Chapter 5

In a place so far away it might as well be another world, there was another girl. Another girl who wasn't at all like the first.

"Zael!" A huge man thundered past a startled maid, looking for one person in the giant, old Manor.

He stopped at the wrought iron gates, words bent in a graceful curve above. 

Deus pro nobis. Et qui est Salvator? It read. The man shook his head, looking up at where there was a teenager perched on the stone wall (the gates were the only break in it, it went all the way around the estate).

"What do you want?" She asked, scowl already in place.

He sighed. "Why are you up there, darling?"

"Because." Zael answered.

"Because of..." He prompted.

"Because of reasons!" She snapped. The girl sighed and looked away when the man quieted, tugging at the sleeves of her black silk button-up.

"Something's happening. I don't know what." Zael admitted.

The End

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