Chapter 7

"You going to talk about that MP yesterday?" He approached the subject carefully, trying to be as delicate as possible. 

She glared at him, but answered, "You know we don't talk about the mind pain. The doctors said it was all in my head."

Ivan scoffed. "Yeah, but we know it's not true. You have real pain and we don't know why."

"You know what my suspicions are, Iván." Zael closed her eyes tightly and took a deep breath. "It's tied to my Ribbon."

Her brother's face remained as impassive as before. "But that means she's in pain." 


"I'm sorry."

"It doesn't make a difference."

"Maybe you could try finding her, mi hermana." Ivan said, letting hope color his tone.

But she didn't want to take the chance. "It's too risky. If she's my Ribbon, I'm her Stone."

"Yeah, so?"

"What if she doesn't like girls?"

"The fates would not be so cruel as to do that."

"The fates do not care."

The End

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