her around. She stood up, wincing as her knees cracked, and crossed her arms over her chest, regarding him from where he was leaning casually against one of the cages.

"I'd be careful around there, if I were you." She commented.

"Why?" The teenager scoffed. "It's just a dog."

"Actually, Liz is not 'just a dog' as you phrased it, she's a Dutch attack dog."

Luke jumped backwards, staring warily at the dog watching him intently from inside the cage.

When Liz growled, Muireall barked out a sharp command. "Zwijg!"

The dog relaxed, and so did Luke.

"Jeez, if you're so scared of her, hold this." She handed him a little ball of fluff, and the teenage boy denied the little cooing noise he made in the back of his throat.

"I'll leave you two to bond." She rolled her eyes.

The End

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