January 14, AD 79

I apologize for the crooked handwriting, but my hand is shaking so bad I'm surprised I can even write a the moment. Also, my eyes are so blurred with tears I can barely see. But I must write down what happened now or I will not be able to write it at all.

Today is the day that Fabiola and I went to the colosseum to see Felix. We woke up early to get ready. We curled each other's hair and I even let Fabiola borrow one of my best dresses. I told her she could keep it and she hugged me tightly. 

We decided to walk to the colosseum. It was such a beautiful morning, with the sun shining. There was a slight breeze that made it bearable, and we talked and laughed the entire way. 
When we arrived, we were led to our seats. A fight had already begun, and by the time we were seated the winner was obvious. He was tall, with broad muscles and tanned skin. His long black hair was tied back, but strands had fallen and were curling around his face. His name was Crispus, and he too was a very popular gladiator. 

I did not recognize the smaller man he was fighting, nor will I ever get the chance to. Within seconds of our arrival, Crispus had him pinned and the crowd had their thumbs down. Fabiola and I joined in, not knowing what had happened in the rest of the fight but not wanting to stand out from the crowd. 

The smaller man's death was quick and there was little blood. 

Crispus raised his arms in victory and the crowd went wild. 

After the man's body a was taken away and the field was cleaned up a bit, it was time for Felix's match. Fabiola and I held each others hands in anticipation. 

The fight started out well. Felix was obviously the stronger and more experienced opponent, though Paulinus was not much younger than Felix and almost the same size. 
Felix slashed with his sword, making several cuts in his opponent's torso. But it did not seem to slow him down. If anything, it seemed to spur him on. He fought back with all his might, and somehow managed to corner Felix. 

The next part I don't even want to think about. 

Paulinus threw his net over Felix, trapping him. Felix struggled as hard as he could, but he was not able to get the net off. 

I'm not sure exactly what happened, for this is the moment that I turned away and closed my eyes. 

I knew that the crowd did not want Felix to die, for they were all fans of his. But I still felt a clenching in my gut. Something bad was going to happen. 

I heard Felix scream and heard metal clang to the ground. Paulina's raised his hands as victor and left the arena. 

Felix was still trapped. 

Fabiola and I ran as fast as we could out of our seats and away from the arena, not stopping once to look back. 

We spent several hours away, thinking the worst. I had in my mind that we were going to have to plan a funeral. 

But when we got home, Felix was there. Fabiola and I looked at each other, shaking with happiness and joy.

We were not allowed to go near him. They told us that he was injured quite badly, and that he might not ever be able to walk again. We were also told that he might be asleep for several days and not to disturb him. 

Fabiola and I spent the rest of the nights sneaking by his room to take peeks at him. 


The End

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