Chapter 4

When she woke, they were in the exact same place, but she was soaking wet.

Ezekiel the skeleton was standing over her with an empty bucket swinging un his hands. A small droplet detached itself from the plastic and fell through the air, landing squarely on her cheek. 

Kia sat up, spluttering.

"What was that for?" she coughed, wiping her face with the back of her hand. 

The skeleton gave the boney equivalent of a grin, and gestured. It was then that she realized that everything around them, moving in a flurry of excitement and panic, was going around them. 

There seemed to be an invisible bubble of sorts covering them. It appeared as a thin sheen of darkness. "What is this?" She gasped.

Ezekiel grinned. "This, my friend,” he paused dramatically. "is a shadow cloak."

He seemed to loose interest in her shocked expression, and he started to walk away, breaking the almost insubstantial shadow cloak.  "You'll learn to make one soon enough," he tossed over his shoulder.

Kia gaped.

The End

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