Chapter 9

Teribithia Mundane was about as interesting as her last name was. Which is to say, not at all.

But she had a strange problem. 

Whenever she went out, people were covered in a soft glow, radiating different colors. She'd never experienced anything like it before. Her sister had a gold one, faint but still there, and her best friend's was blue.

Amity and nobility, as far as she could gather. Though she'd never really thought of Ella as being in any way noble.

But the problem wasn't really the auras. In fact, she kind of liked them. The bigger problem was that they had started disappearing, fading slowly from existence. She'd lived with them for years, ever since she turned six. Eventually, Teribithia had just gotten used to them. 

Sometimes they were even a bit of comfort when she was feeling particularly sad, a reminder that she wasn't alone.

But she wasn't stupid to tell anybody that she saw the auras. She knew that everybody else didn't see them, and they'd think that she was crazy.

But they'd started disappearing, and she didn't really know what she'll do.

The End

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